Point leader Krzykowski wins
Golden Sands CWRA Late Model main!!

By Amy Kolo

July 17, 1998; Plover, WI: -  Mike Budleski started off the feature lead during the Taco Johns Night at the races. Rex Rossier ended up with fast time and opted to take the Hot n Now Ultimate Challenge which now is up to $1,400.00. Brian Back quickly fell into position right behind Budleski. By the seventh lap Wayne Cottrell and Smokin’ Joe Krzykowski were able to get around Back.

sands9813a.jpg (17161 bytes) Joe Krzykowski the current CWRA Late Model point leader at Golden Sands Speedway extended his point lead a bit with a win in the feature race on Taco John's Night at the Races.
Rex Rossier nailed down quick time honors and took the Not N' Now Challenge.  If a driver who sets fast time elects to start in the rear and then goes on to win the feature race, he will collect the bonus.   It's now up to $1,400!!! sands9813b.jpg (18557 bytes)

he previous night Back had smashed his original car in the wall at State Park Speedway. Tonight he was using Mark Eswein’s old car, and just was not used to it. By lap ten a caution came out between Jeff Weinfurter and Bobby T. Budleski was still able to hold on to his lead. But on the restart Smokin’ Joe maneuvered his way around Cottrell as Budleski and Smokin’ Joe battled it out. On lap 19,  Smokin’ Joe finally got around Budleski. Budleski fought hard to regain his position back. Cottrell stayed in the third position until the last green flag lap, when Greg Weinfurter motored his way around him. Smokin’ Joe to the checkered with Budleski in second and Weinfurter in third.

sands9813c.jpg (13257 bytes) sands9813e.jpg (14450 bytes)
A contrast in evenings!  Randy Storlie (#53) (left photo), had a great evening as he took home the feature win in the CWSSA Super Stock feature event.  Storlie took the lead in the race with less than three laps remaining to score the win.  In the right photo, Keith Bohmsach (#24) was likely less thrilled with the outcome of his race, as he hit the wall below the flagstand on the frontstretch.

Jim Marquard took the lead in the super stock feature, but by lap three fast runner Scott Hamel quickly made it around him. The super stock feature was an interesting one. Hamel started pulling ahead of the pack by at least four car lengths as the rest of the pack was stuck behind the slower cars. Tim Plowman finally made his way around some of the slower cars working on Hamel for the lead. Andy Simonis quickly followed suit.

By lap 16 Randy Storlie started motoring up and got around Simonis for the third position. Then with five laps to go Storlie took the second position away from Plowman. Storlie was on a mission. He started working on Hamel but Hamel fought back with a vengeance. Finally on lap 22 Storlie took the lead away from Hamel. Hamel tried to regain his lead back with in the last three laps but just wasn’t able to do it. Storlie took the checkered with Hamel in second, and Plowman in third.

sands9813d.jpg (12087 bytes) The Pure Stock winner is... Marv Flick (#9), started out in the lead in feature action and held off all fellow competitors to the checkered flag. 

During the pure stock feature Marv Flick started out in the lead. Curtis Turner quickly flew into second. The fast runners that were stuck in the back were trying to bang their way up to the front. By lap 9,  Curt Blenker made it into the second position. Todd Radtke, Shawn Stelzer, and Jim Stratton were trying to make it to the top positions. With five laps to go Turner got loose giving way to Cal Greening, Todd Radtke and Shawn Stelzer. By the white flag lap Radtke was able to get around Greening. Flick took the checkered, with Radtke in second, and Greening in third.

sands9813f.jpg (14051 bytes) sands9813g.jpg (13607 bytes)
The ladies gave it a try!  In Powder Puff action, Kim Wosick (left) dominated the field in the Super Stocks, while Rene Krause (center) and Sandy Rutland (right) finished second and third. In the Pure Stock power puff, Stacy Stelzer (left) was the woman to beat as she bested Mellisa Murray (center) and Natalie Arnold (right).

During the super stock powder puff Kim Wosick in the Tim Plowman #80 car lapped the whole field expect two cars twice! Way to fly Kim! Rene Krause came in second with Keith Bohmsach’s #24 car, and Sandy Rutland in Wes Krause’s #21 car. The pure stock powder puff had Stacey Stelzer in Shawn Stelzer’s #40 car take the checkered. Melissa Murray took second in Cal Greening’s #41 car and Natalie Arnold in the Golden Sands Speedway’s #50+ car came in third. Congratulations to all the girls that raced!

Golden Sands Speedway is a hig-banked 1/3 mile oval, located bwtween Wisconsin Rapids and Plover, WI, on highway 54.  Time Trials for the program start at 6:30 p.m. with racing at 7:45 p.m.  Each week the show features CWRA Late Models, Super Stocks and Pure Stocks with many added special events.  For those special nights please consult our schedule.

CWRA Late Model Division
30 Lap Feature Event Time Trials
1. #77 Joe Krzykowski 1. #21 Rex Rossier 12.861 Secs.
2. #55 Mike Budleski 2. #13 Greg Weinfurter  12.951 Secs.
3. #13 Greg Weinfurter 3. # 3 Jeff Weinfurter 12.955 Secs.
4. #12 Mark Mackesy 4. #77 Joe Kryzkowski 12.998 Secs.
5. #26 Gary Back 5. #52 Chris Wimmer 13.010 Secs.
6. #28 Wayne Cottrell Dash
7. # 7 Sam Brundidge 1. #77 Joe Lryzkowski
8. #52 Chris Wimmer 2. #52 Chris Wimmer
9. #40 Jeremy Lepak 3. # 3 Jeff Weinfurter
10. #21 Rex Rossier

Semi-Feature: 1.) Mike Brahmstedt; 2.) Kurby Kurth; 3.) Larry Lepak; 4.) Eric Getzloff; 5.) Brian Lambie; 6.) Steve Gress
First Heat: 1.) Jack Greenwood; 2.) Getzloff; 3.) Aaron Roehl
Second Heat: 1.) Larry Lepak; 2.) Brahmdtest; 3.) Lambie
Third 10 Lap Heat: 1.) Mackesy; 2.) Brundidge; 3.) Bobby Turzinski

CWSSA Super Stock Division
25 Lap Feature Event Time Trials
1. #53 Randy Storlie 1. #99 Jason Kirsling 13.972 Secs.
2. #78 Scott Hamel 2. #52 Mike Doughty 13.988 Secs.
3. #80 Tim Plowman 3. #61 Gary Wosick 14.009 Secs.
4. #27 Judd Brandl 4. #17 Jason Szymkowiak 14.102 Secs.
5. #91 Andy Somonis 5. # 3 Allan Sansky 14.189 Secs.
6. #24 Merle Weinfurter Dash
7. # 7 Jim Cormack 1. # 3 Allan Sansky
8. # 3 Allan Sansky 2. #17 Jason Szymkowiak
9. #99 Jason Kirsling 3. #99 Jason Kirsling
10. #61 Gary Wosick

Semi-Feature: 1.) Greg Back; 2.) David Pagels; 3.) Bernie Fritz Jr; 4.) John Pluess;
5.) James Wojik

First Heat: 1.) Wojik; 2.) Fritz Jr.; 3.) Wesley Krause
Second Heat: 1.) Pagels; 2.) Hamel; 3.) Jim Marquard
Third Heat: 1.) Brandl; 2.) Bohmsach; 3.) Szymkowiak

Pure Stock Division
20 Lap Feature Event Time Trials
1. # 9 Marv Flick 1. #40 Shawn Stelzer    15.225 Secs.
2. # 7 Todd Radtke 2. # 8 Jim Stratton 15.250 Secs.
3. #41 Cal Greening 3. #78 Bradley Scholze 15.312 Secs.
4. #40 Shawn Stelzer Dash
5. #26 Curtis Turner 1. # 7 Todd Radtke
6. #26 Jeffrey Gruber 2. # 8 Jim Stratton
7. # 8 Jim Stratton 3. #40 Shawn Stelzer
8. #78 Bradley Scholze

First Heat: 1.) Flick; 2.) Marlowe Greening; 3.) Turner
Second Heat: 1.) Anney Turzinski; 2.) Curt Blenker; 3.) Radtke