Mark Mackesy takes Kid's Night Late Model main
at Golden Sands!

By Amy Kolo

July 24, 1998; Plover, WI: -  A spin on the very fist lap sent five cars into the pits during the late model feature. This gave fast timer and Hot n’ Now Ultimate Challenger, Sam Brundidge a very good chance of winning the $1,500.00 pot. But on lap 2 of the feature very unsportsman-like behavior and driving by another driver put Brundidge into a spin. Brundidge was then sent to the back of the pack once again. Brudidge received the Culvers Hot Dog Move of the Night for displaying sportsmanship and gentlemanship while driving. Mark Mackesy then took the lead right away, with Wayne Cottrell directly behind him. Bobby T soon moved up to the third position.

sands9814a.jpg (17417 bytes) sands9814d.jpg (11249 bytes)
Fast qualifier, Sam Brundidge carries the American flag before the start of the
evening's race program.  Brundidge attempted to win a $1,500 bonus from Hot N' Now for the driver who sets fast time and then comes back to win the feature.  In the left photo however, it can be seen that Mark Mackesy scored the win, his first CWRA Late Model feature of 1998 at Golden Sands.

The three battled it out lap after lap, but all eyes were on the back of the pack. Brundidge was once again quickly making his way to the front. Maneuvering around other drivers. Another fast runner Jeff Weinfurter was also quickly making his way up to the front. Weinfurter started working on Bobby T for the third position. By lap 21 Weinfurter got around Bobby T. Greg Weinfurter and Chris Wimmer also started vying for positions. By the checkered flag Mackesy finished first with Cottrell in second and Weinfurter in third. Brundidge ended up eighth at the checkered.

sands9814c.jpg (8340 bytes) sands9814b.jpg (9886 bytes)
Not the start they were hoping for!  In the left photo, Mike Brahmstedt (#18) and Pete Kempf (#95) get together after just one lap of the CWRA Late Model feature, while Jeremy Lepak (#40) goes through the infield to avoid the wreck.  In the right photo, Brahmstedt's damaged car sits motionless on the raceway.  Though neither driver was injured but both Brahmstedt and Kempf were done for the night.

Scott Hamel took the early lead in the super stock feature. Tim Plowman was right behind Hamel, with Matt Wisz right behind Plowman. Andy Simonis quickly took the third position from Wisz. One of the top contenders for the points championship, Jason Szymkowiak went out right away on lap two of the feature with car problems. Hopefully Szymkowiak will soon fix the problem to continue the fight for the championship.

sands9814f.jpg (15764 bytes) Point leader, Jason Kirsling added a bit to his cushion this evening by taking the win in the Super Stock division.   Kirsling is locked in a tight point race with fellow driver Jason Szymkowiak.
He started fast!  Jason Szymkowiak was looking to close some ground on point leader Jason Kirsling in the Super Stock division.  Szymkowiak started off on a good note setting quick time honors, but he broke early in the feature dropping from the event. sands9814e.jpg (11516 bytes)

A caution came out on lap ten as Plowman and Simonis got together coming out of turn four. On the restart Hamel regained his lead but only for one short lap as Jason Kirsling zoomed around him. Truck racer, Alan Sankey quickly fell into the third position, but after a few short laps Merle Weinfurter made his way around Sankey for the third spot. Shortly after that Gary Wosick flew from the back of the pack to take the third position from Weinfurter. Kirsling finished first with Hamel in second and Wosick in third.

sands9814g.jpg (15337 bytes) Jeffrey Gruber took home top honors in the evenings Pure Stock feature race. Gruber held off a determined Kurt Blenker for the win.
Shawn Stelzer, the current Pure Stock point leader had been tough to catch this season on Golden Sands, third mile high banked oval.  Tonight he set quick time and finished a solid sixth in the feature race. sands9814i.jpg (9924 bytes)

A caution came out on the very first lap of the pure stock feature. Every one of the drivers tried hard to get around each other and hold their positions. At the restart Jeff Gruber took the lead. Curt Blenker followed suit in second and Jeff Stroik moved into the third position. Fast runners Shawn Stelzer, Jim Stratton, and Todd Radtke started making their way up from the back of the pack. There was a ton of slicing and dicing in the back of the pack as the faster cars tried making their way up to the front of the pack. This left the front of the pack pretty quiet, with only the top positions battling it out between themselves. Gruber finished first, with Blenker in second, and Stroik in third.

A clean sweep!  Paul Menard (#27) proved to be too tough for his fellow competitors in the Legends car action this evening.   Menard used his win in the feature race to cap off a perfect evening and score a clean sweep.  Menard earlier won his heat and set fast time honors. sands9814h.jpg (13408 bytes)

Galen Manternach soon pulled out into the lead during the legends feature, with Russ Weiler directly behind him. Positions seem to change quickly and frequently during legends racing. Paul Menard soon took second away from Weiler and started working on the leader. By the 9th lap, Menard was able to get around Manternach for the lead. Manternach fell into the second position. Soon Russ Weiler started falling back further and further and became lapped traffic. This gave way to Dwayne Vetrone to fight his way to the top positions. Menard took the checkered with Manternach in second and Vetrone in third.

Golden Sands Speedway is a high-banked 1/3 mile oval, located bwtween Wisconsin Rapids and Plover, WI, on highway 54.  Time Trials for the program start at 6:30 p.m. with racing at 7:45 p.m.  Each week the show features CWRA Late Models, Super Stocks and Pure Stocks with many added special events.  For those special nights please consult our schedule.

CWRA Late Model Division
30 Lap Feature Event Time Trials
1. #12 Mark Macksey 1. # 7 Sam Brundidge 12.740 Secs.
2. #28 Wayne Cottrell 2. #67 Keith Witt 12.862 Secs.
3. # 3 Jeff Weinfurter 3. #26 Gary Back 12.917 Secs.
4. #31 Bobby Turzinski 4. # 3 Jeff Weinfurter   12.937 Secs.
5. #13 Greg Weinfurter 5. #13 Greg Weinfurter   12.939 Secs.
6. #52 Chris Wimmer
7. #98 Brian Back
8. # 7 Sam Brundidge
9. #67 Keith Witt
10. #41 Larry Lepak

Semi-Feature: 1.) Jeremy Lepak; 2.) Scott Beyer; 3.) Steve Gress; 4.) Kirby Kurth; 5.) Eric Getzloff; 6.) Donald Trapp
First Heat: 1.) Pete Kempf; 2.) Jack Greenwood; 3.) Beyer
Second Heat: 1.) Robert Stolze; 2.) Kurth; 3.) Monte Gress
Third 10 Lap Heat: 1.) Wimmer; 2.) Mike Brahmstedt; 3.) Jeff Weinfurter

CWSSA Super Stock Division
25 Lap Feature Event Time Trials
1. #99 Jason Kirlsing 1. #17 Jason Szymkowiak 13.927 Secs.
2. #78 Scott Hamel 2. #61 Gary Wosick 14.009 Secs.
3. #61 Gary Wosick 3. #24 Merle Weinfurter 14.068 Secs.
4. #24 Merle Weinfurter 4. #27 Judd Brandl 14.092 Secs.
5. # 3 Allan Sansky 5. # 3 Allan Sansky 14.138 Secs.
6. #53 Randy Storlie
7. #27 Judd Brandl
8. #24 Keith Bohmsach
9. #37 Matt Wisz
10. #52 Mike Doughty

Semi-Feature: 1.) John Bell; 2.) Jim Cormack; 3.) David Pagels; 4.) Bernie Fritz Jr; 5.) Jeff Stroik
First Heat: 1.) Pagesl; 2.) Fritz Jr.; 3.) Cormack
Second Heat: 1.) Plowman; 2.) Storlie; 3.) Hamel
Third Heat: 1.) Kirsling; 2.) Doughty; 3.) Brandl

Pure Stock Division
20 Lap Feature Event Time Trials
1. #26 Jeffrey Gruber 1. #40 Shawn Stelzer    15.105 Secs.
2. # 4 Curt Blenker 2. # 8 Jim Stratton 15.129 Secs.
3. # 7 Brian Stroik 3. #26 Curtis Turner 15.471 Secs.
4. #15 Anney Turzinski
5. # 8 Jim Statton
6. #40 Shawn Stelzer
7. #41 Cal Greening
8. #26 Curtis Turner

First Heat: 1.) Todd Radtke; 2.) Michael Brooks; 3.) Blenker
Second Heat: 1.) Stroik; 2.) Stratton; 3.) Stelzer

20 Lap Feature Event Time Trials
1. #27 Paul Menard 1. #27 Paul Menard 14.260 Secs.
2. # 5 Galen Manternach 2. #36 Mike Bula 14.518 Secs.
3. # 9 Dwayne Vertone 3. # 9 Dwayne Vertone   14.686 Secs.
4. #28 Ben Pettis
5. #33 Pat Hinner
6. #25 Phil Bickley
7. #55 Dean Fisher
8. #76 Dan Dye

First Heat: 1.) Hinner; 2.) Mile Kemp Jr.; 3.) Manternach
Second Heat: 1.) Menard; 2.) Fisher; 3.) Vertone