Stapleman takes feature win at Goldan Sands Speedway!

By Amy Kolo

August 7, 1998; Plover, WI: -  With more rubber on the newly resurfaced track, more track records were broken this Friday. Jeff Weinfurter now holds the new late model track record. Jeff also opted to take the Hot N’ Now Ultimate Challenge.

sands9816b.jpg (15726 bytes) Todd Stapleman made a triumphant return to Golden Sands Speedway.  After making some daring three wide passes and then taking the lead from Rex Rossier on lap 23, Stapleman held off a late charge by Troy Nelson for the win.
A new track record!!  Jeff Weinfurter has been building a reputation of an extremely quick qualifier.  Tonight in setting fast time he broke the track record with a lap of 12.308 seconds on the third-mile high banked oval. sands9816a.jpg (13759 bytes)

The first lap of the feature had Rex Rossier in the lead with the old track record holder Sam Brundidge right behind him. They fought hard lap after lap. Todd Stapleman was definitely the "Gun on the Run", as he charged his way to the front. Stapleman started taking cars three wide trying to get to the front. Brundidge held onto the second position as hard and as long as he could. Finally on lap 12 Stapleman got around Brundidge, then he started working on Rossier. Rossier was given the move over flag. But Rossier soon started pulling ahead of Stapleman. Troy Nelson was making his way up to the front in a fury also. By lap 23 Stapleman made his way around Rossier. On lap 26 a caution came out sending Mark Mackesy, Rex Rossier, and Sam Brundidge to the back of the pack. Stapleman took the checkered with Nelson in second and Greg Weinfurter in third. Jeff Weinfurter finished sixth.

sands9816c.jpg (16671 bytes) sands9816d.jpg (8473 bytes)
Holding the point!!  Jason Kirsling (#99) moves out front of Mike Doughty (#52) on his way to the win in the
CWSSA Super Stock feature win.   Kirsling is the current point leader in the division and tonight's performance opened the gap on his nearest competitor Jason Szymkowiak.

Track records were broke two different times in the super stock division. First Judd Brandl screamed off a new track record, but then came Gary Wosick and beat Brandl by only a couple tenths of a second. Jeff Cormack had the lead in the beginning of the super stock feature, but by lap 7 he was blacked flagged for leaking.

This gave way to Jason Kirsling for the lead. Merle Weinfurter started working on Kirsling for the lead, with fast runner Judd Brandl right behind him. By lap 13 lapped traffic became a factor for the lead cars. Brandl made his way around Weinfurter and started to work on the top position.. Gary Wosick was making his way around the slower cars to join the party in the front of the pack. Kirsling lapped two more cars on the checkered flag lap, taking the win. Brandl finished second with Wosick in third.

sands9816e.jpg (14568 bytes) A clean sweep!!  Shawn Stelzer had a fantastic evening in the Pure Stock division.  He started the night off by breaking his own track record with a lap of 14.991 seconds.  He then went on to win the dash, his heat and finally the feature event in the class to make a sweep of the class.   Stelzer is also the point leader in the Pure Stock division and looks well on his way to earning his first track championship.

Shawn Stelzer once again broke his own track record. He’s broke his own record at least eight times this year. Anney Turzinski showed some racing power as she lead the pure stock feature. Jim Stratton quickly caught up to her for the second position. A caution came out on lap 10 sending Stratton and Turzinski to the back of the pack. This gave Shawn Stelzer the lead. Stelzer had fast time and his dash and heat win, he was definitely looking for a clean sweep. Cal Greening was fighting hard not to let that happen. Seltzer took the checkered and the clean sweep, with Greening in second, and fast runner Todd Radtke in third.

Timed Event Races! Everyone seems to love the timed event races. These guys should really by a race car since they love racing so much. Ron Witt took the first place trophy home, with Don Cline in second and Dean Kawleski in third.

Golden Sands Speedway is a high-banked 1/3 mile oval, located between Wisconsin Rapids and Plover, WI, on highway 54.  Time Trials for the program start at 6:30 p.m. with racing at 7:45 p.m.  Each week the show features CWRA Late Models, Super Stocks and Pure Stocks with many added special events.  For those special nights please consult our schedule.

CWRA Late Model Division
30 Lap Feature Event Time Trials
1. #77 Todd Stapleman 1. # 3 Jeff Weinfurter 12.308 Secs.
2. #66 Troy Nelson 2. #98 Brian Back 12.414 Secs.
3. #13 Greg Weinfurter  3. #12 Mark Mackesy 12.441 Secs.
4. #77 Joe Krzykowski 4. #67 Keith Witt 12.455 Secs.
5. #85 Kirby Kurth 5. #77 Joe Kryzkowski   12.472 Secs.
6. # 3 Jeff Weinfurter
7. #52 Chris Wimmer

New Track Record Established

8. #18 Mike Brahmstedt
9. #67 Keith Witt
10. #98 Brian Back

Semi-Feature: 1.)   Aaron Roehl; 2.) Steve Gress; 3.) Brian Lambie; 4.) Monte Gress; 5.) Don Turner; 6.) Bobby Turzinski
Consolation: 1.)   M.G. Gajewski; 2.) Jeremy Lepak; 3.) Donald Trapp; 4.) Chad Devine
First Heat: 1.) J. Lepak; 2.) Gajewski; 3.) Jack Greenwood
Second Heat: 1.) Turzinski; 2.) Larry Lepak; 3.) Turner
Third 10 Lap Heat: 1.) Sam Brundidge; 2.) Nelson; 3.) Kurth
Dash: 1.) Kryzkowski; 2.) Mackesy; 3.) Witt

CWSSA Super Stock Division
25 Lap Feature Event Time Trials
1. #99 Jason Kirsling 1. #61 Gary Wosick      13.685 Secs.
2. #27 Judd Brandl 2. #27 Judd Brandl 13.692 Secs.
3. #61 Gary Wosick 3. #99 Jason Kirsling 13.740 Secs.
4. #24 Merle Weinfurter 4. #91 Andy Simonis 13.789 Secs.
5. #17 Jason Szymkowiak 5. #53 Randy Storlie 13.836 Secs.
6. #91 Andy Simonis
7. #53 Randy Storlie

New Track Record Established

8. #52 Mike Doughty
9. # 7 Jim Cormack
10. #33 James Wojik

Semi-Feature: 1.) John Bell; 2.) Tim Plowman; 3.) Wesley Krause; 4.) Bernie Fritz Jr.; 5.) Jim Marquard
First Heat: 1.) Plowman; 2.) Bell; 3.) Fritz Jr.
Second Heat: 1.) Scott Hamel; 2.) Dustin Brillowski; 3.) Wojik
Third Heat: 1.) Szymkowiak; 2.) Storlie; 3.) Wosick
Dash: 1.) Storlie; 2.) Kirsling; 3.) Simonis

Pure Stock Division
20 Lap Feature Event Time Trials
1. #40 Shawn Stelzer 1. #40 Shawn Stelzer 14.991 Secs.
2. #41 Cal Greening 2. #78 Bradley Scholze 15.193 Secs.
3. # 7 Todd Redtke 3. # 7 Todd Radtke 15.205 Secs.
4. # 7 Brian Stroik
5. #26 Curtis Turner New Track Record Established
6. #43 Marlowe Greening
7. #78 Bradley Scholze
8. #26 Jeff Gruber

First Heat: 1.) Jim Stratton; 2. ) M. Greening; 3.) Anney Turzinski
Second Heat: 1.) Stelzer; 2.) Radtke; 3.) Stroik
Dash: 1.) Stelzer; 2.) Stroik; 3.) Radtke

Spectator Races

Event: 1.) Ron Witt; 2.) Don Cline; 3.) Dean Kawleski