Wimmer takes Golden Sands main for the second time in a row on Fan Appreciation Night!
By Amy Kolo

August 21, 1998; Plover, WI: - The Brian Lambie family came to the track to give a memorial to the late driver. Brian Lambie had collapsed last Friday night, August 14th, after finishing his best feature finish. Many drivers had the #79 decal, Brian’s number, displayed on their cars. All the cars had the black slash through their number, paying respect to the Lambie family. Our prayers and sympathies go out to the Lambie family and friends.

sands9818a.jpg (11047 bytes) In honor of driver Brian Lambie who passed away last week after the racing program, his car was driven around in his honor during the national anthem.  Golden Sands Speedway's prayers and sympathies go out to Lambie's friends and family, he will be missed.

Mark Mackesy ended up with the new late model track record. Mark of course opted to take the Hot n’ Now Ultimate Challenge, which is now up to $1,900.00. Joe Krzykowski took the lead early in the late model feature. Rex Rossier followed suit right behind him. A caution came out on the second lap sending seven cars into a spin. Five cars went into the pits. CWRA sent Brian Suebert to the back of the pack, and gave Rex Rossier his spot back. By lap nine Rossier was able to make his way around Krzykowski for the lead position. Kirby Kurth slid up into the third position.

sands9818b.jpg (10895 bytes)

sands9818c.jpg (12740 bytes)
Big winners in CWRA action!

In the left photo, Chris Wimmer poses

with a representative of Wisconsin Fans for Auto Racing after earning his second straight Late Model feature win.  In the photo above Mark Mackesy was the latest driver to assault the track record establish a new mark with a lap of 12.288 seconds.

By lap 12 Kurth started losing positions, giving Todd Stapleman a chance to come up to the front to play. From the back of the pack, Chris Wimmer started displaying some major power and started slashing his way up to the front. Wimmer made his way around Stapleman and started working on Krzykowski. By lap 19 Wimmer finally made his way around Krzykowski. Within the next two laps he zoomed past Rossier for the lead. Wimmer ended up with the checkered with Rossier in second and Krzykowski in third. Mackesy ended up eighth.

Track records were broke once again in the super stock class. Judd Brandl broke the track record first. The Gary Wosick timed in and ended up with the new super stock track record. Jim Wojick took the early lead in the super stock feature. Tim Plowman was right behind Wojick, working on the first position. Jason Kirsling definitely had the speed in this race car. He started passing cars left and right, making his way to the front of the pack.

sands9818d.jpg (14341 bytes) It was an important feature win!  Jason Kirsling made another big step towards capturing this years CWSSA Super Stock title at Golden Sands when he won the feature event.  Kirsling has been locked in a point battle with Jason Szymkowiak and the feature win helped pad his margin at the top of the standings.

Plowman had taken the lead away from Wojick, but Kirsling quickly took the lead away from Plowman. Kirsling was about five car lengths ahead of the rest of the pack. Andy Simonis and Randy Storlie started making their way up to the front trying to catch Kirsling. By lap 18 lapped traffic started to become a factor. Fast runner Judd Brandl started making his way to the front. By the checkered flag, Kirsling ended up with the first position, Storlie in second and Brandl in third.

Pure Stocks.... Pure Excitement!!  A few spins and misadventures spiced up the evening Pure Stock feature event.  Here Marlowe Greening (#43) and Curt Blenker (#4) get involved in a little mishap. sands9818h.jpg (7700 bytes)

The pure stock feature had many crashes and spins. The feature was shorted by it’s regular number of laps do to the time factor. It looked like Gruber was going to take the win, but at the checkered flag Stelzer flew past him. Stelzer finished first with Gruber in second, and Brad Scholze in third. Jim Stratton holds the new pure stock track record.

sands9818e.jpg (15024 bytes) sands9818f.jpg (13769 bytes) sands9818g.jpg (11313 bytes)
Fan Appreciation night winners!   In the left photo, Paul Block wound up in victory lane after besting the Tomahawk Sportsman cars which made their initial visit this season to Golden Sands Speedway's high-banks.  In the center photo Shawn Stelzer won the Pure Stock main event, while Duwayne Vetrone and his daughter celebrate in the winners circle after he won the Legends car feature event.

The legends came out to race at the power playground. Fourteen cars took the field changing positions many times over. Duane Vetrone ended up in the first position, with Danny Dye in the second position, and Mike Bula in the third position.

The Tomahawk Sportsmans was our main event for the night. We would like to once again thank the sportsmans for putting on an excellent show. Paul Block ended up winning the sporstman’s 25 lap main event. Jay Vandergeest took the second position with Mark Sherfinski in third.

Golden Sands Speedway is a high-banked 1/3 mile oval, located between Wisconsin Rapids and Plover, WI, on highway 54.  Time Trials for the program start at 6:30 p.m. with racing at 7:45 p.m.  Each week the show features CWRA Late Models, Super Stocks and Pure Stocks with many added special events.  For those special nights please consult our schedule.

CWRA Late Model Division
30 Lap Feature Event Time Trials
1. #52 Chris Wimmer 1. #12 Mark Mackesy 12.288 Secs.
2. #21 Rex Rossier 2. #98 Brian Back 12.306 Secs.
3. #77 Joe Kryzkowski 3. #52 Chris Wimmer 12.386 Secs.
4. #28 Wayne Cottrell 4. #77 Todd Stepleman 12.348 Secs.
5. #77 Todd Stapleman 5. # 3 Jeff Weinfurter 12.365 Secs.
6. #26 Gary Back
7. #67 Keith Witt

New Track Record Established

8. #12 Mark Mackesy
9. #85 Kirby Kurth
10. #15 Dean LaPointe

Semi-Feature: 1.) Larry Lepak; 2.) Gary Back; 3.) Jason Weinkauf; 4.) Rene Scheinoha; 5.) Mike Brahmstedt; 6.) Scott Beyer
Colsolation: 1.) Bob Mackesy; 2.) Eric Getzloff; 3.) Dan Friske; 4.) Chad Devine
First Heat: 1.) L. Lepak; 2.) B. Mackesy; 3.) Getzloff
Second Heat: 1.) Rory Melbinger; 2.) Doug Drost; 3.) Brahmstedt
Third 10 Lap Heat: 1.) Monte Gress; 2.) Weinfurter; 3.) Kurth

CWSSA Super Stock Division
25 Lap Feature Event Time Trials
1. #99 Jason Kirsling 1. #61 Gary Wosick 13.507 Secs.
2. #53 Randy Storlie 2. #27 Judd Brandl 13.591 Secs.
3. #27 Judd Brandl 3. #17 Jason Szymkowiak 13.684 Secs.
4. #17 Jason Szymkowiak 4. #52 Mike Doughty 13.698 Secs.
5. #91 Anduy Simonis 5. #24 Keith Bohmsach 13.712 Secs.
6. #61 Gary Wosick
7. #24 Keith Bohmsach

New Track Record Established

8. #80 Tim Plowman
9. #33 James Wojcik
10. #409 David Pagels

Semi-Feature: 1.) Dale Robinson; 2.) Matt Wisz; 3.) Jim Marquard; 4.) Cary Lyons; 5.) Bernie Fritz Jr.; 6.) Wesley Krause
First Heat: 1.) Robinson; 2.) Marquard; 3.) Krause
Second Heat: 1.) Plowman; 2.) Jim Cormack; 3.) Kirsling
Third Heat: 1.) Alan Sansky; 2.) Simonis; 3.) Doughty

Tomahawk Sportsman
20 Lap Feature Event Time Trials
1. # 5 Paul Block 1. #36 Gary Jaecks 13.408 Secs.
2. #23 Jay Vandergreese 2. #19 Daune Bushar 13.484 Secs.
3. #20 Mark Sherfinski 3. # 5 Paul Block 13.532 Secs.
4. #36 Gary Jaecks
5. #19 Daune Bushar New Track Record Established
6. # 2 Craig Beck
7. #15 Mike Schlingsog
8. #11 Nick Larson

First Heat: 1.) Larson; 2.) Beck; 3.) Sherfinski
Second Heat: 1.) Jaecks; 2.) Vandergeese; 3.) Todd Brown

Pure Stock Division
20 Lap Feature Event Time Trials
1. #40 Shawn Stelzer 1. # 8 Jim Stratton 14.859 Secs.
2. #26 Jeffrey Gruber 2. #40 Shawn Stelzer  14.916 Secs.
3. #78 Bradley Scholze 3. #41 Cal Greening 15.129 Secs.
4. # 7 Brian Stroik
5. # 4 Curt Blenker New Track Record Established
6. # 8 Jim Stratton
7. #22 Michael Brooks
8. #26 Curtis Turner

Semi-Feature: 1.) Marv Flick; 2.) Anney Turzinski; 2.) Brian Mielke; 4.) Christman Jr.
First Heat:
1.) Flick; 2.) Christman Jr; 3.) Turzinski
Second Heat: 1.) Brooks; 2.) Stroik; 3.) Scholze

20 Lap Feature Event
1. # 9 Duwayne Vetrone
2. #76 Dan Dye
3. #36 Mike Bula
4. #18 Mile Kemp
5. #28 Ben Pettis
6. #55 Dean Fisher
7. #33 Pat Hinner
8. # 5 Galen Manternach

First Heat: 1.) Bula; 2.) Vertone; 3.) Hinner
Second Heat: 1.) Pettis; 2.) Manternach; 3.) Phil Bickley