Golden Sands Speedway presents it's 1st ever
"Eve of Devastation"!!

By Amy Kolo

September 18, 1998; Plover, WI: - Over 2400 people packed into Golden Sands Speedway to see the first ever Eve of Devastation at the Sands. Stone Cold Steve Austin’s Monster Truck was on site to freestyle over a mountain of cars.

sands9822a.jpg (8256 bytes) Monster Truck Madness!!  Stone Cold Steve Austin's Monster Truck showed that it never has a parking problem!!  Cars parked in the way of this vehicle won't keep it from going where it wants to!

The first event was the plywood race. This is were the driver must hold a sheet of flimsy plywood to the hood of his car and race another plywood holding driver around the track for one lap. If you lose your plywood, you got to stop and pick it back up. Who ever makes it to the finish with their plywood wins. It was quite hilarious watching the guys try to hang on to their plywood. Eric Getzloff won the event. Great job Eric!

sands9822c.jpg (7431 bytes) sands9822d.jpg (9455 bytes)
So you purchase a 4 X 8' sheet of Plywood from the local lumber yard, but it won't fit in your trunk, so what now?   How about going racing?  That was the challenge behind the plywood race.

The second event was our ever popular cruisers championship. Cruiser cars have the driver operation the brake pedal and the passenger operating the gas pedal. We had a field of 22 cruisers come out onto the track. They raced for 15 laps for their final race of the season. Cars were banging into each other, going of the track, and spinning out. A yellow does not come out unless a car stalls and is blocking the track. Our top three cruiser champions are: Blenker and Kampert in their Dukes of Hazard car, Hansen and Flink, and Dupee and Gabel. Congratulations!

sands9822f.jpg (10190 bytes) The cruiser "Eve of Devastation' champs!  The team of Blenker and Kampert covered the field in the 2-main cruiser races.  What's a cruiser?  Well it takes to people to operate it!  The driver steers and works the brake, while the passenger is the 'gas man'!  Racing a cruiser put new emphasis on teamwork!

Next on the agenda was the blind fold races. The driver has a grocery bag over his/her head while the passenger tells the driver where to go. Talk about a crowd pleaser. We had guys and gals going through the infield, off the and over the sand embankments, and almost smashing into victory lane! The winners and the best drivers were Scott Wilhorn and Billy Honacker.

Don't have a car to race?   No problem, at Golden Sands Speedway a recliner can get you to the finish line as well as a race car.  One person pushes, while the other sits back, relaxes and hopes for the best!!  Tonight the Krause family had the field covered winning the races sponsored by Lebakken's Rent to Own of Wisconsin Rapids. sands9822e.jpg (10211 bytes)

Lebakken’s Rent to Own of Wisconsin Rapids sponsored a recliner race for the Lebakken’s Fans of the Week that were at Golden Sands throughout the year. After all the fans raced we had spectators come out of the crowd to race the recliners. Some of the poor passengers took a spill as the person who was pushing them spun them or just dumped them. Congratulations to the Krause Family, they are the lucky winners of two brand new recliners from Lebakken’s Rent to Own.

sands9822j.jpg (7351 bytes) Oh, Oh it looks like a 7-10 split!!  It's auto bowling at it's finest as contestants knocked over 55 gallon drums to get the best score.
It's a strike!  Jason Blenker managed to get a strike with this wagon to top the "Auto Bowling" competition. sands9822g.jpg (7241 bytes)

Auto Bowling - 55 gallon plastic drums set up in the classic nine pin formation. Then the car tries to knock down as many drums as possible. Every one gets two tries. Barrels were flying everywhere! Winner and a big congratulations to Jason Blenker for getting a strike!

Backwards/Forwards racing. The cars lineup and take two laps forwards, cross the finish line, slam on the brakes, throw it into reverse and make two laps backwards. Talk about excitement. As the cars started throwing it into reverse they had to weave around the cars that were still going in the forward position! Shawn Lewis from Scaffidi Motors took the win. He was fast and crazy!

sands9822h.jpg (5102 bytes) sands9822k.jpg (5985 bytes) sands9822i.jpg (5084 bytes)
Motor racing madness!  Variety was the keyword on the "Eve of Devastation" and the drivers had as much fun as the fans.  In the left photo Jim Williams and Phil Helmrick posed with the winning mount in the Auto Fishing event.  Each car has a rope with a tire tied to it which dangled from the trunk, the object was to run over the other guys tire and be the last car with the tire attached.  In the center photo the Bus Races provided thrill and spins, while in the right photo trailer races kept fans wanting more.

Bus Races! This was a fan pleaser. We had six buses racing around the track. One of the bus’s must have been a camper because it still had a sink and refrigerator in it. The Scaffidi Motor’s Bus almost rolled over twice as the crowd shouted. The Golden Sands Speedway’s Fun Bus and the Club Forest Tavern Bus became connected, and had to tear apart. The winner was Kirby Kurth driving the Midstate Truck Bus, and the one with the least dents. Thank you Club Forest Tavern, Coca-Cola, Midstate Truck, and Scaffidi Motors for sponsoring the bus’s.

sands9822b.jpg (10619 bytes) That's no Late Model!?! Former Golden Sands Speedway Late Model champion Kirby Kurth has the hot ride in the Bus Race.  Driving the Midstate Truck Services entry Kurth bested a field of behemoths to come home the winner. We'll bet his late model handles better!!

Next came auto fishing. Each car had a rope coming out of it’s trunk with a tire tied to the end. The winner of the race would be the last car with it’s rope and tire still connected. Cars were running into each other trying to knock off each other’s tires. Jim Williams and Phil Helmrick won the event with their cruiser car.

When Stone Cold Steve Austin’s Monster truck came out into the infield, every kid stood up and cheered. The truck was driven by Mark Wheeler. As Mark revved the engine the crowd went wild. The started flying over cars, jumping high into the air. Kid shouted and screamed with pleasure. It was a very exciting sight to see.

Our final event of the night was our trailer races. The winner would be the last one with a trailer left behind his/her car. One trailer had old snowmobiles on it. Another trailer had a boat named Titanic #2. The boat even had a dummy in it, waving at the crowd. The other trailers did not have anything on them, but ranged in all different sizes. As the race started cars started smashing into each other’s trailers. The snowmobiles went flying! Cars were running into the snowmobiles. The winners were once again Jim Williams and Phil Helmrick in their cruiser car. By the end of the night William’s and Helmrick’s cruiser car was pretty much banged up. Better start getting it ready for next year!

The 4th Annual Golden Sands Speedway’s Driver’s Banquet will be held October 24, 1998 at the Ridges Golf Course. Call the speedway office for more information at (715) 423-4660.

20 Lap Feature Event Time Trials
1. #01 Blenker & Kampert

1. #98 Kapline & Lawrence

16.718 Seconds
2. #25 Hansen & Flink 2. #01 Blenker & Kampert 16.976 Seconds
3. #13 Dupee & Gabel 3. # 1 Williams & Hemlick 17.043 Seconds
4. # 1 Williams & Hemlick 4. #76 Syzmkowiak & Cisewski 17.213 Seconds
5. #69 Wedd & Cayer 5. #69 Wedd & Cayer 17.323 Seconds
6. # 6 Feltz & Esser
7. #15 Davis & Kobaek
8. #33 Finkaus & Finkaus
9. #76 Szymkowiak & Oisewski
10. #39 Gwidt & Neider

First Heat: 1.) Hansen & Flink; 2.) Dupee & Gabel; 3.) Jakusowski & Van
Second Heat: 1.) Feltz & Esser; 2.) Wedd & Cayer; 3.) Williams & Hemlick

Other Events

Plywood Races:  16 racers ( winner by elimination): Eric Getzloff
Blindfold Races: 9 racers - 3 heats - winners to 2 lap feature:  Scott Wilhorn & Bill Honacker
Labakken's recliner race: Krause Family
Auto Bowling: 8 racers ( 1 frame each then elimination): Jason Blenker
Forward/Backward Races:  2 laps forawrd then 2 laps backward: Shawn Lewis
Auto Fishing:  8 laps: Jim Williams & Phil Helmrick
Bus Feature Race: 10 laps: Kirby Kurth
Auto Football Game:  Teams tied
Trailer Races:  Jim Williams & Phil Helmrick
Other features:  Stone Cold Steve Austin's Monter Truck

Special Thanks to these business for supporting this event!
Scaffidi Motors
Badger Motors
Club Forest
Midstate Truck
Stock Lumber