4th Annual Golden Sands Speedway driver's banquet!
By Amy Kolo

October 30, 1998; Plover, WI:  - As another racing season winds down to an end, the last and final get together of drivers, fans, sponsors, and the speedway staff is the Annual Golden Sands Speedway Driver’s Banquet. The banquet was held once again at the popular Ridges Golf Course and Banquet Facility. Driver’s came in casual dress all they way to their finest duds.

Golden Sands Speedway - 1998 Late Model Top Drivers

sands9823a.jpg (19180 bytes) Front Row (from left to right); - Jeff Weinfurter, Kirby Kurth and Joe Krzykowski

Middle Row-Brian Back, Gary Back, Chris Wimmer, and Larry Lepak

Back Row-Darrel Bassuener (promoter), Wayne Cottrell, Keith Witt, Mike Brahmstedt, Bobby Turzinski, and Mike Budleski

Stories started flying about how the year went, how many times one crashed, how many dents were made, and how many features won. Drivers started even discussing their plans for the 1999 season. Super Stock drivers moving up to the Late Model division, and Pure Stock drivers moving up to the Super Stock division. Many new drivers getting cars ready to race the Pure Stock division in hopes of moving up the ranks like many of the veteran drivers.

As the social hour ended and the dinner was wrapped up, track announcer, Mike Barrett started off the awards ceremony. First in the order of business the young Back boys, Jared and Jim, were invited to come up to the podium. Darrel Bassuener presented the boys with a check collected from 1998 50/50 drawings. The boys thanked Darrel and Golden Sands Speedway and said that they would put it in their Barry Back Memorial College fund. Lona Lambie presented a check to Golden Sands Speedway in her appreciation for all of Golden Sands Speedway’s help in the death of her husband, Brian Lambie. Once again we would like to thank Lona for her generosity. The funds will be placed in Golden Sands Speedway safety equipment fund in memory of Brian.

Golden Sands Speedway - 1998 Pure Stock Top Drivers

sands9823c.jpg (18478 bytes) Front Row (from left to right)-Cal Greening, Shawn Stelzer, Anney Turzinski, Mike Brooks, and Curt Blenker

Back Row-Marlow Greening, Darrel Bassuener, Brian Stroik, Curtis Turner, Marv Flick, Jim Stratton, and Brad Scholze

First up the Pure Stocks. Mike Brooks was awarded a gift certificate to the Ridges Restaurant for the Best Looking Car Award. Marv Flick received a plaque for the Most Improved Driver Award. Congratulations went out to Jim Stratton for holding the new Pure Stock track record at a 14.797. Jim Stratton and Shawn Stelzer tangled with each other all season long trying for the top position. Both of the fast racers wanted the championship under their belt. By the end of the season Shawn Stelzer took the season championship trophy home, with Jim Stratton coming in a very close second. Todd Radtke took third this season, with Brad Scholze in fourth and Brian Stroik in fifth. Congratulations to all the Pure Stock drivers. Good luck in the 1999 season.

As a break for group pictures of the Pure Stock division, Mike started announcing some of the lucky numbers given away in our program book. Sandy, Golden Sands Marketing Director, thought it would be nice to have the drivers experience the thrill of the Lucky Number program that the fans mainly get to enjoy throughout the racing season. Sandy collected some excellent prizes to be given away during the banquet. We would like to thank Fox Tire, Mark Motors, Somewhere Else, Quality Foods IGA, Terry’s Amoco, Hot n’ Now, In Stitches, DJ’s Speed Zone, Auto Clinic, Brostrom-Kickert, Pro Lube, Schierl Tire, and Scaffidi Motors.

Golden Sands Speedway - 1998 Super Stock Top Drivers

Front row: (from left to right); Judd Brandl, Gary Wosick, Jason Kirsling, and Jason Szymkowiak

Middle Row-Keith Bohmsach, Alan Sankey, John Bell, Tim Plowman, and Scott Hamel

Back Row-Darrel Bassuener (promoter), Andy Simonis, Dave Pagels, and Mike Doughty

sands9823b.jpg (20884 bytes)

Super Stocks, a division that has provided great, exciting racing action. The Super Stock racing was so close race after race, in which fans were literally sitting on the edge of their seats. First off Congratulations to Jason Kirsling for the Best Looking Car Award. Hats off to Gary Wosick for holding the new Super Stock track record at 13.301. The new Super Stock Rookie of the Year went out to Andy Simonis.

The most talked about racing this season was the race between the Jasons. Jason Kirsling and Jason Szymkowiak were in a highly contested points race all season long. Jason Kirsling walked off the victor, but I think Jason Szymkowiak will come back in the 1999-racing season stronger than ever to try to claim the title. Congratulations to both drivers for putting on a great race. Gary Wosick finished third in points for the season, Judd Brandl in fourth, and Keith Bohmsach in fifth. Congratulation to all Super Stock drivers. Thanks for the great shows and see you in the 1999 season.

Late Models - the fastest class. This class has lightning speed times. The new track surface paid off for these drivers as it takes basically a 12.5 to make a feature. Congratulations to Chris Wimmer the new 1998 Rookie of the Year, and Late Model track record holder at a 12.265. Rene Scheinoha walked off with the Best Looking Car Award for the second year in a row. Chad Devine took home the Congeniality Award for his nice demeanor and compromisable attitude. Joe Krzykowski seemed to have the power in the 1998 season.

Congratulations to our new Late Model track Champion, Smokin’ Joe Krzykowski. Jeff Weinfurter only a mere 35 points behind Joe tried hard to take the championship from him, but just was a little too late. Jeff did take the Marshfield Super Speedway 1998 Track Championship. Rex Rossier ended up third in points with Kirby Kurth in fourth, and Mark Mackesy in fifth. Congratulations to all Late Model drivers for the excellent shows and great racing action. See you in the 1999 season.

One last trophy that Golden Sands Speedway presented was our first place Cruiser Trophy. Congratulations to Gene Wedde and Bob Cayer.