Wayne Cottrell spins and wins CWRA Late Model
feature at Golden Sands!

By Amy Kolo

May 22, 1998; Plover, WI: - Fast timer of the night Jeff Weinfurter opted to take the Hot N’ Now Ultimate Challenge. The pot is now up to $600.00. For those who don’t know what the Hot N’ Now Ultimate Challenge is, it is when the fast time starts in the back of the Late Model feature, and wins the race, he/she gets to collect the money that has accumulated in the pot.

sands985a.jpg (13090 bytes) For the first time in 1998, Wayne Cottrell entered victory lane at Central Wisconsin's Power Playground after a Late Model feature event.   Cottrell led the feature almost from the start and held off numerous challengers to pick up the win.

Wayne Cottrell pulled ahead in the Late Model feature immediately. Bobby Turzinski was right behind him. Sam Brundidge was able to slip pass Bobby for the second position but Bobby quickly gained it back. From lap two until lap 13,  Bobby T and Brundidge kept changing from position two to position three.

On lap 14, Cottrell and Bobby T spun coming out of turn 4. As the scores started realigning the race. Bobby T admitted that the spin was all his fault and Cottrell regained his spot back, sending Bobby T to the back of the pack all by himself. Takes alot to admit when you’re wrong.

Brundidge started fighting Cottrell for the top position. Keith Witt started working on the top positions also. A yellow came out on lap 25 as Brundidge spun out. On the very next lap Brundidge hit the back of Steve Gress and flew over the top of him, crashing into the barrels. Everyone came out of the wreck fine, except for the cars. Brundidge’s right side was missing all the sheet metal. With five laps to go it was a fast dash to the checkered. Cottrell finished first with Kirby Kurth in second and Keith Witt in third.

A fast Super Stock!! Judd Brandl worked traffic for the first nine laps of the 25 lap feature event before taking command of the race.   Brandl paced the remainder of the event to pick up the win sands985b.jpg (11083 bytes)

Scott Hamel started the lead in the Super Stock feature. By lap nine, fast runner Judd Brandl was able to sneak around him for the lead. Gary Wosick came into the third position. They battled it out until lap 14,  when Hamel got loose in turn four and broke an axle. This gave Wosick the chance to come into the second position with Randy Storlie right behind him.

Brandl was able to keep the lead as Wosick and Storlie fought behind him. By the checkered flag Brandl finished first, with Wosick in second and Storlie in third. It looked like Storlie was going to steal second away from Wosick but he was able to hang on to the position.

sands985c.jpg (9652 bytes) Jim Stratton won his first Pure Stock feature win of the year by staying out front of his competitors as they did battle.

Marv Flick started the lead in the Pure Stock feature but by the third lap, Jim Stratton was able to fly around him. Curtis Turner was quickly coming up to the front to fight for the leading positions. Brad Scholze got around Turner on lap 9.

By lap 11 Scholze and Flick spun giving the second and third positions to Brian Stroik and Shawn Stelzer. Stroik and Stelzer battled it out. By the white flag lap Stelzer was able to get around Stroik for the second position. Stratton took the checkered with Stelzer in second and Stroik in third.

sands985d.jpg (7975 bytes) sands985e.jpg (9272 bytes)
Powder Puff Winners!! The ladies got a chance to take over the wheels in powder puff action.  In the left photo Melissa Murry took top honors in the Pure Stock class, while Kim Elgersma brought the Greg Back ride home in first place in the Super Stock powder puff.

For the finale of the night, the girls came out on the track for the powder puff races. Everyone did an excellent job. I’m sure the drivers were glad to because all their cars came of the track in one piece. The super stock powder puff had Kim Elgersma in first, Jenny Patoka in second and Donna Getzloff in third. The pure stock powder puff had Melissa Murray in first, Debbie Mielke in second, and Stacey Stelzer in third. Great job goes out to all the girls who participated.

CWRA Late Model Division
30 Lap Feature Event Time Trials
1. #28 Wayne Cottrell 1. # 3 Jeff Weinfurter 12.734 Secs.
2. #85 Kirby Kurth 2. #107.5 Monte Gress 12.754 Secs.
3. #67 Keith Witt 3. #85 Kirby Kurth 12.758 Secs.
4. #21 Rex Rossier 4. #21 Rex Rossier 12.868 Secs.
5. # 3 Jeff Weinfurter 5. #26 Brian Back 12.879 Secs.
6. #52 Chris Wimmer Dash
7. #107.5 Monte Gress 1. #98 Brian Back
8. #18 Mike Brahmstedt 2. #21 Rex Rossier
9. #13 Greg Weinfurter 3. #85 Kirby Kurth
10. #55 Mike Budleski

Semi-Feature: 1.) Chad Devine; 2.) Steve Gress; 3.) Jason Weinkauf; 4.) Robert Stolze
First Heat: 1.) Devine; 2.) Larry Lepak; 3.) Jack Greenwood
Second Heat: 1.) Mark Mackesy; 2.) Budleski; 3.) Brian Lambie
Third 10 Lap Heat: 1.) Sam Brundidge; 2.) Rory Melbinger; 3.) Rossier

CWSSA Super Stock Division
25 Lap Feature Event Time Trials
1. #27 Judd Brandl 1. #99 Jason Kirsling 13.904 Secs.
2. #61 Gary Wosick 2. #17 Jason Szymkowiak 13.938 Secs.
3. #53 Randy Storlie 3. #24 Merle Weinfurter 13.998 Secs.
4. #17 Jason Szymkowiak 4. #53 Randy Storlie 14.003 Secs.
5. #99 Jason Kirsling 5. #91 Andy Simonis 14.214 Secs.
6. #52 Mike Doughty Dash
7. #91 Andy Simonis 1. #91 Andy Simonis
8. #24 Merle Weinfurter 2. #53 Randy Storlie
9. #409 David Pagels 3. #24 Merle Weinfurter
10. #99 John Bell

Semi-Feature: 1.) Matt Wisz; 2.) Pagels; 3.) Tim Plowman; 4.) Jim Marquard
First Heat: 1.) Wisz; 2.) Dale Robinson; 3.) Jeff Stroik
Second Heat: 1.) Plowman; 2.) Wesley Krause; 3.) Doughty
Third Heat: 1.) Brandl; 2.) Storlie; 3.) Wosick

Pure Stock Division
20 Lap Feature Event Time Trials
1. # 8 Jim Stratton 1. #78 Bradley Scholze 15.155 Secs.
2. #40 Shawn Stelzer 2. #40 Shawn Stelzer 15.246 Secs.
3. # 7 Brian Stroik 3. # 7 Todd Radtke 15.433 Secs.
4. #26 Curtis Turner Dash
5. #26 Jeffrey Gruber 1. #40 Shawn Stelzer
6. #41 Cal Greening 2. # 7 Brian Stroik
7. #27 Tony Christman Jr. 3. #78 Bradley Scholze
8. #301 Curt Blenker

Semi-Feature: 1.) Anney Turzinski; 2.) Blenker; 3.) Roland Kuhn; 4.) Reed Rossier
First Heat: 1.) Turzinski; 2.) Blenker; 3.) Marlowe Greening
Second Heat: 1.) Stratton; 2.) Marv Flick; 3.) Turner

Powder Puff

Super Stocks: 1.) Kim Elgersma; 2.) Jenny Patoka; 3.) Donna Getzloff
Pure Stocks: 1.) Melissa Murry; 2.) Debbie Mielke; 3.) Stacy Stelzer