Jeremy Lepak wins "Hot N' Now" Ultimate Challenge!
By Amy Kolo

July 2, 1999; Plover, WI:  -  A very warm 4th of July weekend brought many fans out to Golden Sands Speedway to watch some great fireworks on the track between the drivers and the excellent fireworks display after the races.  Congratulations to Lee Haasl and Donna Brandl the Save On Furniture Fans of the Week.  Also congratulations to our Short Trax Jr. Fan Member of the Week, Angela Krings and Bradley Blazel the Walmart Bike Winner. 

It was a very, very exciting Super Late Model Feature.  Jeremy Lepak ended up with fast time and a new track record of 11.679 seconds!  Lepak of course opted to take the Hot n’ Now Ultimate Challenge, which was up to $1600! 

Hot N' Now Challenge Winner!  - #40 Jeremy Lepak!!

7299a.jpg (13731 bytes) The big winner!  To say Jeremy Lepak had a great evening at Golden Sands is an understatement.  First off he set quick time establishing a new track record in the process, then then came from the back of the field in the feature race to win the "Hot N' Now" Challenge which was worth $1,600!!

The Super Late Model feature started out with MG Gajewski in the lead.  Greg Weinfurter and Kirby Kurth were directly behind him.  Other fast runners were quickly moving up behind them.  Spots from fourth on back started changing positions as the top three positions fought hard for first.  The Gun on the Run, Todd Stapleman was quickly moving thru the pack to work on the leaders.   By lap 11, Stapleman had made his way into the fourth position.  Lepak moved from the inside to outside lanes, maneuvering around slower cars to get up to the top positions. 

Kurth and Weinfurter fought hard trying to take the top position away from Gajewski.  By lap 20, Lepak had found himself up to the fifth position.  But with Stapleman in front of him, he was going to have a hard time getting past.  On lap 21, Kurth and Weinfurter tangled sending both cars to the back of the pack.  This moved Lepak ahead two positions into the third position.  Mark Eswein also moved up into the fourth position.  Lepak had fast cars all around him, it was going to be tough to take the win.  On the 23rd lap, Weinfurter and Kurth tangled once again in the back of the pack, demolishing each others cars and sending both of them into the pits with some major repairs. 

A hard hit on the backstretch heavily damaged the ride of Super Late Model point leader Mark Eswein (#71).  Hopefully Eswein can return to defend his current point lead as he looks to win his first track title at Golden Sands. 7299f.jpg (15204 bytes)

As the caution came out for Weinfurter and Kurth, the leaders slowed down, as this happened, Eswein’s front end just lifted and drove him right into the embankment on the back straight-away.  Eswein’s car was now totaled.  Now all Lepak  had to worry about was Stapleman, who is very fast, and the front runner Gajewski.  Stapleman charged hard on the restart making his way around Gajewski, when all of a sudden on the 27th lap his motor blew, sending him into the pits. 

It seems like Stapleman is never going to get a break.  He gets to the front race after race, and it seems like something always goes wrong.  Bad news for Stapleman, but good news for Lepak.  This put him in the second position. He had just three laps left to get around Gajewski for the win and the $1600 bonus.  On the white flag lap Lepak was able to take the lead by only a few feet.   The crowd stood on their feet cheering Lepak on!  As the checkered flag fell, Lepak took the win and the Hot n’ Now Challenge money!  Great job Jeremy!  Just as Jeremy’s sponsor, Fly Navy,  says “Watch Jeremy FLY at Golden Sands Speedway.”  Gajewski finished in the second position with Jeff Weinfurter in the third position. 

7299d.jpg (18544 bytes) The graduate!  Shawn Stezler (#40), the defending track champ in the Pure Stock division moved up to the CWSSA Super Stocks this season and has adapted well to the more powerful cars.  This evening he set quick time for the class.

Shawn Stelzer took the fast time in the Super Stock division and opted to take the Letter Perfect Challenge which was up to $350.  Cary Lyons started out with the lead, but fast runner and former dirt racer, Judd Brandl quickly overtook Lyons.  Lyons started losing positions to the rear of the field.  This gave Mike Doughty and Jim Cormack the opportunity to move up to the front of the pack.   As Lyons lost even more positions, Jason Szymkowiak, Randy Storlie and Shawn Stelzer all started making their way up to the front.  

They couldn't catch him!  Judd Brandl (#27) got to the front of the CWSSA Super Stock feature early in the race and then drove flawlessly to win the event. 7299b.jpg (14061 bytes)

Brandl had check out and gained a whole straight-away lead from the rest of the pack.  Doughty fought hard to told off Cormack.  Szymkowiak maneuvered his way around Cormack and started working on Doughty for the second position.  With just five laps to go, Szymkowiak was able to move around Doughty for the second position.  Cormack tried to get around Doughty for the third position.  Szymkowiak slammed on the gas to catch Brandl, but Brandl had to much of a lead.  Brandl took the checkered with Szymkowiak in second and Doughty in third.  Stelzer finished seventh. 

7299c.jpg (14723 bytes) Marv Flick (#9) chalked up another feature win in the Pure Stock division.  Flick is currently second in the current standings a mere three points behind point leader Michael Brooks.

The Pure Stock feature gets better and better week after week.  As the new drivers learn new driving tricks and get used to the high banks of the track.  Duane Robinson started out in the lead with veteran driver Curtis Turner right behind him.  A caution came out on lap 4, sending three cars to the rear of the field. 

This gave Mike Somers prime opportunity as he moved into the second position.  Marv Flick quickly moved around Somers for the second position and on the very next lap took the first position away from Robinson.  Mike Brooks started moving up fast, moving his way around the new drivers.  Brooks made his way around Somers and started working on Flick.   The points battle for the season right now is between Brooks and Flick.  Flick was able to hang on and take the win.  Brooks finished second with Somers in third.   

The fans at Golden Sands really enjoy the 2-man Cruiser division, and the "Duke's of Hazard" painted car of Blenker and Kampert came home the winner in this evening's action. 7299e.jpg (11528 bytes)

The ever popular Cruisers took the field once again.  For another crowd pleasing smash em’ and crash em’ race.  Blenker and Kampert came out the victors with Szymkowiak and Cisewski in second and Coon and Yeske in third.  Great job to all the Cruiser drivers!

Racing continues on Friday evenings at Central Wisconsin's Power Playground, Golden Sands Speedway. Our racetrack is a high-banked 1/3 mile asphalt oval featuring Super Late Models, CWSSA Super Stocks and Pure Stocks.

The track is located between Plover and Wisconsin Rapids, WI on Highway 54. 

Super Late Model Division
30 Lap Feature Event Time Trials
1. #40 Jeremy Lepak

*1. #40 Jeremy Lepak    

11.679 Seconds
2. #22 M.G. Gajewski 2. #77 Todd Stapelman 11.914 Seconds
3. # 3 Jeff Weinfurter 3. #52 Chris Wimmer 11.925 Seconds
4. #107.5 Monte Gress 4. #85 Kirby Kurth 11.955 Seconds
5. # 3 Scott Beyer 5. #71 Mark Eswein 11.979 Seconds
6. #54 Chad Devine
7. #10 Mike Strupp

Established new track record!

8. # 4 Steve Gress
9. #12 Terry Schoppenhorst
10. # 5 Rene Scheinoha

Semi-Feature: 1.) Rene Scheinoha; 2.) Terry Schoppenhorst; 3.) Charlie Schwock; 4.) Eric Getzloff; 5.) Frank Nitzke
First Heat: 1.) Scheinoha; 2.) Schoppenhorst; 3.) Terry Selle
Second Heat: 1.) Gajewski; 2.) Devine; 3.) Steve Gress
Third Heat: 1.) Eswein; 2) M. Gress; 3.) Stapleman
Dash: 1.) Eswein; 2.) Stapleman; 3.) Lepak

CWSSA Super Stock Division
Feature Event Time Trials
1. #27 Judd Brandl 1. #40 Shaen Stelzer 13.317 Seconds
2. #17 Jason Szymkowiak 2. #01 Cale Laessig 13.427 Seconds
3. #52 Mike Doughty 3. #99 Jason Kirsling 13.434 Seconds
4. # 7 Jim Cormack 4. #53 Randy Storlie 13.501 Seconds
5. #01 Cale Laessig 5. #17 Jason Szymkowiak 13.535 Seconds
6. #61 Gary Wosick
7. #40 Shawn Stelzer
8. #53 Randy Storlie
9. #24 Keith Bohmsach
10. #78 Scott Hamel

Semi-Feature: 1.) Alan Sankey; 2.) Derek Turzinski; 3.) James Wojcik; 4.) Merle Weinfurter; 5.) Bernie Fritz Jr; 6.) Brian Stroik
First Heat: 1.) Wesley Krause; 2.) Bernie Fritz Sr; 3.) Stroik
Second Heat: 1.) Sankey; 2.) Turzinski; 3.) Wojcik
Third Heat: 1.) Cormack; 2.) Wosick; 3.) Bohmsach
Dash: 1.) Szymkowiak; 2.) Storlie; 3.) Kirsling

Pure Stock Division
Feature Event Time Trials
1. # 9 Marv Flick 1. #22 Michael Brooks 14.860 Seconds
2. #22 Michael Brooks 2. # 9 Marv Flick 15.022 Seconds
3. #15 Michel Somers 3. #78 Bradley Scholze 15.476 Seconds
4. #26 Curtis Turner

4. #11 Jason Lewandowski

15.494 Seconds

5. #26 Jeffrey Gruber 5. #26 Jeffrey Gruber 15.587 Seconds
6. #78 Bradley Scholze
7. # 6 Matthew Raykowski
8. #47 Mark Flink

Semi-Feature: 1.) Kevin Fisher; 2.) Flink; 3.) Matthew Pyburn; 4.) Ryan Rossier; 5.) Scott Christensen
First Heat:
1.) Fisher; 2.) John Matthews; 3.) Johnie Vera
Second Heat: 1.) Christensen; 2.) Flink; 3.) Curtis Turner
Dash: 1.) Gruber; 2.) Anney Turzinski; 3.) Scholze

2-Man Cruisers

Feature: 1.) Blenker & Kampert; 2.) Szymkowiak & Cisewski; 3.) Coon & Yeske; 4.) Pingel & Williams; 5.) Nigh & Brage; 6.) Van & Van