Point leader Eswein grabs sixth Super Late win of season at Golden Sands Speedway!
By Amy Kolo

August 27, 1999; Plover, WI: - Thousands of fans joined in for the Rainbow Casino Night at the Races, plus the Back Memorial. Tonight was also the night for the corvette drawing. Ten lucky contestants received a key.

82799g.jpg (16469 bytes) 82799h.jpg (17276 bytes)
And the winner is.....Golden Sands Speedway concluded it's drawing for a red Corvette on this evening.  In the left photo, 10 finalists look for their lucky key, while in the right photo it was time to celebrate. From left to right Darrell Bassuener, The next four people are reps from Rainbow Casino and Bingo, the next person is Scott Koback the corvette winner, then Ken Stecbauer and Mark Skibba from WDEZ, Craig Bassuener and Sandy and Sara from Letter Perfect.

They then each had a chance at trying to open the door to the corvette. Scott Koback ended up the lucky winner and got to take the corvette home. Congratulations Scott! Also congratulations to Nicole Berry our Short Trax Jr. Fan Club Member of the Week, and Tony Liebe winner of the Wal-Mart bike.

Terry Schoppenhorst pulled fast time and opted to take the Hot N’ Now Ultimate Challenge which was up to $800.00.

Even with the Super Late Model title nearly in his grasp, Mark Eswein (#71) shows no signs of slowing down.  Tonight's win in the Back Memorial was his sixth feature victory of the 1999 season on the high-banked third mile Golden Sands Speedway. 82799b.jpg (16057 bytes)

Larry Lepak started out with an early lead in the feature with fast runners Greg Weinfurter and Monte Gress right behind him. Mark Eswein was not to far back from Gress and looking to scoot ahead. By the fifth lap of the 30-lap event, Eswein had made his way around Gress, Weinfurter and Lepak for the lead. Lepak held on as long as he could, but started losing positions to Gress and Todd Stapleman. Gress then regained the lead on Stapleman and started to catch Eswein.

Other fast runners, Jeremy Lepak and Kirby Kurth started coming up from the back of the pack to start fighting for positions. Other drivers fought with each other all in the points battle for the end of the years track’s point fund. Stapleman regained his position back from Gress and was in a mad dash to catch Eswein. On lap 27, a yellow came out for oil on the track. Gress’s car was leaking oil. At the restart Eswein, maintained his lead, with Stapleman directly behind him. Kurth and Jeff Weinfurter moved up into the third and fourth positions. With just three short laps to go Eswein took the checkered with Stapleman in second and Kurth in third.

Chad Brundidge spun fast time in the super stock division and opted to take the Letter Perfect Challenge which was up to $700.00.

82799a.jpg (11292 bytes) Jason Kirsling (#99) the defending CWSSA Super Stock champion scored another feature win this evening.  Though his work schedule prevented him from defending his title, when Kirsling appears he's always a threat to win.

The very first lap of the race brought out action as cars spun coming into turn four. Keith Bohmsach and Mike Doughty both went into the pits for some minor repairs. Bernie Fritz had the jump on the lead but was quickly overtaken by Carl Saylor who in turn was quickly overtaken by fast runner Jason Kirsling. Amazingly already by the fifth lap Chad Brundidge had found himself in the fourth position and just cookin’ around the track. Kirsling started pulling a few car lengths ahead of the rest of the pack. Saylor held onto his second position, but Brundidge snuck around him by the tenth lap. Saylor started giving Brundidge a run for his money.

Each driver kept changing positions lap after lap. By lap 19, lapped traffic became an issue and Brundidge was finally able to get some distance from Saylor. All Brundidge needed was a yellow, so he could get closer to Kirsling, who was almost a whole two car lengths ahead of the rest of the field. Brundidge got his wish as a yellow came out on the last green flag lap. At the restart, Kirsling kept his lead, but Randy Storlie snuck past Brundidge for the second position. As the checkered flag came down, Kirsling took the win and Storlie in second. Brundidge took third, still and awesome run for starting all the way in the back of the pack.

This win helped!  Mike Brooks (#22) scored the win in the Pure Stock feature and in doing so increased his point lead over nearest rival Marv Flick as the season enters it's final weeks. 82799f.jpg (12571 bytes)

The pure stock feature just keeps getting more interesting week by week as drivers start become more skilled. Johnnie Vera took the early lead in the feature, but was soon passed by a Mike Brooks who right now is running hard for the seasons point champion. Cars kept switching positions back and fourth. Brad Scholze moved up to the front to start working on Brooks for the lead. Mike Somers a very much-improved driver found himself in the third position working on trying his hardest for the first or second spot. All the drivers raced hard. Brooks ended up with the win, with Scholze in second and Somers in third.

82799i.jpg (12180 bytes) Something new!  The CENEX Mini-Stocks which compete at State Park Speedway in Wausau made a guest appearance on Golden Sands Speedway's third-mile high banked asphalt oval.  Steve Cottrell took home top honors in the division.

The Cenex Mini Stocks came out to race for the nights festivities. The cars are fun to watch and give the crowd some banging of metal as they pass each other. Steve Cottrell took the win with Ken Smith in second and Chris Boykins in third.

82799d.jpg (9838 bytes) 82799e.jpg (8748 bytes)
The ladies turn to have some fun!  It was the 2-woman Cruiser's tonight as the ladies took to the track for some team powder puff action. In the left photo Melissa Kampert and Kim Kluck won one event while in the right photo Misty Gustin and Nikki Dean scored the victory!

Also the night even featured two powder puff cruiser races and a regular cruiser race. Melissa Kampert and Kim Kluck took first in the first race, and Misty Gustin and Nikki Dean also placed first in the second race. The regular Cruiser race showed some awesome action as drivers passed, lapped, banged, and spun each other. Jack Szymkowiak and Rick Cisewski took the win. Congratulations to all drivers.

82799c.jpg (10191 bytes) Jack Szymkowiak and Rick Cisewski (#76) made their first ever trip to the winner's circle at Golden Sands Speedway when they teamed up to win the 2-man Cruiser division.

This Friday, September 3, 1999 is the 4th Annual Coca-Cola Season Championship. Don’t miss out on any of the action. The following Friday is the 5th Annual Miller Invitational, and the very next Friday will feature Golden Sands last event for this century the 2nd annual "Eve of Devistation"!

Our racetrack is a high-banked 1/3 mile asphalt oval featuring Super Late Models, CWSSA Super Stocks and Pure Stocks. The track is located between Plover and Wisconsin Rapids, WI on Highway 54.  

Super Late Model Division
35 Lap Feature Event Time Trials
1. #71 Mark Eswein 1. #12 Terry Schoppenhorst 12.000 Seconds
2. #77 Todd Stapleman 2. #40 Jeremy Lepak 12.098 Seconds
3. #85 Kirby Kurth 3. #71 Mark Eswein 12.099 Seconds
4. # 3 Jeff Weinfurter 4. #52 Chris Wimmer 12.194 Seconds
5. #40 Jeremy Lepak 5. # 3 Scott Beyer 12.132 Seconds
6. #22 M.G. Gajewski
7. #52 Chris Wimmer
8. # 3 Scott Beyer
9. #41 Larry Lepak
10. #12 Mark Mackesy

Semi-Feature: 1.) Gajewski; 2.) M. Mackesy; 3.) Mike Budleski; 4.) Chad Debvine; 5.) Steve Gress; 6.) Aaron Roehl
First Heat: 1.) M. Mackesy; 2.) Gajewski; 3.) Roehl
Second Heat: 1.) Greg Weinfurter; 2.) Donald Trapp; 3.) S. Gress
Third Heat: 1.) Todd Stapleman; 2.) Wimmer; 3.) Eswein
Dash: 1.) Wimmer; 2.) S. Beyer; 3.) Eswein

CWSSA Super Stock Division
25 Lap Feature Event Time Trials
1. #99 Jason Kirsling 1. # 7 Chad Brundidge 13.363 Seconds
2. #53 Randy Storlie 2. #24 Keith Bohmsach 13.375 Seconds
3. # 7 Chad Brundidge 3. #17 Jason Szymkowiak 13.403 Seconds
4. # 8 Carl Saylor 4. #99 Jason Kirsling 13.456 Seconds
5. #17 Jason Szymkowiak 5. #53 Randt Storlie 13.490 Seconds
6. #40 Shawn Stelzer
7. #409 David Pagels
8. #24 Keith Bohmsach
9. # 7 Jim Cormack
10. #01 Cale Laessig

Semi-Feature: 1.) Pagels; 2.) Dean Brillowski; 3.) Alan Sankey; 4.) Matt Wisz; 5.) Brian Stroik; 6.) Larry Braunsky
First Heat: 1.) Bernie Fritz Sr.; 2.) Braunsky; 3.) Dale Robinson
Second Heat: 1.) Sankey; 2.) Pagels; 3.) Wisz
Third Heat: 1.) Cormack; 2.) Doughty; 3.) Kirsling
Dash: 1.) Storlie; 2.) Brundidge; 3.) Kirsling

Pure Stock Division
20 Lap Feature Event Time Trials
1. #22 Michael Brooks 1. #78 Bradley Scholze 15.120 Seconds
2. #78 Bradley Scholze 2. #15 Anney Turzinski 15.215 Seconds
3. #15 Michael Somers 3. #15 Michael Somers 15.261 Seconds
4. #15 Anney Turzinski

4. #98 John Matthews

15.338 Seconds
5. #71 Matthew Pyburn 5, #11 Jason Lewandowski 15.404 Seconds
6. # 6 Matthew Raykowski
7. #11 Jason Lewandowski
8. #99 Matt Osowski

Semi-Feature: 1.) Kevin Fisher; 2.) Kevin Kneuse; 3.) Curtis Turner; 4.) Marlowe Greening; 5.) Wallace Laffin
First Heat:
1.) Kneuse; 2.) Turner; 3.) Fisher
Second Heat: 1.) Scott Christensen; 2.) Greening; 3.) Johnnie Vera
Third Heat: 1.) Brooks; 2.) Turzinski; 3.) Jeffrey Gruber
Dash: 1.) Somers; 2.) Scholze; 3.) Lewandowski

Mini-Stocks Division
20 Lap Feature Event Time Trials
1. # 6 Steve Cottrell 1. # 2 Chris Boykins 15.834 Seconds
2. #34 Ken Smith 2. #32 Randy Nitzche 15.994 Seconds
3. # 2 Chris Boykins 3. # 7 Bob Gereau 16.333 Seconds
4. #71 Jeff Stege

4. # 3 Wade LaFave

15.510 Seconds

5. #74 Brad Dupee 5. #24 Rodney Feltz 15.511 Seconds
6. # 3 Wade LaFave
7. #15 Bob Adams
8. #22 Greg Blount

Semi-Feature: 1.) Mike Peterson; 2.) No Name; 3.) Corey Drake
First Heat:
1.) Jeff Giapp
Second Heat: 1.) Peterson; 2.) Dupee; 3.) Cottrell
Thirdt Heat: 1.) Feltz; 2.) Gereau; 3.) Nitzche
Dash: 1.) Feltz; 2.) Nitzche; 3.) LaFave

2-Man Cruisers
15 Lap Feature Event
1. #76 Szymkowiak & Cisewski  
2. # 6 Feltz & Esser
3. #69 Wedd & Cayer
4. #00 Mroczewski & Briggs
5. #212 Kinney & Kinney
6. #01 Belnker & Kampert
7. #79 Sweey & Correll
8. #151 Christensen & Nigh