Eswein tops 5th Annual Miller Lite Invitational
and takes home $2,000 for his efforts!!

By Amy Kolo

September 10, 1999; Plover, WI: - A chilly evening brought the die hard race fans to the last race of the season, the 5th Annual Miller Lite Invitational. Super Stocks and Super Late Models traveled from all over the state to take a chance at the enlarged purse. A $12,000 total purse was divided up amongst the drivers for the night. Many drivers thanked Golden Sands Speedway and Premium Brands (Miller) for the extra winnings. Two lucky younger race fans went home with the final Wal-Mart bike giveaways for the season. Thanks Wal-Mart for your bike donation for the entire season!

5th Annual Miller Lite Invitational winner - #71 Mark Eswein

91099f.jpg (15311 bytes) Mark Eswein (#71) plus the exclamation point on his fine season here as he not only won the 1999 Super Late Model title and the season championship race last week, but he added yet another win by taking home the 5th Annual Miller Lite Inviatational tonight and got $2,000 for his efforts.

The Super Stocks were the first to take the stage for the evening. A few Pure Stock drivers even set up their cars to race with the Super Stocks. The 1999 Pure Stock champion, Mike Brooks joined the field. Mike will have to move up to the Super Stock division for the year 2000, so racing in the Miller Lite Invitational was a great experience for him. Pure Stock racers, Matt Raykowski and Michael Somers also took their chance racing with the Super Stocks.

Chad Brundidge (#7) who joined the CWSSA Super Stocks late in the season this year has been tough to catch in qualifying.  Tonight he set fast time honors with a lap of 13.320 Seconds around the high banked, third-mile paved oval. 91099a.jpg (11746 bytes)

Congratulations to Chad Brundidge for spinning the fast time in the Super Stock division. Brundidge flew around the track at a 13.320. Shawn Stelzer was not too far behind him with a 13.330.

As the Super Stock first heat took the field Somers took the lead, but then spun coming out of turn one. Somers got caught up in all the excitement, raced a little too hard, and ended up trailer-ing his car. Best of luck to him in the 2000 racing season.

91099c.jpg (10898 bytes) Michael Somers (#15) drove his Pure Stock in the Super Stock division tonight but the results were not what he had planned for getting into a tangle which sidelined him for the evening during a heat race.

Carl Saylor, who didn’t time in due to car problems came from the back of the pack and was able to pass for the lead and steal the win on the very last lap. Mike Brooks started out with the lead in the second heat, but half way thru was soon passed by more experienced racers. Keith Bohmsach took the win. Bohmsach, Gary Wosick, and Jason Szymkowiak all came from the back of the pack and finished first thru third respectively. All the fastest cars fought hard in the third heat. Jim Cormack and Cale Laessig kept trading first and second place. On the white flag lap Cormack had the lead, but Laessig was able to pass him on the checkered and take the win.

The top two finishers in the last chance race would be able to transfer up to the feature for a chance at the $800 to win spot. Bernie Fritz Sr. took the early lead. Matt Wisz zoomed around Fritz about half way thru and started looking at the transfer position. Scott Hamel got right behind Wisz and also started looking at the transfer position. With just four laps to go Hamel and Wisz tangled, sending both back into the pits. This gave Saylor and Fritz the opportunity to take the transfer positions. Saylor once again started in the rear of the field and made his way all the way to the front.

After 40 hard fought laps of racing Jason Kirlsing (#99) came home with the win in Super Stock action this evening. Kirsling held off a late change by newly crowned Super Stock champion Jason Szymkowiak. 91099e.jpg (15025 bytes)

Dean Brillowski started out in the lead for the 40 lap Super Stock main event. Keith Bohmsach quickly surpassed him with Szymkowiak right on Bohmsach heels. As Brillowski slipped back in positions, a yellow came out on lap six as Brillowski spun. At the restart Bohmsach held onto his lead position with Szymkowiak and Cormack fighting hard for the second position. Former dirt runner, Judd Brandl was also moving up the ranks looking for the lead spot. By the fifteenth lap, Jason Kirsling made it up to the front and took the second position away from Szymkowiak.

Cormack started dealing with a very loose racecar and started slipping to the back of the pack. This gave way to Randy Storlie, Cale Laessig and Mike Doughty to start fighting for the top positions. By lap 22, lapped traffic became an issue. By lap 26, Kirsling was able to take the lead away from Bohmsach. Bohmsach tried desperately to regain the lead, but was not able to pass Kirsling. With just three laps to go, lapped traffic became an issue once again. This time the lapped traffic caught Bohmsach, and Szymkowiak was able to pass Bohmsach for the second position. As the checkered flag fell Kirsling went home with the $800, Szymkowiak finished second and Bohmsach in third.

Next up the Super Late Models. Time trials during the late models, was great edge-of-your-seat excitement! Cars started turning times in the low twelve’s and eleven’s. It took better than a 12.076 to even make the feature event! Fast runner Chris Wimmer took the fast time with a 11.797! His older brother, Scott Wimmer was the next fastest with a 11.909.

The first heat saw some racers that were normally in the second and third heats. Eric Getzloff started off with the lead, but by half way thru was quickly over taken by Aaron Roehl. Roehl took the checkered flag, with Greg Weinfurter passing Getzloff for the second position. MG Gajewski started out in the lead during the second heat with Kurt Waush in the second position. Mike Strupp and Tony Strupp were in the fourth and fifth positions respectively but started loosing positions by the fourth lap. This gave way to Todd Stapleman to start running with the top positions. Gajewski took the win with Waush in second. The super late model heat was a great race with all the fast runners. Eswein started out in the lead and it was tight racing for the entire race. Jeff Weinfurter held on to his second position with Kirby Kurth in third. Not much position changing in the third heat. Everyone was very close in times and the racing was pretty much tight. No three wide passing, as drivers saved their cars for the main event.

The last chance race took the top four to advance to the main event. Greg Weinfurter took the quick lead, with his brother Jeff in second. A yellow came out on the very first lap with Eric Getzloff spinning in three in four. As the restart took place Weinfurter held the lead, with Gajewski in second and Jeff Weinfurter in third. Right away on the fourth lap another yellow came out with Roehl spinning all by himself. Greg held his position on the restart, but Jeff was able to pass Gajewski for the second position. Kurt Waush held the fourth and last transfer position. Greg and Jeff tagged each other coming out of turn two, but both racers were able to hang on. On the thirteenth lap a caution came out with Waush, Mike Strupp, Randy Rasmuesen, and Mark Mackesy all tangling in turn two. This gave Roehl the chance to move up into the fourth spot looking to transfer into the main event. Mike Budleski was able to get around Roehl with four laps to go. Greg took the win with Gajewski passing Jeff on the checkered flag for the second position. Jeff finished third with Budleski in fourth.

91099d.jpg (14142 bytes) Jeff Weinfurter got caught up in a chain reaction type accident during the Super Late Model main event.  The accident cut short his evening.

The 75 lap main late model event saw quite a few yellows during the first six laps of the race as all the drivers started racing like it was the checkered flag lap. Everyone wanted a chance at the top spot of $2000. On the very first lap, Todd Stapleman got a little loose coming out of the turn, which then lead to the tail end of the field to brake, sending almost all of the transfer spots crashing into each other. Jeff, Greg, and Gajewski all rear-ended each other. Everyone went into the pits to fix their cars. At the restart, Tony Strupp took the lead with Terry Schoppenhorst in second. Eswein was in third looking for the lead. Eswein got around Schoppenhorst for the second spot. At the very same time, Kurth also passed Schoppenhorst. By lap six, another yellow came out sending Jesse Haase, and Greg Weinfurter back in the pits. Fast timer, Chris Wimmer also got caught up in it and had to go into the pits. At the restart Eswein kept the lead with Tony in second, and Kurth in third. By lap 12, another caution came out sending, Doug Drost, Tony, Jeff, Mark Mackesy and Monte Gress into the pits and to the back of the pack.

91099b.jpg (11585 bytes) Chris Wimmer (#52) started out the evening on a high note by setting quick time with an 11.797 second orbit of the third-mile high-banked oval.  Mechanical problems during the main event however left him with a disappointing 12th place finish.

Eswein kept his lead at the restart with Kurth in second and Scott Wimmer in third. Wimmer and Kurth started switching positions, as Eswein pulled ahead of the pack. Chris Wimmer started making his way back up to the front of the pack, but by the 31st lap, a bar in the rear of his car broke sending him into the pits, done for the night. Neil Knoblock and Jeremy Lepak also started making their way to the front of the line trying to catch the leaders. By the 47th lap Lepak’s car started having problems and went into the pits. Lapped traffic started becoming an issue. By the lap 55, Knoblock was able to get around Kurth for the second position. As the checkered flag fell, Eswein finished first with Knoblock in second and Kurth in third.

Don’t miss Golden Sands Speedway’s final event for the 1999-racing season. The second Annual Eve of Devastation. Call the speedway office for more details.

Our racetrack is a high-banked 1/3 mile asphalt oval featuring Super Late Models, CWSSA Super Stocks and Pure Stocks. The track is located between Plover and Wisconsin Rapids, WI on Highway 54.  

Super Late Model Division
75 Lap Feature Event Time Trials
1. #71 Mark Eswein 1. #52 Chris Wimmer 11.797 Seconds
2. #70 Neil Knoblock 2. #25 Scott Wimmer 11.909 Seconds
3. #85 Kirby Kurth 3. #40 Jeremy Lepak 11.920 Seconds
4. #12 Tony Strupp 4. #75 Chris Weinkauf 11.955 Seconds
5. #77 Todd Stapleman 5. #70 Neil Knoblock 11.973 Seconds
6. #32 Doug Drost

6. #02 Jesse Haase

11.982 Seconds

7. #55 Mike Budleski
8. # 3 Scott Beyer
9. #22 M.G. Gajewski
10. #25 Scott Wimmer
11. #40 Jeremy Lepak
12. #52 Chris Wimmer

Semi-Feature: 1.) Greg Weinfurter; 2.) Gajewski; 3.) Jeff Weinfurter; 4.) Budleski; 5.) Aaron Roehl; 6.) Steve Gress
First Heat: 1.) Roehl; 2.) G. Weinfurter; 3.) Eric Getzloff
Second Heat: 1.) Gajewski; 2.) Kurt Waush; 3.) Stapleman
Third Heat: 1.) Eswein; 2.) Beyer; 3.) Kurth

CWSSA Super Stock Division
40 Lap Feature Event Time Trials
1. #99 Jason Kirsling 1. # 7 Chad Brundidge  13.320 Seconds
2. #17 Jason Szymkowiak 2. #40 Shawn Stelzer 13.330 Seconds
3. #24 Keith Bohmsach 3. #52 Mike Doughty 13.415 Seconds
4. #27 Judd Brandl 4. #53 Randy Storlie 13.436 Seconds
5. #01 Cale Laessig 5. #99 Jason Kirsling 13.455 Seconds
6. #53 Randy Storlie
7. #52 Mike Doughty
8. # 7 Chad Brundidge
9. # 8 Carl Saylor
10. # 3 Alan Sankey

Semi-Feature: 1.) Saylor; 2.) Bernie Fritz Sr.; 3.) Michael Pavcavis; 4.) MIchael Brooks; 5.) Roger Stanczyk; 6.) Eric Nelson
First Heat: 1.) Saylor; 2.) Pavcavis; 2.) Larry Braunsky
Second Heat: 1.) Bohmsach; 2.) Wosick; 3.) Szymkowiak