Second Annual "Eve of Devastation" Thrills Fans!!
By Amy Kolo

September 17, 1999; Plover, WI: - Warmer weather and the most exciting event of the season brought out the biggest crowd to the Power Playground for a night of fun filled activities. The last event for the 1999 season proved to be a huge hit! Bone Shaker, the largest car crushing Harley Davidson and the car burning Kamikaze was on hand to put on a thriller show.

91899e.jpg (10803 bytes)

Monster Harley!  Bone Crusher a "Monster Bike" thrilled fans during a brief break in racing action by "crushing" a few cars on the infield!

The night held some of the same events as the first Eve of Devastation, plus some new events for the 1999 season. The staff at Golden Sands Speedway, especially Craig Bassuener planned all year to make this event the most exciting that Golden Sands Speedway has ever seen. Just imagine what will be in store for the third

Annual Eve of Devastation in the new millennium!

91899g.jpg (9432 bytes) 91899i.jpg (8052 bytes)
The Thrill of victory and.....(left) Glen Seidl (#5) topped a huge field in the School Bus races, while Shawn Lewis had his raid topple on the high banked turns of Golden Sands Speedway!

First off were the time trials. The cruisers cars timed in first, finding their positions for their season championship race. The next times were from the school buses! Golden Sands Speedway’s tech inspector, Bob Wisniewski aka Snoozer, holds the first ever track record for a school bus at a 21.904.

Three wide!   It may be a challenge to race a stock car three wide, but the busses seems to do it with ease as shown here in Bus Racing action! 91899h.jpg (8622 bytes)

A total of ten buses were entered for the night’s events. Two bus heat races were held with Kevin Peterson in the Mid-State Truck Service bus winning the first heat. Shawn Stelzer in the Club Forest bus won the second heat.

91899a.jpg (12348 bytes) Eve of Devastation Cruiser Champs!  Justin Blenker and John Kampert Jr. took fast time and then won the feature in two-man cruiser action!

The Cruiser championship race brought twenty-eight cars to the field. The race was one of the most exciting cruiser races for the entire season! Cars spun and crashed left and right. The crowd went wild for all the excitement that the cruisers brought. Justin Blenker and John Kampert Jr. took fast time and won the feature event. Jon Vayda and Rick Anderson took second and Feltz and Esser took third. The overall cruiser point champions for the year were Jack Szymkowiak and Rick Cisewski. Congratulations!

91899b.jpg (9759 bytes) 91899c.jpg (11215 bytes)
The top teams!  28 two-man Cruisers took to the track for their championship race.  Finishing in second (left) were Jon Vayda and Rick Anderson (#12) , while Cruiser "hot dogs" Rodney Feltz and Fran Esser (#6 - right) settled for third on this evening.

Since the plywood races were so popular last year, Stock Lumber once again donated plywood to hold the races again for the 1999 season. The plywood race consists of the driver having to hold on to a 4’ x 8’ piece of plywood on top of their car and race another plywood holding driver for one lap. If the driver drops their plywood, they have to stop and pick it up. Some drivers had a tight hold on their plywood, while others lost theirs in the first turn. Congratulations to Lyn Getzloff winner of the plywood race event.

Like to watch Olympic relay races? Golden Sands held its first relay race with automobiles using a 55 gallon plastic barrel as the passing baton. The first driver had to knock down the barrel and push it to his partner a third away around the track. The next driver then had to push the barrel to the third partner and they had to get it across the finish line. As one team had trouble pushing the barrel to the start finish line. The other partners started smashing into their opponents trying to get them to lose their barrels. It was great! Congratulations to Shad Krause’s team the winners of the Olympic relay race.

Hi/Low Barrel racing. Three barrels were set up along the front stretch and three on the back stretch. Two cars raced against each other. One had to take the high way around the barrels while the other had to take the low way around the barrels, and sometimes their were some magnificent crashes as the both came around the same barrel. Congratulations to Rodney Feltz, winner of the Hi/Low barrel race.

91899l.jpg (8366 bytes) During the "Eve of Devastation" it wasn't only cars and trucks racing.  If it had wheels or could be pushed there was an event where racing could take place.  In the left photo "creeper" racing provided some amusement,
91899k.jpg (9376 bytes)

while in the right photo, the ever popular Racing Reclines gave fans something to watch while there was a break in the action on the track!

During intermission, Golden Sands Speedway held its ever popular recliner races. Save On Furniture fans of the week all got to compete in the recliner race with a chance to win two brand new recliners courtesy of Save On Furniture. A big congratulations to Jeremy Szymkowiak and Eric Walters winners of the recliner race and two brand new recliners! We also held a creeper race during intermission. Creepers being what mechanics use to slide themselves underneath cars. Many mechanics and drivers entered the race. Rodney Feltz walked or creeped away the victor!

91899o.jpg (11145 bytes) I can see clearly now!   You've seen drivers race when their hoods fly off the cars at speed, but have you ever seen them race where those hoods were left up intentionally? 

After intermission was the "I can see clearly now" race with bowling ball start. Each driver got to roll a bowling ball from the start/finish line. Where ever the bowling ball landed is where that driver got to start the race. The only catch was the drivers had to put the hoods up on their cars and race. It was exciting watching the drivers try to peek around their hoods. Rondey Feltz won the race in his Saturn.

Kevin Peterson borrowed the car which was to be driven by director of operations Amy Kolo and then went out and won the Backwards/Forwards race, when race night obligations kept her from making here "Eve of Devastation" debut. 91899j.jpg (9823 bytes)

Another popular event carried over from the 1998 racing season was the Forward/Backwards race. Each driver had to go three laps forward then throw their car in reverse and race three laps backwards. Amy Kolo, Golden Sands Speedway’s Director of Operations, took her mothers beat up old Buick and entered it into the race. Not having time to race it, gave it to Kevin Peterson. The race was excellent with drivers crashing into each other as some were in reverse and some were in drive. Congratulations to Kevin Peterson winner of the race. By the way, Amy’s mom now wants her car back!

The next event was a new one for this season, The Train race. Two cars were chained together with rope. The object to this race was to break the rope between all the other opponents. The last ones chained together won the race. Congratulations to David Hawath and Jerry Trzebratowski winners of the first ever train race.

91899f.jpg (6630 bytes) This jet powered ATV known as Kamikaze applied a little heat to one of the wrecked cars in the infield and melted it to a crisp! 

As the drivers took a little break between events, Bone Shaker and the Kamikaze took the stage. The car crushing Harley Davidson, Bone Shaker, started driving over the top of cars crushing them to the ground. The kids loved it. Next the Kamikaze. This little jet burner actually burned a car to the ground! Everyone cheered as the car caught fire. It was pretty amazing that the small size of the jet burner could produce that much heat!

The last two events of the evening were the most exciting. The bus feature with all ten buses entered and the trailer race. The bus feature took the track first. It was totally amazing how some of the full size buses could get loose coming out of a turn and not roll over. The buses bumped, pushed, and crashed into each other. The crowd screamed in excitement every time it looked like one was going over.

Shawn Lewis in the Scaffidi Motors short bus, got turned around in turn two and rolled over into the infield. The bus landed with the door to the ground. Shawn kicked out the window to get out. Shawn was fine as he walked away from the bus. The crowd cheered. Del Worlund, Golden Sands Speedway’s maintenance supervisor and race night tow truck driver, jumped into the endloader and rolled the bus back over. Shawn jumped back in it started it up and drove off the track. The crowd went wild. The bus actually started back up and was able to drive off after rolling over. That was one tough bus! Congratulations to Glen Seidl winner of the bus feature in the West Side Motors of Aurbundale bus.

91899m.jpg (8245 bytes) The trailer race put the crowd on their feet! In the left photo, Rodney Feltz stands triumphant after topping the wild Trailer Race! In the right
91899n.jpg (6631 bytes)

photo Wes Krause and Eric Getzloff stand next to their well used car after claiming second in the exciting event!

The trailer race rocked! It caused the most devastation of the night. Everyone has got to feel for Del, the maintenance supervisor. He’s got one big mess to clean off the track. A large field of cars took to the track for the event. The object of the event is to knock off everyone else’s trailer. The last car left with a trailer attached wins the race. Trailers of all sorts were on the track. Amy’s boat that she bought for a quarter after the first annual eve of devastation was one of two boats out there. Some trailers had snowmobiles, lawn mowers, a pop-up camper and even a manure spreader! As cars started crashing into trailers things started flying. The boat that was purchased for a quarter hit the wall and shattered into a million pieces. The pop-up camper was totally destroyed leaving curtains, the sink, mattresses and tons of other debris everywhere. The track look like a war had taken place. The crowd cheered, the trailer event was the most popular and destructive of the entire evening. Congratulations to Rodney Feltz first place winner of the trailer race and Wes Krause and Eric Getzloff taking second place.

See everyone once again in the new millennium for another exciting racing season.