Szymkowiak wins Letter Perfect Challenge!
By Amy Kolo

May 14, 1999; Plover, WI:  -  For the first Friday night races, tons of race fans with their families gathered together for fun and excitement.  Congratulations to Dustin Karcheski, the Short Trax Jr. Fan of the Week.  Austin Westbrook was the lucky winner of the Wal-Mart bike giveaway.  Troy and Judi Stephens and Jane Schmidt were the lucky Save-On-Furniture Fans of the Week.

51699c.jpg (9721 bytes) Kirby Kurth (left) was the winner of the Super Late Model feature race this evening. Kurth who led from the start of the feature fended off many challenges including those from Larry Lepak and point leader Greg Weinfurter.

The Legend cars made it out to the power playground to join in some close racing action.  Tom Schnitzler made the early jump for the lead in the feature event, but veteran-racing legend Duwanye Vetrone quickly over took Schnitzler for the lead.  Schnitfzler started losing positions as Russ Weiler made his way up to the top positions. 

On the third lap fast runner Paul Menard spun out and went into the pits with car problems.  After the caution Vetrone regained his lead position with Weiler right behind him.  Dean Fisher started to make his way up to the front to start fighting for the lead position.  On the seventh lap Phil Bickley ended up doing a 360, but regained control of this car, allowing the race to stay green, this put Bickley a lap down, but his great driving ability let the race continue with no caution. 

Duwayne Vetrone overcame lapped traffic and the challenges of Russ Weiler and Dean Fisher to score the feature victory in the Legends cars which made a special appearance this evening. 51699d.jpg (12546 bytes)

By the fifteen lap, lapped traffic came into play for the leaders.  Vetrone, Weiler, and Fisher were all able to hold their positions, as the maneuvered their way around the slower cars.  Vetrone took the checkered with Fisher in the second position and Weiler in third.

51699b.jpg (13150 bytes) Mark Eswein established a new track record for the high-banked third-mile Golden Sands Speedway in the Super Late Model division.   Eswein toured the track in 11.872 Seconds to establish the new mark.

The late model feature was a very intense race.  Congratulations goes out to Mark Eswein for turning quick time and holding the title of the new late model track record.  Eswein turned an awesome time of 11.872.  With the resurfacing from the 1998 season and the Goodyear tires it takes a time in the twelve’s to even make the feature.  Eswein opted to take the Hot n’ Now Ultimate Challenge which was up to $900.00!

At the start of the feature Kirby Kurth took the lead.  Eswein started motoring it trying to get to the front to take home the challenge, but on the first lap Chad Devine bumped Eswein sending Eswein back about four more positions.  Fast runner Jeff Weinfurter moved into the second position and started working on Kurth for the lead.  Doug Drost moved up into the third position.  During a earlier heat race, Mike Cox lost control and spun coming into turn four.  Rene Scheinoha not having enough time to stop and no room to move t-boned Cox in the side.  Cox was not able to race the feature race, but Scheinoha and her crew were able to hustle enough to get her car ready for the feature. 

51699a.jpg (13634 bytes) Mike Cox Jr. (#11) spun out in his heat race right in front of Rene Scheinoha (#5) who had no where to go and drilled Cox's stalled mount.  Scheinoha was later able to make the call for the feature race making five laps in the event.  Cox was unable to race anymore this evening.

The crowd cheered when it saw Rene attempt to make the race, but her car just couldn’t make it and she turned into the pits on the fifth lap.  Neil Knoblock started making his way up to the front and moved passed Drost and Weinfurter for the second position.  Another fast runner, Chris Wimmer followed suit and pasted Drost, but was not able to get by Weinfurter.   Weinfurter wanting his spot back started working on Knoblock for the second position.  By the 13th lap, Weinfurter regained his second position.  Knoblock started losing positions.  This allowed Drost to move back up into the top positions. 

The Gun on the Run, Todd Stapleman started moving up to the front.  Eswein was still fighting slower cars in the back of the pack, desperately trying to get to the front to take the Ultimate Challenge home.  Stapleman moved up into the second position and started working on Kurth.  Lapped traffic became and issue on lap 25.  On lap 27, a caution came out sending Jeremy Lepak and Knoblock to the back.    This gave the opportunity for Stapleman to move around Kurth for the lead, but as he did this he lost control coming out of the turn and spun. 

At the restart Kurth kept his lead, but Larry Lepak moved up into the second position with Greg Weinfurter in third.  Weinfurter quickly moved around Lepak and fought hard trying to get around Kurth.  As the last lap took place, Kurth took the win, with Greg Weinfurter in second and Larry Lepak in third.   A great race for Larry Lepak who just got his car together for the 1999 race.  Eswein finished in the seventh position.

Talk about excitement, the super stock race was definitely a edge-of-your-seat race.  Jason Szymkowiak took fast time and opted for the Letter Perfect Challenge, which was up to $400.00.

Keith Bohmsach took the early lead at the start of the race and a very improved driver; Bernie Fritz held the second position.  Jason Kirsling started moving up to the front, with veteran driver Merle Weinfurter directly behind him.   Kirsling was able to steal the second position away from Fritz on the seventh lap.  Kirsling the started working on Bohmsach for the lead.  Kirsling was able to get around Bohmsach, but as they fought for the top position, Kirsling and Bohmsach ended up in a tangle bring the yellow flag out and sending Bohmsach to the back and Kirsling to the pits. 

Randy Storlie, who had been moving up in positions, took the lead on the next green flag.  And guess who already made it up to the second position, by the 16th lap?  Jason Szymkowiak!   He wanted the win and to be the first super stock to take the Letter-Perfect Challenge home.  By lap 17, Szymkowiak was able to get around Storlie for the lead, but Storlie then stole it back on the next lap.  Both drivers fought hard!  Shawn Stelzer started moving up fast from the back of the pack. 

With just five laps to go the crowd was cheering Szymkowiak on.  As the white flag fell, Stelzer moved in on Storlie, taking him on the inside.  This gave Szymkowiak just the right opportunity.  As the checkered flag fell, it looked like we might need a photo finish between Storlie and Szymkowiak, but Szymkowiak was able to stick his nose out there and take the win.  Congratulations to Jason, the first super stock to take the Letter-Perfect Challenge home!  Storlie took the second position with Stelzer in third.

As the first lap of the pure stock feature came out, Anney Turzinski and Jason Lewandowski got together, bringing out the yellow.  At the restart, new racer John Matthews took the lead.  Veteran driver Marv Flick was directly behind him.  By lap five Flick was able to get around Matthews for the lead.  On the ninth lap Flick and Kevin Fisher tangled.  This gave the lead back to Matthews with Roland Kuhn in the second position. 

51699e.jpg (8755 bytes) 51699f.jpg (8124 bytes)
Wisconsin Fans for Auto Racing representatives were on hand to award trophies to the evenings feature winners, including Pure Stock winner John Matthews (left photo) and Super Stock feature winner Jason Szymkowiak (right photo)

Matthews being a new racer tried everything in his power to hold Kuhn back.  Flick who was sent to the back of the pack started making his way up.  With four laps to go and Flick in fifth position, the race was on.   Matthews was able to hold on and took the win, with Kuhn in second.  Flick and his great racing ability finished in the third position.

51699g.jpg (9116 bytes) Spectators again had a chance to test the third-mile high banked racetrack themselves in their street vehicles.  The big winner for this evening was Charlie Rossier (right), while Ron Witt (left) finished second and Mike Honjnacki (middle) claimed third.

Time event races made it to the power playground.   Spectators brought some of their new hot rods and some old hot rods, just to see who had the most power.  Charlie Rossier finished with first place, Ron Witt came in second, and Mike Hojnacki came in third.

Racing continues on Friday evenings at Central Wisconsin's Power Playground, Golden Sands Speedway. Our racetrack is a high-banked 1/3 mile asphalt oval featuring Super Late Models, CWSSA Super Stocks and Pure Stocks.

The track is located between Plover and Wisconsin Rapids, WI on Highway 54. 

Super Late Model Division
30 Lap Feature Event Time Trials
1. #85 Kirby Kurth

1. #71 Mark Eswein

11.872 Seconds
2. #13 Greg Weinfurter 2. #73 Kevin Peterson 19.943 Seconds
3. #41 Larry Lepak 3. #70 Neil Knoblock 11.946 Seconds
4. #32 Doug Drost 4. #52 Chris Wimmer 11.960 Seconds
5. #70 Neil Knoblock 5. #77 Todd Stapleman 11.969 Seconds
6. #73 Kevin Peterson
7. #71 Mark Eswein
8. #22 M.G. Gajewski
9. #107.5 Monte Gress
10. # 3 Scott Beyer

First Heat: 1.) Kurth; 2.) Jeremy Lepak; 3.) Larry Lepak
Second Heat: 1.) Jeff Weinfurter; 2.) Greg Weinfurter; 3.) Drost
Dash: 1.) Stapleman; 2.) Knoblock; 3.) Eswein

CWSSA Super Stock Division
Feature Event Time Trials
1. #17 Jason Szymkowiak 1. #17 Jason Szymkowiak 13.354 Seconds
2. #53 Randy Storlie 2. #99 Jason Kirlsing 13.618 Seconds
3. #40 Shawn Stelzer 3. #27 Judd Brandl 13.619 Seconds
4. #24 Merle Weinfurter 4. #40 Shawn Stelzer 13.633 Seconds
5. # 7 Jim Cormack 5. #52 Mike Doughty 13.688 Seconds
6. #17 Bernie Fritz Jr.
7. #80 Tim Plowman
8. #409 David Pagels
9. #24 Keith Bohmsach
10. # 8 Carl Saylor

Semi-Feature: 1.) Brian Stroik; 2.) Scott Hamel; 3.) James Wokcik; 4.) Derek Turzinski; 5.) Caryl Lyons; 6.) Wesley Krause
First Heat: 1.) Stroik; 2.) Matt Wisz; 3.) John Pluess
Second Heat: 1.) Cormack; 2) Hamel; 3.) Alan Sansky
Third Heat: 1.) Weinfurter; 2.) Brandl; 3.) Doughty
Dash: 1.) Doughty; 2.) Brandl; 3.) Szymkowiak

Pure Stock Division
Feature Event Time Trials
1. #98 John Matthews 1. # 9 Marv Flick 15.346 Seconds
2. #42 Roland Kuhn 2. #78 Bradley Scholze 15.424 Seconds
3. # 9 Marv Flick 3. #26 Jeffrey Gruber 15.648 Seconds
4. #22 Michael Brooks

4. #22 Michael Brooks

15.730 Seconds

5. #25 Scott Christensen 5. #98 John Matthews 15.803 Seconds
6. #47 Mark Flink
7. #15 Michel Somers
8. #69 Kevin Fisher

First Heat: 1.) Matthew Raykowski; 2.) Anney Turzinski; 3.) Matthew Ryburn
Second Heat: 1.) Kuhn; 2.) Flick; 3.) Matthews
Dash: 1.) Matthews; 2.) Brooks; 3.) Scholze