Visting driver Burton Brown tops Late Models at Sands!
By Amy Kolo

May 21, 1999; Plover, WI:  -  A full weekend of racing took place at the Power Playground this weekend.  Friday night held it’s regular event racing with a Monster Truck Show on Saturday and Sunday.  Kelsey Berg won the Wal-Mart bike, Congratulations. The Short Trax Jr. Fan of the Week was Gavin Glaman.  Congratulations to the Save-On Furniture Fans of the Week Dewey Holden and Deb Sadogierski. 

Fast timer for the evening was Greg Weinfurter, and of course he opted for the Hot n’ Now Ultimate Challenge which is now up to $1,000.00!  The Super Late Model feature started out with father and son, Larry and Jeremy Lepak, in the first and second positions.  Larry led the first five laps, then Jeremy took over.  Todd Stapleman found his way to the front positions until a caution came out on lap three, sending Stapleman back a few positions. 

52399c.jpg (14780 bytes) Burton Brown (#07) fund the fast way around!   Brown made his first appearance at Golden Sands Speedway a good one as he motored onto victory in the Super Late Model feature race. 

This gave Burton Brown the opportunity to join the leaders up front.  Larry Lepak started losing positions, as fast runner, Chris Wimmer made his way to the front.  Wimmer started working on Jeremy fighting for the lead.  Other fast runners, Kirby Kurth and Mark Eswein started moving up to join in the fight for the top position.  By lap 24, lapped traffic started coming into play.  By the 27th lap, the lead cars Jeremy and Wimmer spun, sending both drivers to the back of the pack.  This gave Brown the jump for the lead at the next restart.  Eswein started working on Brown for the win, but with only three short laps left, Brown held on for his first feature win at Golden Sands Speedway.  Eswein finished second with Kurth in third. 

Jason Szymkowiak ended up with fast time once again in the Super Stock division.  Szymkowiak won the Letter Perfect Challenge the week before and opted not to take the challenge for this week, since there was only $50.00 in the pot.  Letter Perfect then upped the ante and Szymkowiak agreed to take the challenge.  Cale Laessig took off like a jet at the first green flag of the super stock feature.  Jim Cormack went right behind Laessig and held on for the ride.   By the fourth lap of the race, fast runner Jason Kirsling started making his way up to the front of the pack. 

52399b.jpg (9690 bytes) Cale Laessig (#01) brought his car home in first place during the evening's CWSSA Super Stock feature race.  The win kept Laessig in the point lead by a mere three points over Jason Szymkowiak.

1997 Pure Stock Champion, Keith Bohmsach maneuvered his way around Kirsling and started working on the leaders.  Laessig, Cormack, Bohmsach and Kirsling all pulled ahead from the rest of the pack.  Szymkowiak was still stuck behind the slower cars in the back of the pack.  Finally about half way through the race Szymkowiak was able to get around the slower cars and move up to the front of the pack and start trying to get around the five faster cars in front.  But there just was not enough laps in the race left for Szymkowiak to take the Letter-Perfect Challenge home for two races in a row.  Laessig took the checkered with Cormack in second and Bohmsach in third.  Szymkowiak finished a great finish in fifth. 

52399a.jpg (14070 bytes) Roland Kuhn (#42) outlasted and out ran the competition in the Pure Stock division and the feature win landed him in victory lane as seen in the photo to the left.
The #42 car made yet another trip to the winners circle when Sandy Horn took the wheel and drove the car to a win in the Pure Stock power Puff race. 52399f.jpg (12646 bytes)

With so many new drivers entering the Pure Stock division, there was a ton of crashing and bashing.  Great entertainment for the fans!  Jason Lewandowski took the early lead with Matt Pyburn holding on to the second position.  By the fourth lap of the race, veteran driver Roland Kuhn made his way around the new drivers from the back of the pack and started moving in on the leaders.  Pyburn tried to hold on to his second position but ended up spinning out and becoming a lapped car. 

Quite a few cars did some 360’s but were able to come out of the spin and not bring out the caution flag.  By lap 12 of the 15-lap race, Kuhn got around Lewandowski for the lead.  Mike Brooks started moving between lapped cars to fight the leaders.  As the checkered fell Kuhn took the win with Lewandowski in second and Brooks in third. 

The Powder Puff racers showed some amazing talent.  Kim Wosick took the win in the super stock division, driving Tim Plowman’s car.  Kim drives better than a lot of Golden Sands regular drivers.   She should really start a racing career herself.  Rene Krause took second in the super stock division driving Keith Bohmsach’s car.  Rene is another great lady driver.  Bobbie Jo Duda took the third position in Jason Szymkowiak’s car. 

52399e.jpg (13967 bytes) Kim Wosick (#80) was too fast for her fellow competitors in the Super Stock Powder Puff event. The ladies adapted well to racing on the high-banked third mile oval.  Having this much fun may entice more of the women to race weekly.

The Pure Stock Powder Puff had Sandy Horn as the winner, driving Roland Kuhn’s car.  Maureen O’Keefe took the second position in Jason Lewandowski’s car, and Crystal Flick took third in Marv Flick’s racer.  Congratulations to all the women drivers who participated. 

The last event of the night was the ever-popular Two-man Cruiser races.  With an 18 car field the spinning, crashing, and banging was tremendous!  The crowd was on their feet cheering for their favorite drivers.  In the end Wedde and Cayer ended up in first with Coon and Yeske in second and Hansen and Goldan in third.

The 2-man Cruiser class returned to Golden Sands Speedway this evening much to the delight of the crowd.  When the dust settled the team of Wedde and Cayer (#69) were first acrossed the line. 52399d.jpg (11438 bytes)

Racing continues on Friday evenings at Central Wisconsin's Power Playground, Golden Sands Speedway. Our racetrack is a high-banked 1/3 mile asphalt oval featuring Super Late Models, CWSSA Super Stocks and Pure Stocks.

The track is located between Plover and Wisconsin Rapids, WI on Highway 54. 

Super Late Model Division
30 Lap Feature Event Time Trials
1. #07 Burton Brown

1. #13 Greg Weinfurter

12.004 Seconds
2. #71 Mark Eswein 2. #52 Chris Wimmer 12.010 Seconds
3. #85 Kirby Kurth 3. #40 Jeremy Lepak 12.012 Seconds
4. #22 M.G. Gajewski 4. #107.5 Monte Gress  12.070 Seconds
5. #41 Larry Lepak 5. #71 Mark Eswein 12.096 Seconds
6. #32 Doug Drost
7. #107.5 Monte Gress
8. #77 Todd Stapleman
9. #04 Steve Gress
10. #40 Jeremy Lepak

First Heat: 1.) Larry Lepak; 2.) Scott Beyer; 3.) Doug Drost
Second Heat: 1.) Stapleman; 2.) Jesse Haase; 3.) Gajewski
Dash: 1.) M. Gress; 2.) Eswein; 3.) J. Lepak

CWSSA Super Stock Division
Feature Event Time Trials
1. #01 Cale Laessig 1. #17 Jason Szymkowiak 13.501 Seconds
2. # 7 Jim Cormack 2. #52 Mike Doughty 13.549 Seconds
3. #24 Keith Bohmsach 3. #99 Jason Kirsling 13.558 Seconds
4. #99 Jason Kirlsing 4. #24 Keith Bohmsach 13.561 Seconds
5. #17 Jason Szymkowiak 5. #24 Merle Weinfurter 13.600 Seconds
6. #42 Mike Doughty
7. #40 Shawn Stelzer
8. #78 Scott Hamel
9. #53 Randy Storlie
10. #24 Merle Weinfurter

Semi-Feature: 1.) David Pagels; 2.) Derek Turzinski; 3.) James Wojcik; 4.) Brian Stroik; 5.) Wesley Krause; 6.) Cary Lyons
First Heat: 1.) Pagels; 2.) Carl Saylor; 3.) Turzinski
Second Heat: 1.) Wojcik; 2.) Laessig; 3.) Cormack
Third Heat: 1.) Storlie; 2.) Judd Brandl; 3.) Stelzer
Dash: 1.) Bohmsach; 2.) Kirsling; 3.) Szymkowiak

Pure Stock Division
Feature Event Time Trials
1. #42 Roladn Kuhn 1. #26 Jeffrey Gruber 15.324 Seconds
2. #11 Jason Lewandowski 2. #22 Michael Brooks 15.516 Seconds
3. #22 Michael Brooks 3. #42 Roland Kuhn 15.516 Seconds
4. #98 John Matthews

4. # 9 Marv Flick

15.626 Seconds

5. #43 Marlowe Greening 5. #78 Bradley Scholze 15.644 Seconds
6. #26 Jeffrey Gruber
7. #25 Scott Christensen
8. #47 Mark Flink

Semi-Feature: 1.)Matthews; 2.) Flink; 3.) Curtis Turner; 4.) Duane Robinson; 5.) Anney Turzinski
First Heat: 1.) Matthews; 2.) Flink; 3.) Turzinski
Second Heat: 1.) Turner; 2.) Michel Somers; 3.) Lewandowski
Third Heat: 1.) Scholze; 2.) Marv Flick; 3.) Kuhn
Dash: 1.) Flick; 2.) Scholze; 3.) Kuhn

2-Man Crusiers

Feature: 1.) Wedde and Cayer; 2.) Coon and Yeske; 3.) Hansen and Goldan

Powder Puff Races

Super Stocks: 1.) Kim Wosick; 2.) Rene Krause 3.) Bobbie Jo Duda
Pure Stocks: 1.) Sandy Horn; 2.)Maureen O’Keefe; 3.) Crystal Flick