Brown takes 4th of July win with spectacular finish!
By Amy Kolo

June 30, 2000; Plover, WI - Thousands of people joined in the Fourth of July celebration, for spectacular racing action and one of the best firework shows in the area. Congratulations to Zak Gerzmehle, the Short Trax Jr. Fan Member of the week. Congratulations to Sarah Harrington, the Wal-Mart Gift Certificate winner.

Mark Eswein proved to be fast once again, as he sped away with fast time once again. Eswein opted to take the Hot n’ Now Ultimate Challenge which was only up to $100.00. Eswein had won the challenge pot last week when it was up to $1300.00.

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Burton Brown (#07) came out on top of a thrilling Super Late Model feature contest.   Brown held off Kirby Kurth and Mark Eswein to win his second feature event of the 2000 racing season.

Burton Brown started on the pole and took the early lead in the 30-lap Super Late Model feature. Jeff Weinfurter was right behind Burton, trying to get around him. Fast runner Jason Weinkauf moved quickly up to Weinfurter, looking to pass both front-runners. Chris Wimmer and Jeremy Lepak quickly moved up the pack also. By lap 14 three drivers went into the pits. It was a race were everyone was loosing their sheet metal. Hoods, fenders, and side panels were being torn off the cars. Not even by accidents, just very close racing.

Weinfurter spun in lap fourteen as Wimmer and Lepak headed into the pits. Brown maintained his lead on the restart with Weinkauf looking to pass. By the 18th lap, Weinkauf lost it and moved six positions backwards, giving the second position around Kurth. Kurth kept his patience and looked at the possible ways of getting around Brown.

63000g.jpg (13563 bytes) Scatter the pack!!  Allen Check (car missing nose) spun during the Late Model semi-feature as cars take a variety of different paths to avoid contact.  Some were more successful than others!

With ten laps to go, Eswein made his way up to the fourth position. Eswein battled it out with Kurth for the second position, but Kurth held Eswein off. As the checkered flag fell Brown took his second career feature win at Golden Sands Speedway, with Kurth in second and Eswein in third.

Jason Kirsling proving his racing ability ran away with fast time. The ante went up in the Letter Perfect Challenge, making it a little more appealing. Keith Bohmsach had won it the week before and the pot was only up to $150.00. Kirsling decided to take the challenge, hoping to make his way as a Challenge winner.

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Cale Laessig (#01) turned in a great performance in his first appearance this season winning the Super Stock feature event.

Scott Hamel took the early lead, after wrecking his car a couple of weeks ago, but Cale Laessig quickly overtook Hamel for the lead. Gary Wosick and Jim Cormack were making their way up to the top. Kirsling got stuck in the back of the pack behind some of the slower cars.

Mike Doughty and fast runner Keith Bohmsach also started coming from the back of the pack. The race went from green to checkered with some awesome passing and great maneuvers. The Super Stocks put on a spectacular show. With just five laps to go not to many positions changed. Wosick and Bohmsach made their way around Hamel for top positions. Laessig took the win with Cormack in second and Wosick in third.

Bradly Scholze displayed some awesome power as he took fast time and opted to take the Carquest Challenge, which was up to $250.00.

Anywhere there is room to race the Pure Stock drivers will find it.  Here Dan Ernst (#50), Jeffrey Gosh (#18) and Curt Blenker (#7) run three wide on the high banked turns here at Golden Sands Speedway. 63000f.jpg (13702 bytes)

Dan Ernst took the early lead, with all the fast runners moving up from the back of the pack. Lapped traffic came into play by lap seven by some of the newer racers. Mike Somers took the lead by the ninth lap. Marv Flick dropped back to second with Neal Soyka in third. Fast timer, Brad Scholze was still stuck in the back behind some of the slower cars.

63000c.jpg (13095 bytes) Michael Somers (#15) got back on the winning track this week taking the Pure Stock feature race.  Somers was also the overall Mid-Season champion in the Pure Stock division last week as he collected the most point during that evenings race program.

On the white flag lap, Somers took the lead with Flick right behind him, but a spun occurred towards the back of the pack causing some major position changes. Somers took the win with Flick in second, and Duane Robinson in third.

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Mid-Season champions honored!  Before the evening's action got underway, the Mid-Season champions from last week received awards.  In the left photo, Mark Eswein (right) receives congratulations from Coop's Representative Darryl Scherwinski (center) and   Track Promoter Craig Basseuner.  In the right photo, Keith Bohmsach (center) gets his trophy from Scherwinski (left) and Basseuner (right)


Super Late Model Division
Feature: 1.) Burton Brown; 2.) Kirby Kurth; 3.) Mark Eswein; 4.) Leroy Pettis; 5.) Mike Budleski; 6.) Greg Weinfurter; 7.) M.G. Gajewski; 8.) Doug Drost; 9.) Jason Weinkauf; 10.) Jeff Weinfurter; 11.) Brian Back; 12.) Chris Wimmer
Semi-Feature: 1.) Doug Drost; 2.) M.G. Gajewski; 3.) Aaron Roehl; 4.) Todd Stapleman; 5.) Rene Scheinoha; 6.) Gary Back; 7.) Frank Nitzke; 8.) Scott Brandt
Consolation: 1.) Aaron Reohl; 2.) Steve Gress; 3.) Tim Jackson; 4.) Jeff Fritz
First Heat:
1.) Aaron Roehl; 2.) Tim Jackson; 3.) Eric Getzloff
Second Heat: 1.) M.G. Gajewski; 2.) Doug Drost; 3.) Todd Stapleman

Third Heat: 1.) Leroy Pettis; 2.) Kirby Kurth; 3.) Jeremy Lepak
Dash: 1.) Kirby Kurth; 2.) Jason Weinkauf; 3.) Jeremy Lepak

Time Trials: 1.) Mark Eswein, 11.908 Seconds; 2.) Mike Budleski, 12.075 Seconds; 3.) Jeremy Lepak, 12.082 Seconds; 4.) Jason Weinkauf, 12.088 Seconds; 5.) Kirby Kurth, 12.098 Seconds

CWSSA Super Stock Division
Feature: 1.) Cale Laessig; 2.) Jim Crmack; 3.) Gary Wosick; 4.) Keith Bohmsach; 5.) Scott Hamel; 6.) Mike Doughty; 7.) Randy Storlie; 8.) Jason Kirsling; 9.) Mike Brooks; 10.) Carl Saylor
Semi-Feature: 1.) Brian Stroik; 2.) Greg Hauser; 3.) David Pagels; 4.) Matt Raykowski
First Heat:
1.) David Pagels; 2.) Greg Hauser; 3.) Wes Coon
Second Heat: 1.) Brian Stroik; 2.) Scott Hamel; 3.) Cale Laessig

Third Heat: 1.) Keith Bohmsach; 2.) Alan Sankey; 3.) Randy Storlie
Dash: 1.) Shawn Stelzer; 2.) Gary Wosick; 3.) Jason Kirsling

Time Trials: 1.) Jason Mirsling, 13.291 Seconds; 2.) Mike Doughty, 13.329 Seconds; 3.) Gary Wosick, 13.335 Seconds

Pure Stocks Division
Feature: 1.) Michael Somers; 2.) Marv Flick; 3.) Duane Robinson; 4.) Chris Brooks; 5.) Jason Lewandowski; 6.) Neal Soyka; 7.) John Matthews; 8.) Bradley Scholze
First Heat:
1.) Neal Soyka; 2.) Dan Ernst; 3.) Chris Brooks
Second Heat: 1.) Duane Robinson; 2.) Marv Flick; 3.) Bradley Scholze
Dash: 1.) Jason Lewandowski; 2.) Bradley Scholze; 3.) Marv Flick

Time Trials: 1.) Bradley Scholze, 14.952 Seconds; 2.) Michael Somers, 15.309 Seconds; 3.) Marv Flick 15.331 Seconds