Eswein strikes again at Sands!
By Amy Kolo

July 21, 2000; Plover, WI -  Tons and tons, did I mention tons, of kids joined in the festivities at Golden Sands Speedway for the Hot n’ Now/Letter Perfect Kid’s Night 2000. Hot n’ Now, Letter Perfect, and the Navy gave a plethora of things away. Bikes, mini sports bottles, over 1000 basket balls, airplanes, key chains, and many, many more prizes. The drivers also gave kids stock car rides. Total excitement for any young race fan. The Schriner Clowns were on hand giving out stickers and balloons. Congratulations to the Short Trax Jr. Fan of the week, Jonny Van. Alan Andreasen from Hot n’ Now, Buck Westbrook from Letter Perfect, and Shawn McGregor from the Navy, all raced each other in the Short Trax gas powered go karts. Great job to Alan for fending off the rest of the party.

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Golden Sands Speedway
Kids Night at The Races!!!

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It was a great night to be a kid at Golden Sands Speedway.  Hundreds of prizes were given away including this huge tweety bird donated by Super Stock racer Mark Baldwin (left photo).  Kids also got ride in the stock cars and now doubt enjoyed the ride like youngsters in Jason Szymkowiak's Late Model (#17) late model (center photo).  Also held during the evening was the "coin drop" enjoyed bid kids of all ages (right photo)

Congratulations to Doug Drost for taking fast time in the Super Late Models. Doug spun a 11.885 second lap! Doug also opted to take the Hot n’ Now Ultimate Challenge which was up to $400.00

72100a.jpg (16053 bytes) Defending track champion Mark Eswein (#71) has proven to be the man to beat of late on the high-banked third mile paved oval.  Eswein has scored three feature wins in the past five events at Golden Sands and looks to be headed for his second consecutive track title.

Low 12’s and 11’s was what it was going to take to even make the feature. A few cars opted to take the back of the feature due to engine problems switching the lineups around. Leroy Pettis started on the pole and took the early jump, but Mark Eswein quickly pulled ahead of him. Kirby Kurth, who was right behind Pettis, wasn’t going to let Eswein get away the easily. Kurth started punching it down trying to get around Pettis, to try to knock Eswein out of the lead spot. Other fast runners, Mike Budleski, Chris Wimmer, Scott Beyer, and Todd Stapleman were all fighting for position in the middle of the pack.

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Mark Eswein (#71) powers past Jason Weinkauf (#75) on his way to a feature win.

As lap 13th took place, Kurth was able to get around Pettis for the second position. Kurth eyed up Eswein and started driving hard. By lap 20, Terry Schoppenhorst lost fluid onto the track and quickly pulled off, before the flagman could even pull out the yellow, MG Gajewski and Mike Budleski hit the liquid and skidded off into the barrels coming out of turn one. Both drivers were okay.

At the restart Eswein maintained his lead with Kurth still right behind him. Doug Drost made his way up to the third position. It was going to be tough for Drost to get around Kurth and Eswein, but the crowd was cheering for him. They wanted to see another Late Model driver take the challenge money home. All three drivers fought hard. Eswein pulled ahead by a few car lengths stabilizing his lead. Eswein took the checkered with Kurth in second and Drost finishing in third. An awesome move for Drost from starting at the back of the pack.

Randy Storlie zoomed away with fast time in the Super Stock division. He also opted to take the Letter Perfect Challenge, which was up to $300.00.

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The final leader! Keith Bohmsach (#24) avoided mechanical problems which stopped two previous leaders of the Super Stock feature in their tracks, and went on to victory.

Talk about action in the Super Stocks! Brian Stroik took the early lead with Jim Cormack right behind him. The drivers changed positions a couple of times, before Cormack was able to take the lead away from Stroik. As Cormack took the lead from Stroik, Gary Wosick moved up and around Stroik also. Jason Kirsling and Keith Bohmsach were moving up fast to work on the leaders. By lap 17, Cormack started smoking it looked like his engine was going to blow, the leader pulled off the racetrack into the pits. This gave the lead to Wosick with Stroik in second. By lap 19, lapped traffic started coming into play. Everyone held onto their positions.

By the 22nd lap and just four short lap from the checkered flag, Wosick started having engine problems and pulled it in. This was the second leader to fall out of this race! Bohmsach moved up into the top position holding off Stroik and Kirsling. Kirsling was able to move around Stroik for the second position. Storlie was making his way to the front of the pack looking to win the Challenge money once again. As the checkered flag fell Bohmsach took the win with Kirsling in second and Stroik in third. Storlie made it up to the fifth position. Great job!

72100f.jpg (12802 bytes) Super Stock racing is all about intense action.  Here Gary Wosick (#61), Carl Saylor (#8) and current point leader Jason Kirsling (#99) do battle.

Brad Scholze took fast time again in his very fast Mopar. Scholze also opted to take the CarQuest Challenge, which was up to $350.00.

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Michael Somers (#15) earned another feature victory in Pure Stock feature action and celebrates in the left photo, in the right photo the top two point leaders Bradley Scholze (#78) and Marv Flick (#9) look for a way past Marlowe Greening (#43)

Matt Osowski took the lead right away in the Pure Stock feature. By lap 6, lapped traffic came into play, as the new drivers were getting the hang of the raceway. A spin occurred on lap 8, between Marv Flick, Neal Soyka, and Marlowe Greening, bringing out a caution. Osowski held onto his lead at the restart, but a very fast Mike Somers had maneuvered his way up to the second position. Duane Robinson and Brad Scholze also had moved up into the top positions. With just four laps to go, Somers made his way around Osowski for the top position. Robinson made his way around Osowski on the white flag lap. Somers took the checkered with Robinson in second and Osowski in third.


Super Late Model Division
Feature: 1.) Mark Eswein; 2.) Kirby Kurth; 3.) Doug Drost; 4.) Jason Weinkauf; 5.) Scott Beyer; 6.) Greg Weinfurter; 7.) Todd Stapleman; 8.) Leroy Pettis; 9.) Chris Wimmer; 10.) Joe Krzykowski; 11.) Rene Scheinoha; 12.) Frank Nitzke
Semi-Feature: 1.) M.G. Gajewski; 2.) Terry Schoppenhorst; 3.) Buurton Brown; 4.) Jeremy Lepak; 5.) Bruce Honkala; 6.) Mark Van; 7.) Scott Patrick; 8.) Aaron Roehl
First Heat:
1.) Mark Van; 2.) Bruce Honkala; 3.) Charlie Schwock
Second Heat: 1.) M.G. Gajewski; 2.) Burton Brown; 3.) Terry Schoppenhorst

Third Heat: 1.) Chris Wimmer; 2.) Mark Eswein; 3.) LeRoy Pettis
Dash: 1.) Mark Eswein; 2.) Jason Weinkauf; 3.) Todd Stapleman

Time Trials: 1.) Doug Drost, 11.885 Seconds; 2.) Kirby Kurth, 11.941 Seconds; 3.) Todd Stapleman, 11.945 Seconds; 4.) Mark Eswein, 11.954 Seconds; 5.) Jason Weinkauf, 11.976 Seconds

CWSSA Super Stock Division
Feature: 1.) Keith Bohmsach; 2.) Jason Kirsling; 3.) Brian Stroik; 4.) Carl Saylor; 5.) Randy Storlie; 6.) Shawn Stelzer; 7.) Merle Weinfurter; 8.) Mike Doughty; 9.) Mike Brooks; 10.) Michael Duda
Semi-Feature: 1.) Don Cline; 2.) Mike Duda; 3.) Dean Brillowski; 4.) Bernie Fritz Sr.
First Heat:
1.) Dean Brillowski; 2.) Don Cline; 3.) Mark Baldwin
Second Heat: 1.) Larry Schultz; 2.) Alan Sankey; 3.) Brian Stroik

Third Heat: 1.) Keith Bohmsach; 2.) Gary Wosick; 3.) Randy Storlie
Dash: 1.) Gary Wosick; 2.) Randy Storlie; 3.) Jason Kirsling

Time Trials: 1.) Randy Storlie, 13.247 Seconds; 2.) Mike Doughty, 13.263 Seconds; 3.) Jason Kirsling, 13.303 Seconds

Pure Stocks Division
Feature: 1.) Michael Somers; 2.) Duane Robinson; 3.) Matt Osowski; 4.) Bradley Schilze; 5.) Curt Blenker; 6.) Cal Greening; 7.) Marv Flick; 8.) Marlowe Greening
First Heat:
1.) Chris Brooks; 2.) John Matthews; 3.) Kevin Fisher
Second Heat: 1.) Matthew Pyburn; 2.) Roland Kuhn; 3.) Curt Blenker
Dash: 1.) Matthew Pyburn; 2.) Curt Blenker; 3.) Michael Somers

Time Trials: 1.) Bradley Scholze, 14.937 Seconds; 2.) Michael Somers, 15.033 Seconds; 3.) Curt Blenker, 15.082 Seconds