Stapleman puts new car in victory lane!
By Amy Kolo

July 28, 2000; Plover, WI -  Brief bursts of rain, cancelled time trials for the Late Models and Super Stocks. The Pure Stocks were able to time in. The Late Models and Super Stocks proceeded to be lined up by time for their perspective events.

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Todd Stapleman (#77) put his new car on the track for the first time last week with good results. This week he performed even better taking the Super Late Model feature victory.

The rain showers did not delay the Team Schierl Companies Employee Party at all. Team Schierl’s party was in full swing by the beginning of time trials. Team Schierl invited over 300 employees and their families for the festivities at Golden Sands Speedway. The ultimate place to hold all of your parties. Where else can you throw a great party with the best facilities in Wisconsin, with such great entertainment!

The buses were here for the show also. None tipped over this time, but it looked like a few were going to! Never knew that a full size school bus could turn a 360! Lot of bumping and rubbing. Looked like some intentional bumping going on between some of the track workers. Congratulations to Glen Siedel the winner of the bus races. Golden Sands tech officials, Snoozer and Terry Marzofka took second and third respectively.

The Late Models went from green to checkered for their entire feature. And what an exciting feature it was! Scott Beyer took the early led with Todd Stapleman, and Doug Drost right behind him. Beyer wanted the feature win; Drost was looking at taking his second for the year. By the ninth lap Stapleman took the lead from Beyer.

Stylin'!  Two of the sharpest looking Super Late Models ran wheel to wheel in the Semi-Feature.  Here Rene Scheinoha (#8) and Aaron Roehl (#8) race in close quarters. 72800d.jpg (13061 bytes)

Most of the fast runners were stuck in the back of the pack vying for positions. Drost made his way around Beyer for the second position by the eleventh lap. Chris Wimmer was making a fast dash to the front taking the outside groove to advance. By lap 20, Wimmer made his way up to the fourth position, stealing it away from Mike Budleski. Kirby Kurth and Mark Eswein also started making their way up to the top. With six laps to go, Wimmer made his way around Beyer for the third position, and started eyeing up Drost and Stapleman. Both drivers maintained their positions fending off Wimmer. Stapleman took the checkered with Drost in second and Wimmer in third.

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Gary Wosick (#61) was leading the Super Stock feature last week when his car failed, this week everything went well and he scored his first feature victory of the season.

The Super Stock feature had a few caution flags, but still was a great race. Jim Cormack tried to make the feature by borrowing a car, since his broke last Friday, but had some engine problems with the borrowed car. Gary Wosick took the lead at the start of the feature with Mike Brooks and Shawn Stelzer right behind him. By the fourth lap of the race, Jason Kirsling was up to the third position like a streak of lightning. Shawn Stelzer had a mirror full of Kirsling.

By the eighth lap another fast runner; Keith Bohmsach maneuvered his way around Kirsling stealing the position away. Mike Doughty and Brian Stroik moved up along with Bohmsach. Wosick pulled ahead. Stelzer followed in hot pursuit. By the fifteenth lap, lapped traffic came into play and the top positions. Alan Sankey took advantage of the lapped traffic, moving him up four positions into the third spot. Bohmsach moved up, sending Stelzer, and Kirsling back. Storlie also moved up positions. With only five short laps to go, the leaders maintained their positions. Storlie moved up a position stealing it away from Stelzer. Wosick took the checkered with Bohmsach in second and Sankey in third.

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Pure action!  In the left photo, Michael Somers (#15) had found the rhythm he had early in the season and picked off another feature event and used the opportunity to showcase a new sponsor.

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In the right photo, Bradley Scholze (#78) has used smooth moves and fast time efforts to lead the standings.  He is shown passing Neal Soyka (#21) during the feature event.

The Pure Stocks had quite a few cautions right off the bat on the first two laps. Jeff Gosh spun coming out of the turn, Duane Robinson headed into the pits along with Neal Soyka. Curt Blenker took the lead with Matt Osowski and Mike Somers right behind. With four laps to go another yellow came out sending John Matthews into the pits. Blenker held off Somers up until the checkered flag. Somers was able to get around Blenker for the win. Blenker then finished second with Osowski in third.

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Heavy metal!   In the left photo, a pair of busses go wheel to wheel during racing action on the high banked third mile paved oval.  The #007 bus is driven by current Super Late Model point leader Mark Eswein.  In the right photo the top three finishers stand in victory lane, from the left at Terry Marzofka, third place; Snoozer, second place and the winner of the event Glen Siedel


Super Late Model Division
Feature: 1.) Todd Stapleman; 2.) Doug Drost; 3.) Chris Wimmer; 4.) Scott Beyer; 5.) Mike Budleski; 6.) Frank Nitzke; 7.) Kirby Kurth; 8.) Greg Weinfurter; 9.) Mark Eswein; 10.) M.G. Gajewski; 11.) Jeff Weinfurter; 12.) Jason Weinkauf
Semi-Feature: 1.) Allen Check; 2.) Judd Brandl; 3.) Chad Devine; 4.) Aaron Roehl; 5.) Brandon Selle; 6.) Steve Gress; 7.) Dwayne Vetrone; 8.) Charlie Schwock
First Heat:
1.) Allen Check; 2.) Dwayne Vetrone; 3.) Terry Schoppenhorst
Second Heat: 1.) Judd Brandl; 2.) Mike Budleski; 3.) Greg Weinfurter

Third Heat: 1.) Doug Drost; 2.) Chris Wimmer; 3.) Leroy Pettis
Time Trials: Rained out -- lined up by total points

CWSSA Super Stock Division
Feature: 1.) Gary Worick; 2.) Keith Bohmsach; 3.) Alan Sankey; 4.) Randy Storlie; 5.) Shawn Stelzer; 6.) Jason Kirsling; 7.) Brian Stroik; 8.) Mike Doughty; 9.) Mike Brooks; 10.) Larry Schultz
Semi-Feature: 1.) Larry Schultz; 2.) Don Cline; 3.) David Neitzke; 4.) Terry Schoppenhorst
First Heat:
1.) Michael Duda; 2.) Gary Wosick; 3.) Dean Brillowski
Second Heat: 1.) Shawn Stelzer; 2.) Carl Saylor; 3.) Alan Sankey

Time Trials:
Rained out -- lined up by total points

Pure Stocks Division
Feature: 1.) Michael Somers; 2.) Curt Blenker; 3.) Matt Osowski; 4.) Marv Flick; 5.) Bradley Scholze; 6.) Matthew Pyburn; 7.) Jared Back; 8.) Chris Brooks
First Heat:
1.) Matt Osowski; 2.) Dan Ernst; 3.) Chris Brooks
Second Heat: 1.) Duane Robinson; 2.) Neal Soyka; 3.) Michael Somers

Time Trials: 1.) Bradley Scholze, 14.925 Seconds; 2.) Michael Somers, 15.081 Seconds; 3.) Marv Flick, 15.139 Seconds