Lepak fends off rivals for first SLM victory of season at Sands!
By Amy Kolo

August 4, 2000; Plover, WI -  The 2nd Annual Kwik Trip/Tobacco Outlet night at the races brought some added activities. The Nature’s Touch Milk Mobile was here handing out samples of milk in Got Milk? Collector glasses. Fans could also have their pictures taken with their best milk mustache. All entries then went into a national contest for the next Got Milk? ad.

8400a.jpg (17224 bytes) Got checkered? Jeremy Lepak (#40) does!  Lepak became the ninth different winner of the season in Super Late Model feature action.  Lepak won out a late race battle between himself Chris Wimmer and Jason Weinkauf to score the win, which was his first of the season.

Congratulations to Justin Monk the Short Trax Jr. Fan Member of the week and to Jennifer Krokowski the winner of the Wal-Mart gift certificate.

Fast qualifier Doug Drost (#32) had his evening go sour after and incident in the heat race which damaged his car.   Drost was able to return and run a few laps in the feature event before retiring for the evening. 8400d.jpg (12552 bytes)

The Super Late Models roared out the low times tonight. It took a very low twelve to even make the feature. Doug Drost was the only car to time in the elevens and ended up with fast time. Doug opted to take the Hot n’ Now Ultimate Challenge which was up to $600.00.

Jeremy Lepak took the early lead in the feature with Burton Brown and Jason Weinkauf right on his heels. The first caution came out on lap four, with a spin between MG Gajewski and Kirby Kurth. Doug Drost headed into the pits with car troubles for a previous heat race incident. At the restart Lepak took the lead again. Brown fell back a few positions giving way to Chris Wimmer and Allen Check.

8400h.jpg (9533 bytes) He held on!  Frank Nitzke (#18) gathered up his errant mount and was able to continue without spinning.   He eventually finished ninth in the Super Late Model feature.  Jeff Weinfurter (#3) makes it safely past on the outside.

The top positions stayed, while faster cars towards the rear of the feature started advancing in positions. Mark Eswein, Scott Beyer, and Jeff Weinfurter started to move up to race with the leaders. Wimmer was able to get around Weinkauf for the second position. Wimmer had a hard time trying to get around Lepak and decided to take the outside groove. Eswein saw opportunity in this and maneuvered around Check. All five of the top drivers were side by side, sometimes three wide! With Wimmer racing hard on the white flag lap trying to get around Lepak on the outside, he got loose coming out of the turn and lost a few positions, giving Weinkauf the position. Lepak took the win with Weinkauf in second and Eswein in third.

8400b.jpg (15647 bytes) Keith Bohmsach (#24) has made a habit of finding victory lane of late.  This evening he held off Jason Kirsling to win the feature event.  Kirlsing and Bohmsach are very close atop the point standings with Kirsling ahead by a mere two points.

A whole crew of new faces made the dash event in the Super Stock division. Carl Saylor ended up with fast time and opted to take the Letter Perfect Challenge, which was up to $400.00.

Keith Bohmsach jumped ahead of Brian Stroik right away at the start of the feature. Rookie driver Mike Brooks moved up right away also. Brooks has improved tremendously this season. Fast runner, Jason Kirsling got around Brooks and started working on Bohmsach. Fast runner, Jim Cormack pulled out right away with car problems that started earlier in the night. Alan Sankey, who has also been very fast lately showed his presence in the top positions. Sankey worked his way around Brooks and was on the back bumper of Kirsling.

The Super Stock dash flies by a packed house.  Here Alan Sankey (#3) and Jim Cormack run wheel to wheel for the lead. Cary Lyons (#82) would pass both for his first career dash victory this evening. 8400e.jpg (15374 bytes)

Randy Storlie, who missed time trials due to car problems, had to start at the back of the semi feature, won that, and advanced to the feature. Storlie was now in the fifth position of the feature. Storlie has been a tremendous force in the Super Stocks this season. Lapped traffic started coming into motion the last few laps of the race. At times lapped traffic has made some major position changes, but all drivers held tight to their respective positions. Bohmsach took the win with Kirsling in second and Sankey in third.

Must be the night for new drivers in the fast times. The Pure Stock division also showed some new faces in the fast spots. Curt Blenker took fast time and opted to take the CarQuest Challenge, which was up to $450.00.

8400c.jpg (13805 bytes) Matthew Pyburn (#71) motored out front of the Pure Stock main event this evening and held off his rivals for the victory.

Chris Brooks and Neal Soyka dominated the top positions for a while until Matt Pyburn, finding some power moved up and stole the top position away. A caution came out for Marv Flick as he spun in turn four. This allowed Brad Scholze and Matt Osowski to move up. Mike Somers also was making his way up to the top. Somers made his way around Osowski with two laps to go. Scholze tried hard to knock Pyburn out of the top spot, but Pyburn held on and took the win. Scholze finished second with Somers in third.

8400f.jpg (12226 bytes) 8400g.jpg (11528 bytes)
Crusin' for action!  John Williams and Jason Pingel (#7) earned their first career 2-man Cruiser victory and celebrated their victory in the left photo, while Dave and Dan Glodowski (#00) have proven to be front runners and score a win this evening in their feature contest on the high-banked third mile oval.

Twenty-three cruisers showed for two crash and bang races. The first race had John Willimas and Jason Pingel in first, Brandon Feit and Mike Oehmichen in second and Josh Kampert and Kristifer Blenker in third. The second race had Dave and Dan Glodowski in first, Jerome Wojcik and Kyran Knudtson in second, and Eugene and Dean Kramer in third.


Super Late Model Division
Feature: 1.) Jeremy Lepak; 2.) Jason Weinkauf; 3.) Mark Eswein; 4.) Allen Check; 5.) Burton Brown; 6.) Chris Wimmer; 7.) Jeff Weinfurter; 8.) Scott Beyer; 9.) Frank Nitzke; 10.) Leroy Pettis; 11.) Judd Brandl; 12.) Joe Krzykowski
Semi-Feature: 1.) Todd Stapleman; 2.) Leroy Pettis; 3.) Terry Korth; 4.) Mike Budleski; 5.) Greg Weinfurter; 6.) M.G. Gajewski; 7.) Aaron Roehl; 8.) Jason Szymkowiak
Consolation: 1.) Brandon Selle; 2.) Charlie Schwock; 3.) Eric Getzloff; 4.) Tim Jackson;
First Heat:
1.) Mike Budleski; 2.) Eric Getzloff; 3.) Charlie Schwock
Second Heat: 1.) M.G. Gajewski; 2.) Steve Gress; 3.) Terry Korth

Third Heat: 1.) Jason Szymkowiak; 2.) Aaron Roehl; 3.) Greg Weinfurter
Fourth Heat: 1.) Jason Weinkauf; 2.) Kirby Kurth; 3.) Allen Check
Dash: 1.) Mark Eswein; 2.) Chris Wimmer; 3.) Greg Weinfurter
Time Trials: 1.) Doug Drost, 11.984 Seconds; 2.) Scott Beyer, 12.002 Seconds; 3.) Chris Wimmer, 12.006 Seconds; 4.) Jeff Weinfurter, 12.061 Seconds; 5.) Mark Eswein, 12.063 Seconds

CWSSA Super Stock Division
Feature: 1.) Keith Bohmsach; 2.) Jason Kirsling; 3.) Alan Sankey; 4.) Mike Brooks; 5.) Randy Storlie; 6.) Kevin Peterson; 7.) Mike Doughty; 8.) Merle Weinfurter; 9.) Cary Lyons; 10.) Carl Saylor
Semi-Feature: 1.) Randy Storlie; 2.) Larry Schultz; 3.) David Pagels; 4.) Justin Woller
First Heat:
1.) David Pagels; 2.) Larry Schultz; 3.) Justin Woller
Second Heat: 1.) Kevin Peterson; 2.) Keith Bohmsach; 3.) Brian Stroik

Third Heat: 1.) Jason Kirsling; 2.) Reed Rossier; 3.) Merle Weinfurter
Dash: 1.) Cary Lyons; 2.) Jim Cormack; 3.) Alan Sankey
Time Trials:
1.) Carl Saylor, 13.384 Seconds; 2.) Shawn Stelzer, 13.385 Seconds; 3.) Cary Lyons, 13.412 Seconds; 4.) Jim Cormack, 13.482 Seconds; 5.) Mike Doughty, 13.507 Seconds

Pure Stocks Division
Feature: 1.) Matthew Pyburn; 2.) Bradley Scholze; 3.) Michael Somers; 4.) Matt Osowski; 5.) Duane Robinson; 6..) Neal Soyka; 7.) Jason Lewandowski; 8.) John Matthews
First Heat:
1.) John Matthews; 2.) Neal Soyka; 3.) Kevin Fisher
Second Heat: 1.) Bradley Scholze; 2.) Jason Lewandowski; 3.) Matt Osowski

Time Trials: 1.) Curt Blenker, 15.112 Seconds; 2.) Matthew Pyburn, 15.117 Seconds; 3.) Marv Flick, 15.152 Seconds

2-Man Crusiers Division
First Feature: 1.) Pingel & Williams; 2.) Feit & Oemichen; 3.) Blenker & Kampert;
Second Feature:
1.) Glodowski & Glodowski; 2.) Knudtson & Wojcik; 3.) Kramer & Kramero