Rookie Szymkowiak scores first career Super Late triumph at Sands!
By Amy Kolo

August 11, 2000; Plover, WI -  A huge crowd showed for the CarQuest week of racing. Everyone at Golden Sands Speedway and all the drivers would like to thank CarQuest for being a major point fund, and nightly sponsor. CarQuest helps keep the sport of racing alive.

81100a.jpg (17333 bytes) Racin' Jason Szymkowiak (#17) scored his first career Super Late Model feature win.  The 1999 Super Stock champion jumped into the Super Late Model division this season and seems to have adapted well to the new challenge.

Congratulations to Lucas Kruske the Short Trax Jr. Fan Club Member of the week and to Tim Doherty the Wal-Mart Gift Certificate winner.

Mark Eswein one of the fastest Late Model drivers for the 2000 season, pulled fast time once again with at 11.928! Eswein also opted to take the Hot n’ Now Ultimate Challenge which was up to $700.00.

Another rookie doing well this season is Judd Brandl (#27) who is shown here fending off the challenges of Chris Wimmer.   Though he ran strong mechanical problems dropped Brandl from competition this evening in the feature race. 81100h.jpg (10688 bytes)

Rookie driver Jason Szymkowiak took the early lead with Scott Beyers and Leroy Pettis directly behind him. Beyer lost the second position to Pettis, while rookie driver Judd Brandl started to sneak up into the top positions. The fast runners were still stuck in the middle and back of the field trying to maneuver their way around some of the slower cars. It was a tight race from second on back.

This gave Szymkowiak the opportunity to gain some car lengths on the rest of the pack. Brandl experienced some car problems and dropped out of the race on the eighteenth lap. This gave Pettis his second position back with Mike Budleski and Doug Drost closing in. Eswein started advancing positions looking for the win and to take the challenge pot home. Budleski got around Pettis for the second position, as Pettis dropped back. Wimmer then moved into the third position. As Wimmer started to work on Budleski for the second spot, Eswein quickly got around Wimmer and stole his spot.

Szymkowiak had a pretty good lead, which in the end would benefit him. Budleski, Eswein and Wimmer started closing in. With a few short laps to go, Jason Weinkauf started making his way up to the front. The crowd was cheering for the rookie to take the win. It looked a little hairy with all the fast runners on his tail, but Szymkowiak held on tight and took the win. Budleski finished second with Ewe win in third.

81100b.jpg (19424 bytes)
Keith Bohmsach (#24) earned his second straight feature win in the Super Stock division and took over the point lead.

Cary Lyons, who just finished his car and came out for the 2000 season a tad late, spun fast time in the Super Stock division. Lyons opted to take the Letter Perfect Challenge, which was up to $450.00.

The Super Stock feature had a lot of crashing action. Randy Storlie, who has had some engine problems lately, took the early lead with fast runner Gary Wosick right behind him. Alan Sankey has greatly improved and found some immense power as he moved up and around Wosick for the second position.

The first caution came out with Jim Cormack spinning in the turn. At the restart of the next lap, the caution flag flew again, as Mike Doughty and Jason Kirsling hooked together and went over the berm on the backstretch. At the restart, Storlie held on to the top position, but Keith Bohmsach had taken the second spot away from Sankey. With just two short laps in another yellow came out sending Sankey, Shawn Stelzer and Carl Saylor into the pits with wrecked racers. Storlie withheld his lead with Bohmsach in second. Lyons got a huge break at the restart and fell into the third position, but was out of the race on the next lap with car problems.

81100e.jpg (8909 bytes) 81100d.jpg (8828 bytes) 81100f.jpg (9637 bytes)
What a night!  Many of the front running Super Stock drivers had unfortunate incidents sidetrack their efforts.  In the left photo, Jason Kirsling (#99) who had led the standings into the night got in a tangle with Mike Doughty (#52 - center photo ) whose car wound up out of the raceway on the backstretch.  In the right photo Alan Sankey (#3) broke an axle in a separate accident ending his evening.

Lapped traffic came into play as Bohmsach maneuvered his way around Storlie for the lead. With three laps to go Storlie tried to get his spot back from Bohmsach, but Bohmsach was just to fast. Bohmsach took the win with Storlie in second. Rookie racer Mike Brooks who has also greatly improved over the season finished in third.

81100g.jpg (11628 bytes) New faces run up front!  Over the past couple weeks many new drivers have made the dash.  Here Carl Saylor (#8), Mike Brooks (#22) and Cary Lyons (#82) do battle .  Lyons scored his first career fast qualifying effort this evening.

The Pure Stock had a lot of slicing and dicing once again. Jared Back took the lead and was hoping to hang on to it, until he and Neal Soyka tangled in lap six. This gave way to Chris Brooks taking the lead with Duane Robinson right behind him. Robinson took the lead away from Brooks in just two short laps. Robinson maintained his lead and took the checkered. Brooks finished third.

The survivor!  Duane Robinson (#2) took the lead in a wild, action packed Pure Stock main event, with just two laps left and held on to score the victory. 81100c.jpg (12120 bytes)

And finally, everyone’s favorite the Cruisers! A field of thirty-two cruisers joined the festivities for two races with sixteen cars in each! The first race had Jason Blenker and John Kampert Jr. in first place. Dean and Eugene Kramer in second. Greg Klug and Brian Cory in third. The second race showed Jack Szymkowiak and Rick Cisewski in first. Dave Haney and Joe Greening in second. John Van and Barry Drews in third.

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