Wimmer runs away with Late Model main,
Bohmsach streak at three in Super Stocks!
By Amy Kolo

August 18, 2000; Plover, WI -  Another large crowd joined the festivities at Central Wisconsin’s Power Playground for the Fabco Equipment Customer VIP Party.

81800a.jpg (17388 bytes) Chris Wimmer (#52) proved too tough for the competition this week as he sailed to a comfortable win in Super Late Model feature action.  The win was his third of the season on the high-banked third mile asphalt oval.

Rookie Super Late Model driver Judd Brandl took fast time and opted to take the Hot n’ Now Ultimate Challenge which was up to $800.00.

Scott Beyer took the early lead right away in the late model feature. A caution came out on lap three with Todd Stapleman spinning in the turn. At the restart, the first four cars took the green, then a huge crashed ensued. Doug Drost spun, with Scott Brandt and MG Gajeweski hitting the wall in the front straight. Both drivers were thankfully all right. Brandt’s and Gajewski’s cars had some extensive damage. At the restart Beyer resumed the lead with Chris Wimmer right behind him.

81800d.jpg (11927 bytes) 81800e.jpg (10833 bytes)
It was a hard hit! Scott Brandt (#7-left photo) and M.G. Gajewski (#22) were involved in a serious incident during the Super Late Model feature.  Both cars impacted the wall on the frontstretch after making contact with each other.  While Brandt was unhurt, Gajewski was transported to a local hospital of observation and later released.

Another fast runner, Mike Budleski was right behind Wimmer looking at stealing the position away. Beyer held on as long as he could, but Wimmer overtook the lead by the tenth lap. Wimmer started pulling ahead way away from the pack.

Beyer, Budleski, and Jeremy Lepak fought to get around one another. Allen Check started moving up to join the lead positions. Wimmer started to lap slower cars, as he motored ahead. Wimmer held on to his tremendous lead and took the checkered with Beyer in second and Budleski in third.

81800b.jpg (14870 bytes)

The streak continues! Keith Bohmsach (#24) scored his third straight Super Stock victory in a row and took over the point lead.

Super Stock driver, Carl Saylor has definitely found some speed. He took fast time for the second time this season. Saylor also opted to take the Letter Perfect Challenge, which was up to $500.00.

Rookie driver Reed Rossier took the early lead in the Super Stock feature, with fast runner Gary Wosick right behind him. Wosick tried to get around Rossier, but Rossier was not going to give up without a fight. The two got tangled together on lap eight causing everyone behind to break check. Some wrecked racer went into the pits. Jason Kirsling, Reed Rossier, and Shawn Stelzer being some of the wrecked racers.

At the restart Alan Sankey took the lead with Merle Weinfurter in the second position. Cary Lyons held on to the third position. By the thirteenth lap, another caution came out sending Alan Sankey, and Randy Storlie into the pits.

81800i.jpg (10376 bytes) It was a great battle between Alan Sankey (#3), Shawn Stelzer and Cary Lyons (#82) during the Super Stock feature. Saylor had the best run of the group finishing third after an incident eliminated Sankey and Stelzer.

This time Weinfurter took the lead at the restart with Cary Lyons in second. Fast runner, Keith Bohmsach made his way from the back of the pack and joined the leaders. Bohmsach has finished in the top five all season long, and intended on keeping it that way. Lapped traffic came into play allowing Bohmsach made his way around Lyons, and then Weinfurter on the very next lap. With just five short laps to go Bohmsach took the win, with Weinfurter in second and Lyons in third.

The first time is the best!  Neal Soyka (#21) scored his first career Pure Stock feature victory holding off a late race charge by Jason Lewandowsi. 81800c.jpg (12490 bytes)

Pure stock driver, Mike Somers zoomed away with fast time, and opted to take the Carquest Challenge, which was up to $550.00

Kevin Fisher took the lead in the pure stock feature, but spun with Chris Brooks, by the sixth lap. Both drivers made it around and the race stayed green. While the front-runners were spinning out, Neal Soyka maneuvered his way around everyone and took the lead. Jason Lewandowski followed suit and got behind Soyka.

A ton of lapped traffic cars started coming into play. Soyka and Lewandowski held their positions. Marv Flick advanced into the third position. All three drivers held on to their positions, even with all the lapped traffic. Soyka took the win with Lewandowski in second Flick in third.

81800f.jpg (11036 bytes) 81800g.jpg (12043 bytes)
Girls just wanna have fun! The power puff races this evening provided it's share of entertainment.  Winning events were Kim Elgersma in the left photo, while the right photo went to a mystery driver of the Neal Soyka machine..wife, girlfriend, sister or ????

A lot of ladies came out to join in the Powder Puff Races. Kim Elgersma took first in the first heat with Rene Marzofka in second and Kathy Raykowski in third. The second heat had Neal Soyka’s car in first (sorry did not get driver’s name). Sandy Horn took second, and Jody Matthews third.

81800h.jpg (12376 bytes) Coming through!  Chris Wimmer (#52) runs the bottom of the high banked turns to gain a position on Allen Check (#20) during feature race action.  Wimmer went on to win the event, with Check posting a very solid fourth place finish.

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