Point Leaders pace program at Golden Sands!
By Amy Kolo

August 25, 2000; Plover, WI -  The threat of rain deterred some of Golden Sands Speedway’s crowd, but the whole show was able to be completed. Golden Sands would like to thank Charlie Schwoch for donating the color TV for Channel 9’s Fan Appreciation night. Golden Sands also donated five portable grills, a CD boom box and a Cordless phone to giveaway to lucky race fans.

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The fans were the big winners this evening on Fan Appreciation night.  On lucky fan shown at the left with track owner Darrel Basseuner (right) even won a color TV donated by Super Late Model driver Charlie Schwock.  In the right photo it was Mark Eswein (#71) who appreciated the evening itself, as he went on to record another Super Late Model feature victory and lock up the 2000 Super Late Model title at Golden Sands Speedway. Eswein becomes the first two time Super Late Model champion since the reopening of the racetrack in 1995. 

Doug Drost screamed out fast time once again in the Super Late Model division. He topped the ranks with a 11.980! It took a low twelve to even get into the feature! Of course, Drost opted to take the Hot n’ Now Ultimate Challenge which was up to $900.00!

The Late Model feature started out with Jason Weinkauf taking the lead with Mike Budleski and Jeremy Lepak right behind him. Mark Eswein started moving up stealing positions, as Budleski dropped back. Kirby Kurth started moving in on the drivers as he maneuvered his way around Budleski. Eswein passed Lepak with Kurth on his tail.

82500h.jpg (10291 bytes) Tight racing!  Monte Gress (#107.5) and Mike Budleski (#11), race side by side for position ahead of Jeremy Lepak (#40) and eventual winner Mark Eswein (#71) during the Super Late Model feature.

Only Weinkauf was in Eswein’s way now. It didn’t take long for Eswein and Kurth to pass Weinkauf either. Kurth started having car troubles. His car just wouldn’t turn in the corners, costing him valuable positions. This allowed Weinkauf and Lepak to regain their positions. With a yellow coming out on lap eighteen. Kurth took the second position once again on the restart. Drost was slowly making his way up from the back of the pack.

Another caution came out on lap 21, with cars mid-pack tangling. Eswein regained the lead, with Kurth in the second position. Kurth just couldn’t hang on to it and fell back once again. Weinkauf and Lepak moved up. Drost took the fourth position at the restart and looked on trying to move up to take the challenge pot home, but there were just not enough laps to do it. Eswein took the win with Weinkauf in second and Lepak in third. Drost finished in fifth.

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Keith Bohmsach took home an extra $550 by winning the Letter Perfect Challenge as he won the Super Stock feature from the back of the pack after setting fast time.

Keith Bohmsach took the fast time in the Super Stock division, and opted to take the Letter Perfect Challenge, which was up to $550.00.

Matt Raykowski took the early lead in the feature, but Shawn Stelzer and Kevin Peterson moved around him right away. Carl Saylor moved up to the top but had some handling problems and dropped to the back of the pack. Stelzer and Peterson hung on. Fast runners, Mike Doughty, Randy Storlie, and Jason Kirsling started to make their way up to the top to fight for the top positions. Bohmsach was already in the sixth position by lap ten!

Bohmsach started racing hard. He wanted the challenge pot, but he didn’t want to lose his top five finishing positions either. Bohmsach has finished in the top five all season long. A yellow came out on lap fourteen between Storlie and Kirsling. Jim Cormack and Raykowski headed into the pits, with car problems. Stelzer kept his position at the restart, but Doughty pushed Peterson back. Bohmsach moved into the fifth position around Saylor, who had made his way up to the front once again. Bohmsach pushed hard and moved into the third position within the next four laps.

A daring move paid off by giving Shawn Stelzer (#40) the lead in the Super Stock feature.  Stelzer shot to the inside of Kevin Peterson (#36) and Matthew Raykowski (#6) for the top spot early in the race. 82500i.jpg (10166 bytes)

With five laps to go, and Bohmsach in the second position, it was a whole new race. The crowd was cheering Bohmsach on. It didn’t look like he was going to catch Stelzer. He kept getting closer, then Stelzer would pull ahead. Bohmsach got around Stelzer for the lead, on the backstretch, on the white flag lap. Bohmsach was able to maintain his lead for the win. This is the second time this year that Bohmsach has taken fast time and come from the back of the pack to with the feature and the challenge amount. Congratulations! Stelzer finished second with Doughty in third.

82500g.jpg (10525 bytes) The final challenge! With less than two laps to go Keith Bohmsach (#24) slips to the outside of Shawn Stezler (#40) to complete a pass that would win Bohmsach the race and the Super Stock Ultimate Challenge money from Letter Perfect.

Matt Pyburn ran away with fast time, and opted to take the CarQuest Challenge, which was up to $600.00. Hank Frasch was back and took the early lead in the feature, but Brad Scholze quickly overtook him. Marv Flick moved up to the top too. Tons of lapped traffic came into play as the leaders tried to maintain their positions. Pyburn was stuck in the middle of the pack trying to advance positions. Scholze took the win with Flick in second and Curt Blenker in third.

Brad Scholze (#78) has been quietly and consistently earning points which will likely win him the 2000 Golden Sands Speedway Pure Stock title.  The victory this evening was his first feature score of the season.  Scholze has already indicated he will compete in the Super Stock division in 2000. 82500c.jpg (14514 bytes)

The Cruisers first race had Jack Szymkowiak and Rick Cisewski in first. Ric Anderson and Jon Vayda in second. Jason Pingel and John Williams in third. The second race ended early due to rain. The leaders even crashed right on the start finish line. What a race! Travis and Dustin Zvolena took first. Don and Aaron Yeske took second. Jason Kay and Cory Steczynski finished third.

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The evening went better for some.  In the left photo Super Late Model driver Aaron Roehl (#8) had an unfortunate expedition up the hill on the backstretch, while in the right photo Jack Szymkowiak and Rick Cisewski topped the lone completed Cruiser feature before the rain began to fall.

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