It's the Eve of Devastation!
By Amy Kolo

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Megasaurus arrived to eat a car!!

September 15, 2000; Plover, WI -  A record crowd turned out for the last and most fun event of the season, the Eve of Devastation. Golden Sands’ Devastation hosts Cruiser Championships, Bus Races, and tons of novelty racing. The kids loved the featured act - Megasaurus - The car eating, fire breathing transforming dinosaur! Megasaurus actually tore a car in half and then burned it to the ground.

Forty cruiser cars turned out for their championship event. Three races were held, a consi, a semi-feature and a feature event. The guys drove hard each trying to get to the front. Josh Kramer and Chad Retzke in the #13 car won the semi-feature event and transferred into the feature. Ric Anderson and Jon Vayda in the #12 car took the checkered in the feature event. Rick Cisewski and Jack Szymkowiak finished second. The overall points and champions for the year are Rick Cisewski and Jack Szymkowiak. They beat out the Blenker and Kampert car #11 team by five points. Congratulations to all cruiser drivers and thanks for a great year.

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The winners and the champs!!  In the left photo, Ric Anderson and Jon Vayda in the #12 car bested a field a huge turnout of Cruisers to win the feature contest.  In the right photo, Rick Cisewski and Jack Szymkowiak (#76) locked up the 2000 season title for the 2-man Cruiser division.

Golden Sands also timed in the buses and ran a five-lap dash for the buses. Congratulations to Golden Sands tech official, Snoozer, the winner of the bus dash. Rob Meinke took fast time in the buses with a 21.688. The bus feature is one the crowd will never forget. It looked like everyone was trying to roll each other over!

91500b.jpg (8444 bytes) The high banked and wide turns of Golden Sands Speedway allowed the busses to race three acrossed during the Bus Races this evening.

At times the buses were pushing five wide in the corners. Many of the buses slid back and forth. Golden Sands’ maintenance supervisor drove the Golden Sands Speedway’s Fun Bus, which they guys just beat on and destroyed. A big congratulations goes out to Royce Rossier the winner of the bus feature.

91500k.jpg (8292 bytes) Big winners! Though not the fastest vehicles to travel the third mile high banked oval, the bus races are among the most popular.  In the left photo Royce Rossier (#30) won the feature event, while in the right photo Golden Sands Speedway tech man "Snoozer" (#24) topped the dash! 91500l.jpg (8584 bytes)

Reverse Plywood Race - This event was pretty much the same as last year’s event, except the cars had to go in reverse. Each contestant had to hold a 4’ x 8’ piece of plywood on top of their vehicle while they went in reverse around the track racing another contestant. If you dropped your plywood, you had to stop and pick it back up.

A new twist on a traditional event!   For the past couple seasons the "Plywood Race", was an event where you drove as fast as possible while holding onto a 4 X 8 foot piece of plywood.   Since everyone was getting so good at it, the track decided to have the cars race backing up this year which added plenty of mayhem to the event! 91500c.jpg (9864 bytes)

One of the contestants in the #9 station wagon ran over some barrels and just gunned it. The barrel got stuck under his car and he kept going. He made it all the way around the track and won his heat with the barrel still stuck underneath the car. The crowd went wild. The last heat had three cars rear ending, or front-ending each other right before the start/finish line. Congratulations to Brian Stroik and Jerry Trebitowski winners of the Reverse Plywood Race.

91500d.jpg (10912 bytes) And the winners are.....Brian Stroik and Jerry Trebitowski (#7) were the winners of the reverse plywood race!  The event proved to be extremely popular with the fans.

Iron Man Obstacle Course - Each contestant had to go around barrels on each corners, stop on the backstretch, pick out something “sexy” to wear out of the box, go around some more barrels, stop on turn three, go into the porta-potty and grab only six squares of toilet paper, then they had to slide up to a construction cone sideways in their car on the front stretch. An egg sat on top of the construction cone, object was not to knock it off. Each contestant was timed on how long it took him to complete the course. Congratulations to the wild and crazy driver, Rodney Feltz for his fast time in winning the event. By the way, nice bra Rodney.

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A win and a fashion statement!  The Iron Man obstacle course was a grueling event!   Rondey Feltz, the winner, shows off some of the souvenirs that were collected along the way including some toilet paper and a bra!  In the center photo, it's not a bathroom break but another challenge in the contest as the contestant needed to grab some toilet paper.  In the right photo this contestant proved to be fast you needed to be light on your feet!

Forward/Backward Race - Each car had to go three laps forward, then throw it into reverse on the start/finish line and finish two more laps in reverse. All looked like a normal race until some of the drivers had to go into reverse. Everyone was trying to swerve out of each other’s way. It was comical. Congratulations to Fran Esser winner of the forward/backward race.

Did you lose that trailer?  A large field of 15 contestants showed up to do battle in the trailer race.  The object was to go as fast as possible while knocking the trailers off, fellow competitors cars. 91500j.jpg (12586 bytes)

Trailer Race - The most crowd-pleasing event of the entire evening. A total of fifteen trailers showed up for the event. The object of the race was to try to knock off everyone else’s trailer. The last trailer hooked on a car was the winner. Golden Sands Speedway put the Millennium Safe in the race for total destruction. There were boats, a couple of pop up campers, Santa Clause on a lawn mower, a jet ski, a trailer with a toilet mounted on it with an elephant sticking out of it, and many more creative and crazy ideas. There was stuff flying everywhere. Trailers crashing, cars driving up on top of each other’s trailers - just total mayhem. After it was all done, it looked like a bomb had gone off. The last three trailers left were, Chuck Hellner, Keith Bohmsach, and Aarron Peterson driving with John Englbreisten.

The last and final event for the evening was the most spectacular. Track owner, Darrell Bassuener, drove out onto the track with his backhoe, crushed one of the remaining trailers, lifted up the bucket and started tearing away the front straight a way. You guessed it - NEW ASPHALT FOR THE YEAR 2001!