It's banquet time at Golden Sands Speedway!
By Amy Kolo

October 21, 2000; Wisconsin Rapds, WI -  Golden Sands Speedway hosted the 2000 Driver’s Banquet at the Ridges Supper Club. The top twenty-six in the Super Late Model, top fifteen in Super Stocks and Pure Stocks, and the top five in Cruisers all received trophies for their recognition on an excellent 2000 racing season.

Golden Sands Speedway maintained it’s own Super Late Model point fund for the second year in a row, with a lot more Late Model driver’s qualifying for it’s payoff. A huge thanks goes out to all who participated in the Super Late Model Point fund. Thanks to CarQuest Auto Parts, Coca-Cola, Premium Brands (Miller Lite), Baer Beverage (Budweiser), ARP Racing Bodies, Coleman Chassis, Rander Car Chassis, Diamond Race Wheels, Goodyear Tires, B&B Racing Engines, Wenger Automotive, Five Star Bodies, Bassett Racing Wheels, Koch Petroleum, Aero Racing Wheels, and Beway Racing Products. The point fund amounted to over $30,000.00 in cash and contingencies.

Photo Highlights

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Late Model Drivers: Front Row (left to right) Jason Weinkauf, Chris Wimmer, Mark Eswein, Kirby Kurth, MG Gajewski. Second Row-Leroy Pettis, Scott Beyer, Doug Drost, Burton Brown, Brandon Selle, Rene Scheinoha. Back Row-Frank Nitzke, Steve Gress, Mark Van, Chad Devine, Todd Stapleman, Mike Budleski, and Charlie Schwoch.102200b.jpg (23681 bytes)
Super Stock Drivers: Front Row - Keith Bohmsach Second Row (left to right) Allen Sankey, Mike Brooks, Merle Weinfurter, Scott Hamel, Bernie Fritz Sr. Back Row- Randy Storlie, Jim Cormack, Brian Stroik, Shawn Stelzer, Mike Doughty and Jason Kirsling.
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Pure Stock Drivers: Front Row - Brad Scholze Second Row (left to right) Jared Back, Jason Lewandowski, Mike Somers, Duane Robinson, Matt Pyburn. Back Row - Matt Osowski, Marv Flick, Chris Brooks, John Matthews, and Dan Ernst.

Hot n’ Now of Wisconsin Rapids, under the direction of Alan and Melody Andresen sponsored the Super Late Model Ultimate Challenge. Mark Eswein was the only winner of the Challenge for the 2000 season. The Challenge consists of the Super Late Model fast timer opting to start at the back of the pack. If the fast timer then proceeds to win the race, they get to take whatever is in the Challenge pot. Hot n Now donated $100.00 every week into the pot. Congratulations top all fast timers who took a shot at the Challenge.

Ten different drivers took home a feature win for the 2000 season. Congratulations to Burton Brown, Mark Eswein, Chris Wimmer, Doug Drost, Jason Weinkauf, Jeff Weinfurter, Kirby Kurth, Todd Stapleman, Jeremy Lepak, and Jason Szymkowiak all feature winners in the 2000 season.

Quite a few drivers gave the season champ a run for his money. Mainly, Jason Weinkauf who finished in the second spot, and Chris Wimmer who placed third. Weinkauf and Wimmer were in a highly contested race for that second spot as it changed hands throughout the season. Mark Eswein pulled a head in the points lead, making the race for that second very exciting to watch. Mark Eswein happened to win his fair share of features for the season, five of the nineteen races. He also finished near the front of the pack on many occasions. This gave the point lead to Eswein and ultimately his second consecutive championship title, becoming the first driver since Kirby Kurth in 1991 and 1992 to record back-to-back titles. Mark would like to thank his fans, sponsors, pit crew, and family for helping him out and cheering him on to his second consecutive title.

In the highly competitive Super Stock division, it was like a star was born. This driver amazed his fellow competitors on the speed he maintained and his sheer willingness to be on top night after night. Keith Bohmsach dominated the entire year with amazing times and finishes. He qualified with in the top four positions thirteen out of nineteen races. He won three dashes, and never finished below the fourth position in a feature race. He even took the Letter Perfect Challenge home twice! Early in the year Randy Storlie won the pot, then Keith nabbed it about half way through the season and then again towards the end of the season. We would like to congratulate all the drivers who took a shot on taking the challenge pot home. Jason Kirsling tried to give Bohmsach a run for his money, but a few race accidents left Bohmsach comfortably in the lead. Keith would like to thank all his fans, sponsors, pit crew, and family for all their help and support in making the 2000 season an awesome one.

The Pure Stocks had a rough season on and off the track, as quite a few drivers disagreed on many different aspects of racing. CarQuest Auto Parts sponsored a Challenge for the Pure Stocks for the 2000 season, giving them an extra goal to shoot for. A big congratulations goes out to Mike Somers who was the first and only driver to take the pot home. The top three drivers fought for positions week after week. Somers would take the lead, then Marv Flick, and Brad Scholze. Scholze seemed to try to stay out of harms way and eventually kept the lead to himself. Somers fell behind after not meeting tech inspections. Flick was involved in a few accidents, but seemed to stay up in the top positions. Dodge fans were happy to see Scholze take the title. Brad would like to thank his pit crew, fans, sponsors, and family for helping him achieve his season championship title.

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Jack Szymkowiak and Rick Cisewski scored thier second straight Cruiser championship.

The Cruiser Division put on an crash fest, wild and crazy show for the season. Everyone loves to come and watch the cruisers race. This year the team that took the season championship made it extra special as they also have back-to-back titles. Congratulations to Jack Szymkowiak and Rick Cisewski for their second consecutive season championship title

Congratulations to our to rookie drivers in Super Late Model and Super Stock for the 2000 season, Judd Brandl and Mike Brooks. Jared Back was Golden Sands Speedway’s most improved driver in the Pure Stock Division. A big congrats to Brandon Selle for receiving Golden Sands Speedway’s Congeniality Award. Golden Sands Speedway also gave awards to the best looking car in each division and the Mechanic of Year award in each division. Best looking cars were #18 Super Late Model Frank Nitzke, #24 Super Stock Keith Bohmsach, and #71 Pure Stock Matt Pyburn. The Mechanics of the Year awards went to Super Late Model Jason Weinkauf’s team, Super Stock Jim Cormack’s team, and Pure Stock Brad Scholze’s team. Congratulations to all and thank you for an excellent 2000 season.