Golden Sands contributes to community with CMN fund-raiser!
By Amy Kolo

October 29, 2000; Wisconsin Rapds, WI -  During the July 3rd, 2000 Mars Race at Golden Sands Speedway the Children’s Miracle Network held a pretty cool promotion to raise some monies for their organization. Track Promoter, Craig Bassuener, agreed to be duct taped to the hood of a racecar, which would be driven around the track for one lap.

Photo Highlights

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Race fans and drivers were able to buy duct tape at $1.00 per foot to tape Golden Sands Speedway promoter Craig Bassuener to the hood of a racecar.102200b.jpg (23681 bytes)
The car was then driven around the track with Craig taped to the hood.  It was an exciting ride!
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Proceeds from the fund-raiser went to the Children's Miracle Network to help children like Wyatt Feaster (left) the CMN spokes child and many other children.

Fans could buy a twelve-inch piece of duct tape for $1.00. There was an auction bid for who ever wanted to drive the car around the track. Drivers and fans bought quite a few feet of duct tape. Golden Sands Speedway and the Children’s Miracle Network would like to thank Glenn Hayes for bidding the highest to drive the car around the track. Glenn bid $150.00 for the privilege.

Glenn never drove a racecar before, and was going to let one of the Golden Sands Safety Officials drive, but long time racer, Mike Havel jumped in the car and took off. Mike bought about $75.00 worth of duct tape, but how about sending CMN a check for $150.01, for actually getting to drive the car? The CMN kids would love you for it.

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With the taping nearly complete, Craig Basseuner is about to take a lap of Golden Sands Speedway, stuck to the hood of a racecar for this unique fund-raiser for the Children's Miracle Network.

Pat Deboer, Golden Sands Speedway’s CMN contact, would like to thank everyone who participated in the fundraiser. There was over $500 raised for the kids. She especially would like to thank Craig Bassuener. She said, “Craig was so brave to do that for us, he really enjoys helping out the kids. The kids really appreciate it also.” Pat’s grandson, Wyatt Feaster is the 2000 CMN ‘s spokes child.