New asphalt for the 2001 season at Golden Sands Speedway!
By Craig Bassuener

Photo Highlights

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Out with the old! The old racing surface was ripped up, and pulverized.  It was then reclaimed and used as a base layer for the new layer of asphalt.
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In with the new! A fresh new layer of asphalt is laid down.  The new racing surface on the high banked third mile oval is four inches thick.  The new asphalt is the latest improvement to the Golden Sands Speedway.

October 29, 2000; Wisconsin Rapds, WI -  Golden Sands Speedway has completed its new asphalting project on schedule. American Asphalt was hired to complete the asphalting project. They pulverized the existing track surface keeping it in place.

This ground up asphalt was then used as the gravel base for the new asphalt. Four inches of new asphalt was put down with no seams. The corners and straight-aways were kept the same degree of banking only carried all the way to the top.

By pulverizing the old existing track, some interesting facts were discovered. Pavement on the straight-aways was only 2.5 inches thick with the corners averaging around 10 inches thick.

There was no base to speak of under the asphalt. A real interesting find was a bunch of old tires filled with concrete laid in the turns for asphalt support. (The tires were removed.)

Golden Sands looks forward to some even more competitive racing. With less bumps to go around, drivers can really set their cars up on a more even keel.