Crowd coaxes Storlie into taking Letter Perfect Challenge and he answers with big win! Eswein rebounds!
By Amy Kolo

May 5, 2000; Plover, WI -  A warm night and lots of WSPT radio giveaways brought a whole new crowd out the racetrack. Congratulations to Anthony Emkes the Short Trax Jr. Fan of the Week. Also a big congratulation to Devin Ruffalo winner of the Wal-Mart Gift Certificate.

Extremely fast!  Greg Weinfurter (#13) was really hooked up and was the only car this week to tour the Golden Sands Speedway oval in under 12 seconds.  Weinfurter's lap of 11.916 Seconds was good for fast time in the Super Late Model division. 5500c.jpg (12800 bytes)

Greg Weinfurter screamed out the Super Late Model fast time with an 11.916 seconds! Of course he opted to take the Hot n’ Now Ultimate Challenge which was up to $600.00.

5500d.jpg (18293 bytes)

He's back!  Just one week after destroying his car, defending champ Mark Eswein was back in the winner's circle!

Many yellows started right away in the first part of the race cutting the race down by five laps due to time restrictions. Chris Wimmer started out with the lead in the race with, Mike Budleski and Mark Eswein right in tow. By the eighth lap and the fourth yellow, Wimmer took his car into the pits with mechanical problems. Eswein then took the lead with Jeff Weinfurter and Doug Drost moving in. Burton Brown and MG Gajewski were following suit as Budleski started losing positions. Eswein raced hard fending off Weinfurter.

Another yellow came out with just three short laps to go. Mike Brahmsted sent his car into a spin coming out of the turn. At the restart, Eswein maintained the lead, but Gajewski was able to get around Drost for the second position. Kurth also maneuvered his way around Drost. As the checkered flag dropped, Eswein took the win with Weinfurter in second and Gajewski in third. A great win for Team Scheirl and Mark Eswein after a devastating crash the week before, when Eswein’s car became completely destroyed.

5500a.jpg (12057 bytes) Accepting the challenge!  Randy Storlie (center) listened to the crowd and took the Letter Perfect Challenge.  The bonus money was available to any driver winning the feature from the last place starting spot.  Storlie was up to the challenge and won the event and the $400 bonus.

Randy Storlie took fast time in the Super Stock division, but was not going to take the Letter Perfect Challenge. Craig Bassuener, Track Promoter, even offered Storlie an extra $50.00 to take the challenge. After Storlie still said no, the crowd then began to boo. That changed Storlie’s mind in hurry. He took the challenge, which was up to $400.00 total.

Wes Coon paced the opening circuit of the Super Stock feature before falling back in the pack. This gave way to Jason Kirsling for the lead and Mike Doughty right behind him. Doughty wanted the lead bad. His goal for 2000 is to win as many features as possible. Storlie was like a rocket!

By the tenth lap he was already up into the fourth position. Doughty was hammering it trying to take the lead from Kirsling as Storlie was looking at just getting closer to the top. By the seventeenth lap, Storlie made his way around Kirsling for the lead. Doughty dropped back as Bohmsach passed. Storlie actually started to gain car lengths ahead of the rest of the pack. Bohmsach finally got around Kirsling and started to chase Storlie, but there was just not enough laps left in the race. Storlie took the win and the challenge home. Just think at first he did not want to do it, but his determination to show the crowd he could took over. Bohmsach finished second and Kirsling took third.

Mike Somers ran away with fast time, and opted to take the CarQuest Challenge, which was up to $150.00

5500b.jpg (11733 bytes) Looks great and it's fast too!   The Pure Stock of Michael Somers (#15) is one sharp looking car.  The performance matched the good looks as Somers took quick time with a 15.123 second tour of the third-mile high banked oval.

Matt Pyburn started out with the lead in the 15 lap Pure Stock feature, but was quickly overtaken by veteran driver, Marv Flick. Mike Somers started moving his way up the pack looking at the challenge pot money, hoping to follow in Storlie’s footsteps. Roland Kuhn came up to the front to work on the leaders but was quickly surpassed by Somers. With just three laps to go Somers was able to make it around Pyburn for the second position, but there was just not enough time to catch Flick as he stomped on it. Flick took the win with Somers in second and Pyburn in third. Excellent run for Somers. In only his second year of racing, setting fast time and finishing second in the race is a great accomplishment.

5500e.jpg (13491 bytes) 5500f.jpg (14391 bytes)
Last season's point runner-up Marv Flick came home the winner in the Pure Stock feature race. Crusin' Again! John Kampert Sr. and Jason Blenker topped the action in the 2-man Cruiser class.

What does the crowd love? Cruisers! They were here for their first Friday night event. With over twenty-some cars, the field was divided into two separate races. Spinning and crashing from every direction was the name of the game. The first race saw John Kampert Sr. and Jason Blenker in their Dukes of Hazzard car come out the victors. The 2F car finished second (sorry could not read their names), and Jack Szymkowiak and Rick Cisewski finished third. The second cruiser race had John Kampert Sr. and Peter Blenker with their other addition of Hazzard racing in first, Tim and Greg Firkus in second and Dave and Dan Glodowski in third.


Super Late Model Division
Feature: 1.) Mark Eswein, Wisc. Rapids; 2.) Jeff Weinfurter, Wisc. Rapids; 3.) M.G. Gajewski, Wausau; 4.) Kirby Kurth, Nekoosa; 5.) Jason Weinkauf, Merrill; 6.) Jeremy Lepak, Schofield; 7.) Doug Drost, Merrill; 8.) Burton Brown, Neenah; 9.) Monte Gress, Neillsville; 10.) Scott Beyer, Greenfield
Semi-Feature: 1.) M.G. Gajewski, Wausau; 2.) Burton Brown, Neenah; 3.) Eric Getzloff, Wisc. Rapids; 4.) Todd Staplemann; 5.) Jason Szymkowiak, Wisc. Rapids; 6.) Steve Gress, Vesper
First Heat:
1.) Mark Van; 2.) M.G. Gajewski, Wausau; 3.) Eric Getzloff, Wisc. Rapids
Second Heat: 1.) Todd Stapleman; 2.) Steve Gress, Vesper; 3.) Larry Lepak, Schofield

Third Heat: 1.) Chris Wimmer, Wausau; 2.) Doug Drost, Merrill; 3.) Monte Gress, Neillsville
Dash: 1.) Jason Weinkauf, Merrill; 2.) Jeremy Lepak, Schofield; 3.) Mark Eswein, Wisc. Rapids

Time Trials: 1.) Greg Weinfurter, Wisc. Rapids, 11.916 Seconds; 2.) Kirby Kurth, Nekoosa, 12.039 Seconds; 3.) Jeremy Lepak, Schofield, 12.053 Seconds

CWSSA Super Stock Division
Feature: 1.) Randy Storlie, Wisc. Rapids; 2.) Keith Bohmsach, Wisc. Rapids; 3.) Jason Kirsling, Nelsonville; 4.) Alan Sankey; 5.) Mike Doughty, Wisc. Rapids; 6.) Shawn Stelzer; 7.) Merle Weinfurter, Wisc. Rapids; 8.) Scott Hamel, Wisc. Rapids
Semi-Feature: 1.) Todd Peterson; 2.) Brian Stroik; 3.) Eddie Lepointe; 4.) Bernie Fritz Sr.
First Heat:
1.) Mike Brooks; 2.) Bernie Fritz Sr.; 3.) Eddie LaPointe
Second Heat: 1.) Todd Peterson; 2.) David Pagels; Rudolph; 3.) Larry Schultz

Third Heat: 1.) Jason Kirsling, Nelsonville; 2.) Jim Cormack, Plover; 3.) Randy Storlie, Wisc. Rapids
Dash: 1.) Randy Storlie, Wisc. Rapids; 2.) Carl Saylor; 3.) Mike Doughty, Wisc. Rapids

Time Trials: 1.) Randy Storlie, Wisc. Rapids,  13.356 Seconds; 2.) Keith Bohmsach, Wi. Rapids, 13.449 Seconds; 3.) Mike Doughty, Wi. Rapids, 13.500 Seconds

Pure Stocks Division
Feature: 1.) Marv Flick; 2.) Michael Somers; 3.) Matthew Pyburn; 4.) Roland Kuhn; 5.) Jason Lewandowski; 6.) Duane Robinson; 7.) Bradley Scholze; 8.) Matt Osowski
First Heat:
1.) Roland Kuhn; 2.) Matthew Pyburn; 3.) Matt Osowski
Second Heat: 1.) Jason Lewandowski; 2.) Michael Somers; 3.) Marv Flick
Dash: 1.) Duane Robinson; 2.) Neal Soyka; 3.) Michael Somers

Time Trials: 1.) Michael Somers, 15.123 Seconds; 2.) Marv Flick, 15.290 Seconds; 3.) Neal Soyka, 15.318 Seconds

Cruisers Division
First Feature: 1.) Van & Drews; 2.) Haney & Greening; 3.) Szymkowiak & Cisewski 4.) Christensen & Nigh; 5.) Koplien & Koplien
Second Feature: 1.) Blenker & Kampert; 2.) Firkus & Firkus; 3.) Glodowski & Glodowski; 4.) Kinney & Kinney; 5.) Pingel & Williams