Weinkauf a winner in Sands Late Model action!
Somers takes home CARQUEST Pure Stock challenge!
By Amy Kolo

June 2, 2000; Plover, WI -  A chilly night did not stop the families from visiting Golden Sands Speedway for the 3rd Annual Walmart/Children’s Miracle Network Kid’s Night. West Jr. High Art students gave their artistic talents in face painting for the kids.

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Future racing stars!   Kids had a chance to test the sprit of competition in Big Wheel races held at the track in various age groups.  Here are a few of the evening's winners in these events.

Also Golden Sands Speedway provided two bounce around rides for the kids to play in. After the heat races, the speedway held Big Wheel Races. Congratulations to all the winners. A big congratulations to Sean Hallas the Short Trax Jr. Fan Club Member of the Week and to Kubishack, winner of the Wal-Mart gift certificate.

Jeremy Lepak ended up with fast time again! That kid can sure fly. Of course he opted to take the Hot n’ Now Ultimate Challenge which was up to $1000.00.

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Jason Weinkauf scored his first Super Late Model feature win of the season at Sands!

MG Gajewski started out with the lead in the 30-lap event. Jeff Weinfurter and Jason Weinkauf right behind him. Weinkauf was able to get around Weinfurter within the first ten laps. By lap eleven Weinkauf took the lead away from Gajewski. Jeremy Lepak started moving up the pack like a freight train. He definitely had the challenge money on his mind. Lepak was the only Super Late Model driver to win the challenge pot in the 1999 season. By the thirteenth lap Lepak took the third position away from Gajewski and started racing hard with Weinfurter. Weinkauf pulled ahead of the pack, lengthening his winning position.

By the 22nd lap Lepak was able to get around Weinfurter for the second position. Lepak took the outside groove and had his eyes pinned on Weinkauf. Weinkauf was just to far ahead of Lepak to catch. With just four laps to go a yellow came out with a spin between Scott Beyer and Chris Weinkauf. This gave Lepak the chance to take over Weinkauf for the lead. As the restart took place a devastating spin happened coming into turn four. Both Weinfurter and Lepak were racing hard, and caught each other in the turn, sending both cars to the back of the pack. The crowd was disappointed; they really wanted to see the young Lepak take the challenge home. But with as fast as he has been lately, he probably will have quite a few more shots at it. With the restart and two more laps left, Weinkauf took the win with MG Gajewski in second and Kirby Kurth in third.

Fast runner Jason Kirsling took fast time once again and opted to take the Letter Perfect Challenge which was up to $200.00.

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Keith Bohmsach scored top honors in the Super Stocks!

The Super Stock feature was just as exciting as the Late Model feature. Mike Brooks, last years Pure Stock Champion, took the early lead with Paul Brown and Alan Sankey behind him. By the fourth lap, Brown and Scott Hamel tangled, giving positions to Keith Bohmsach and Randy Storlie. With all the action going on in the front of the pack, Kirsling was maneuvering around some of the slower cars, climbing his way to the front. Brooks took the lead at the restart but soon got loose coming out of the turn and lost a lot of positions. This gave the lead to Bohmsach. Storlie was in second and lo and behold, Kirsling had already made his way to the third position.

By the 14th lap Kirsling took the second position away from Storlie and started working on Bohmsach for the lead. The top three positions all had very fast runners racing against each other. It was very exciting to watch. With five laps to go lapped traffic came into play. The lapped traffic put some space between Kirsling and Storlie. As the white flag fell the crowd was on their feet cheering Kirsling on. He would be the second Super stock driver this season to take the challenge home, but there was just not enough time or laps left to catch Bohmsach. Bohmsach took the win with Kirsling in second and Storlie in third.

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Meeting the challenge! Mike Somers won the Pure Stock CARQUEST challenge!

The Pure Stocks held up the excitement with yet another edge-of-your-seat race! Mike Somers took the fast time once again and opted to take the CarQuest Challenge, which was up to $350.00.
Marlow Greening took the lead with Jake Carrireau and Brad Scholze behind him. Greening started loosing positions right away as Scholze took the lead. John Matthews and Mike Somers started moving up the pack.

A yellow came out on the fifth lap with cars in the rear of the field spinning. This gave away to Matthews and Somers taking the top positions. By the ninth lap, Somers took the second position away from Matthews. Somers and Scholze fought hard. With just three short laps to go Somers took the lead away from Scholze. Somers held on tight and took the win and the challenge money. Scholze finished second and Matthews third.


Super Late Model Division
Feature: 1.) Jason Weinkauf; 2.) M.G. Gajewski; 3.) Kirby Kurth; 4.) Mark Eswein; 5.) LeRoy Pettis; 6.) Joe Krzykowski; 7.) Judd Brandl; 8.) Doug Drost; 9.) Mike Budleski; 10.) Burton Brown; 11.) Chris Weinkauf; 12.) Scott Beyer
Semi-Feature: 1.) Burton Brown; 2.) Kirby Kurth; 3.) Greg Weinfurter; 4.) Frank Nitzke; 5.) Steve Gress; 6.) Todd Stapelman
First Heat:
1.) Todd Stapleman; 2.) Kirby Kurth; 3.) Steve Gress
Second Heat: 1.) Jason Szymkowiak; 2.) Greg Weinfurter; 3.) Burton Brown

Third Heat: 1.) Mark Eswein; 2.) Jeff Weinfurter; 3.) Jason Weinkauf
Dash: 1.) Chris Weinkauf; 2.) Joe Kryzkowski; 3.) Jeremy Lepak

Time Trials: 1.) Jeremy Lepak, 12.029 Seconds; 2.) Scott Beyer, 12.042 Seconds; 3.) Joe Krzykowski, 12.052 Seconds; 4.) Leroy Pettis, 12.054 Seconds; 5.) Chris Weinkauf, 12.059 Seconds

CWSSA Super Stock Division
Feature: 1.) Keith Bohmsach; 2.) Jason Kirsling; 3.) Randy Storlie; 4.) Jim Cormack; 5.) Carl Saylor; 6.) Alan Sankey; 7.) Mike Brooks; 8.) Mike Doughty; 9.) Gary Wosick; 10.) Larry Schultz
Semi-Feature: 1.) Merle Weinfurter; 2.) Wes Coon; 3.) David Pagels; 4.) Mark Brooner
First Heat:
1.) Dean Brillowski; 2.) Don Cline; 3.) Mark Baldwin
Second Heat: 1.) Merle Weinfurter; 2.) Paul Brown; 3.) Mike Brooks

Third Heat: 1.) Jim Cormack; 2.) Alan Sankey; 3.) Randy Storlie
Dash: 1.) Mike Doughty; 2.) Keith Bohmsach; 3.) Jason Kirsling

Time Trials: 1.) Jason Kirsling, 13.322 Seconds; 2.) Keith Bohmsach, 13.356 Seconds; 3.) Randy Storlie, 13.397 Seconds

Pure Stocks Division
Feature: 1.) Michael Somers; 2.) Bradley Scholze; 3.) John Matthews; 4.) Duane Robinson; 5.) Roland Kuhn; 6.) Marv Flick; 7.) Jake Carrireau; 8.) Matt Osowski
First Heat:
1.) Cal Greening; 2.) Chris Brooks; 3.) Marlowe Greening
Second Heat: 1.) John Matthews; 2.) Marv Flick; 3.) Roland Kuhn
Dash: 1.) Duane Robinson; 2.) Michael Somers; 3.) Bradley Scholze

Time Trials: 1.) Michael Somers, 15.190 Seconds; 2.) Curt Blenker, 15.256 Seconds; 3.) Bradley Scholze, 15.315 Seconds