Kurth captures Late Model feature action!
By Amy Kolo

June 16, 2000; Plover, WI - A chilly night did not stop Golden Sands Speedway’s crowd from watching great racing action. Congratulations to Lucas Betro, the Short Trax Jr. Fan Member of the Week and Sam Carlstine, the Wal-Mart Gift Certificate winner.

61700a.jpg (16707 bytes) Kirby Kurth (#85) spent much of the race in a battle to gain second.  After a late race restart Kurth found the extra speed he needed to cruise to his first Super Late Model victory of the 2000 season here at Golden Sands Speedway. Kurth became the seventh different Super Late Model feature winner in eight nights of action so far this season.

Mark Eswein turned fast time in the Super Late Models. He also opted to take the Hot n’ Now Ultimate Challenge, which was up to $1,300.00!

61700g.jpg (10297 bytes)
Early in the Super Late Model feature Chris Weinkauf (#75) and Greg Weinfurter did battle for the lead.

Chris Weinkauf took the early lead at the start of the Late Model feature. Greg Weinfurter was right behind him, with Kirby Kurth working his way around Weinfurter. Kurth got around Weinfurter and started working on Weinkauf for the lead. Eswein was quickly moving up from the back of the pack. Burton Brown made his way around Weinfurter and started to move in on Kurth. Kurth finally made his way around Weinkuaf for the lead.

Brown over took Weinkauf for the second position on the next lap. Weinkauf started to drop back, as Eswein made his way around. Kurth, Eswein and Brown started beating on each other, each on trying to take over the next position. With three laps to go Eswein made his way around Brown, but on the white flag lap Brown took his position back. Kurth took the checkered with Brown in second and Eswein in third. Good job to Eswein for starting from the back and finishing in third.

A very excited Mike Doughty spun fast time in the Super Stock division. Being in the spot light for fast time for the first time this season, he opted to take the Letter Perfect Challenge, which was up to $350.00.

61700b.jpg (15969 bytes) Jason Kirlsing (#99) worked for much of the first half of the Super Stock race to pass leader Scott Hamel (#78).   Hamel made one slip and Kirsling took the lead and held on for the victory in the Super Stock feature event this evening.

Scott Hamel took the first lead in the Super Stock feature. Fast runners, Gary Wosick, Carl Saylor, and Jim Cormack were trailing right behind Hamel. Saylor started having car problems and dropped back. Cormack then snuck around and took the second position from Wosick. Jason Kirsling started to make his way to the front. Doughty was still stuck in the back of the pack, boxed in between slower cars. At the half way to go mark, Cormack made his way around Hamel for the lead. After about two laps, Hamel took his lead back.

61700f.jpg (12648 bytes)

At the start of the Super Stock feature, Gary Wosick (#61) and Scott Hamel (#78) diced for the lead.  Hamel would finish second

Hamel was able to hang on to the lead for a while, but fast runner, Kirsling soon stole the lead away. Doughty was finally starting to get away from the slower vehicles. Randy Storlie and Keith Bohmsach, who were caught behind slower cars, started to make their way up to the front also. With just three laps to go, lapped traffic started to come into play. Kirsling was able to maintain his lead, but the lapped traffic sent Cormack back a few positions, allowing Bohmsach to move into the third position. Kirsling took the checkered with Hamel in second, and Bohmsach in third. Doughty finished eighth.

Matt Pyburn, who has had the worst of luck the last two weeks with wrecked motors, took fast time. Pyburn excitedly opted to take the CarQuest Challenge, which was up to $100.00.

61700c.jpg (15732 bytes) Marv Flick (#9) last season's points runner-up in the Pure Stock class took over the top spot from race leader Duane Robinson in lapped traffic to score the feature victory this evening.

Chris Brooks took the lead first, but was quickly overtaken by Duane Robinson. Lapped traffic came into play already by the fifth lap. Marv Flick started moving up from the middle of the pack, and took the top position away from Robinson. Pyburn started to make his way up to the top of the field, looking for the win. Fast runner, Brad Scholze moved up flying past the slower cars. The leaders maneuvered their way around all the lapped cars, holding on to their respective positions. Flick took the checkered with Robinson in second, and Scholze in third. Pyburn finished in fourth.

61700d.jpg (13015 bytes) 61700e.jpg (10292 bytes)
Cruiser action! In the left photo Joe Mroczewski and Troy Engman (#00-Black) made a last lap pass to top Dave Glodowski and Dan Glodowski (#00-Blue) to claim the final Cruiser feature.  In the right photo, the first event was captured by Justin Blenker and John Kampert Jr. (#01).

Twenty-six cruiser cars showed up to race. The first feature had Justin Blenker and John Kampert in first with Dave Haney and Joe Greening in second. Jack Szymkowiak and Rick Cisewski took third. The second feature had Joe Mroczewski and Troy Engman in first, Dave Glodowski and Dan Glodowski in second, and Jim Koback and Mark the Bar in third.


Super Late Model Division
Feature: 1.) Kirby Kurth; 2.) Burton Brown; 3.) Mark Eswein; 4.) Jason Weinkauf; 5.) Jeremy Lepak; 6.) Greg Weinfurter; 7.) Chris Wimmer; 8.) Todd Stapleman; 9.) Allen Check; 10.) Jeff Weinfurter; 11.) M.G. Gajewski; 12.) Mike Budleski
Semi-Feature: 1.) M.G. Gajewski; 2.) Frank Nitzke; 2.) Leroy Pettis; 4.) Eric Getzlofff; 5.) Mark Van; 6.) Chad Devine
First Heat:
1.) M.G. Gakewski; 2.) Steve Gress; 3.) Frank Nitzke
Second Heat: 1.) Monte Gress; 2.) Jeremy Lepak; 3.) Kirby Kurth

Third Heat: 1.) Chris Wimmer; 2.) Todd Stapleman; 3.) Mark Eswein
Dash: 1.) Burton Brown; 2.) Mark Eswein; 3.) Scott Beyer

Time Trials: 1.) Mark Eswein, 11.873 Seconds; 2.) Jesse Haase, 11.923 Seconds; 3.) Allen Check, 11.941 Seconds; 4.) Hason Szymkowiak, 11.942 Seconds; 5.) Burton Brown, 11.962 Seconds

CWSSA Super Stock Division
Feature: 1.) Jason Kirsling; 2.) Scott Hamel; 3.) Keith Bohmsach; 4.) Gary Wosick; 5.) Randy Storlie; 6.) Jim Cormack; 7.) Carl Saylor; 8.) Mike Doughty; 9.) Mike Brooks; 10.) Shawn Stezler
Semi-Feature: 1.) Bernie Fritz Sr.; 2.) Brian Stroik; 3.) Paul Meronk; 4.) Don Cline
First Heat:
1.) Gary Wosick; 2.) Mike Brooks; 3.) Bernie Fritz Sr.
Second Heat: 1.) Jim Cormack; 2.) Scott Hamel; 3.) Keith Bohmsach
Dash: 1.) Keith Bohmsach; 2.) Jason Kirsling; 3.) Randy Storlie

Time Trials: 1.) Mike Doughty, 13.218 Seconds; 2.) Jason Kirsling, 12.253 Seconds; 3.) Randy Storlie, 13.301 Seconds

Pure Stocks Division
Feature: 1.) Marv Flick; 2.) Duane Robinson; 3.) Bradley Scholze; 4.) Matthew Pyburn; 5.) Matt Osowski; 6.) Neal Soyka; 7.) Roland Kuhn; 8.) Wallace Laffin
First Heat:
1.) Wallace Laffin; 2.) Chris Brooks; 3.) Jared Back
Second Heat: 1.) Jason Lewandowski; 2.) Neal Soyka; 3.) Bradley Scholze
Dash: 1.) Duane Robinson; 2.) Marv Flick; 3.) Matt Osowski

Time Trials: 1.) Matthew Pyburn, 14.947 Seconds; 2.) Marv Flick, 15.142 Seconds; 3.) Bradley Scholze, 15.215 Seconds

First Feature: 1.) Blenker & Kampert Sr; 2.) Haney & Greening; 3.) Szymkowiak & Cisewski; 4.) Haase & Gwidt; 5.) Klug & Cory
Second Feature: 1.) Mroczewski & Engman; 2.) Glodowski & Glodowski; 3.) Koback & Davis; 4.) Trzebiatowski & Steine; 5.) Dodson & Hall