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Eswein takes Mid-Season Championship and $1,000!
By Amy Kolo

June 22, 2001; Plover, WI -  Summer is flying by with the Mid-Season Championship already taking place.  Congratulations to the Jr. Short Trax Fan of the Week, David Bruder.   Also Congrats to Abby Hamilton winner of the River City Motors gift certificate. Kirby Kurth made it the show, and took fast time in the eleven’s.  Kurth also took the Hot n’ Now Ultimate challenge which was up to $1000.

Photo Highlights

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Defending track champion Mark Eswein (#71) earned a cool $1,000 for his feature victory in the Super Late Model Mid-Season championship race.
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Todd Stapleman (#66) and Doug Drost (#32) run wheel to wheel while eventual winner Mark Eswein (#71) looks for a way to the lead during the Super Late Model main event.
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Shawn Stelzer (#40) takes a breather after winning the 40 lap Super Stock Mid-Season championship race after a last lap pass.
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Shawn Stelzer (#40) and Alan Sankey (#3) fight for the top sport of the Super Stock feature during the closing laps of the race.
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3-Wide racing has become a commoplace on the new asphalt as demonstrated by these Super Stocks during a heat race.
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Johnny Bell (#99) put his Pinto into victory lane after taking the checkered in the 4 cylinder feature event.
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A quick appearance! Kirby Kurth (#8) made his first trip to Golden Sands this season and came away with a fast qualifying effort in the Super Late Model division.
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Traffic jam!  The fans have really enjoyed the three and four wide racing of the new 4 cylinder division this year.

Todd Stapleman started out with the early lead in the 50-lap Super Late Model event.  Stapleman was car was out of commission, so he borrowed Mark Van’s for the night.  Doug Drost was right behind him, with a very fast Mark Eswein on Drost’s heels.  The top three positions pretty much stayed the same. 

Burton Brown and Judd Brandl started to move up the pack to work with the leaders.  Alan Check also started moving thru the slower cars to work on the leaders.  Drost finally got around Eswein and Stapleman for the lead, but only for a few short laps.  Stapleman regained his lead, as Drost got loose coming out of the corner.  Drost ended up falling back four positions.

This gave way for Brown, Brandl, and Check to all move up into the top spots.  By the 32nd lap, Brandl was experiencing car troubles and pulled into the pits.   Joe Krzykowski then moved up closer to the top contenders.  Drost was motoring on the outside.  It looked as if Drost could win this race on the outside.  With just ten short laps to go it was a heated battle. On the last green lap Eswein and Drost both passed Stapleman for the lead.  Weinfurter made his way around Check, but Check took back his position on the white flag lap.  

As the checkered fell, Eswein took the win, with Drost in second, Stapleman in third and Brown in fourth.  Eswein also took the title of Mid-Season Champion home. 

Cary Lyons has been pulling fast time quite frequently in the Super Stocks, as he did once again tonight.  Lyons also opted to take the Mobile Link Challenge which as up to $500. 

Randy Storlie started out with the lead with Jim Cormack and Tim Plowman behind him.  Other fast runners started weaving their way through the pack on this 40 lap main event.  Alan Sankey maneuvered his way past Cormack for the second position, as Keith Bohmsach, Larry Schultz, and Jason Kirsling moved ahead.  With a caution coming out on lap twelve; it looked like things were really going to heat up.  Storlie, Sankey, and Cormack all kept their positions, as Shawn Stelzer decided to join the front-runners.  Plowman was able to stay ahead of Stelzer for a while, but then Stelzer and Kirsling both made their way around him.  Mike Doughty started following suit, looking at the top spots. 

By lap 23, Sankey finally got around Storlie for the lead.  Stelzer moved around both Storlie and Cormack for the second spot.  Stelzer was fast, but it didn’t look like he could catch Sankey.  Kirsling and Doughty started moving up closer to the top, as Plowman and Storlie fell back.  Bohmsach lost his motor and pulled into the infield. 

By lap 35-lapped traffic started coming into play.  Everyone was able to hold onto their positions until the white flag lap.  Stelzer edged out Sankey for the lead, and Cormack followed right behind.   Stelzer took the win with Cormack in second.   Sankey ended up finishing third, with Kirsling in fourth.  Stelzer also took the Mid-Season Champion title home. 

The 4-Cylinders took the field with a 20 lap main event.  Johnny Bell took fast time once again and started in the rear of the field. Jason Feucht took the early lead, but was overtaken by Doug Adams on the fourth lap.  Positions changed rapidly as cars went four and five wide. 

With half way to go, Bell had already made it from the back of the pack to the front.  John Froelich made his way around Adams for the second spot. As Bob Gereau and Eric Nelson started moving up from the back as well.  Gereau maneuvered his way into the second spot looking at overtaking Bell, but lapped traffic started becoming as big factor. 

Greg Blount used the lapped traffic to get around Nelson.  With just three laps to go, Bell took the checkered with Gereau in second. Feucht managed to maintain the third position as Adams dropped to fourth.  Bell took the title of Mid-Season Champion for the night.

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