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Long distance traveler Roach, a winner in Sands Late Model action!  Storlie strikes gold in Super Stocks!
By Amy Kolo

June 29, 2001; Plover, WI -  The 6th Annual Union Night at the races hosted the areas best fireworks show. Golden Sands Speedway has received tons of compliments on the spectacular show.

Photo Highlights

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Bryan Roach (#99) travels over four hours from Minnesota each week to compete at Golden Sands.  It paid off this evening with a win in the Super Late Model feature.
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Late in the Super Late Model main event, Bryan Roach (#99) was busy fending off the challenges of Judd Brandl (#27).
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A wild wreck in a Super Late Model head, destroyed the cars off Steve Gress (right) and Jeff Fritz (left).   Thankfully neither was seriously injured in the incident.
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The lady is quick! Rene Scheinoha (#5) took fast time honors in the Super Late Model division,...she beat the boys this week!
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Defending Track Champion Mark Eswein accepted his Mid-Season Championship trophy during opening ceremonies after toping last weeks feature race.
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Randy Storlie (#53) brought his Super Stock to the winner's circle after winning the feature event this evening.
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Not the way to meet! Andy Simonis (#91) and Jim Cormack (#7) made contact when they spun in the oil from a blown engine.
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A career first!  Hank Frasch (#18) earned his first career Pure Stock feature win in a caution filled event.

Congratulations to Courtney Chojnacki the Short Trax Jr. Fan of the Week and Tyler Goshsmith the River City Motors $80 gift certificate winner.

Rene Scheinoha took fast time in the Late Model division. She and Burton Brown were the only two cars to get into the elevens. Rene opted to take the Hot n' Now Ultimate Challenge which was up to $1100.

Bryan Roach took the lead in the Super Late Model feature with a lot of fast contenders behind him. Monte Gress and Brandon Selle vied for position right behind Roach. Selle ended up spinning coming to hard into the turn, and went to the back of the pack.

This gave Judd Brandl a chance to move up to the top spots. Frank Nitzke and Allen Check also moved up to the top positions. Brandl made his way around Gress for the second spot and started to work on Roach. While Mark Eswein, Jeremy Lepak, and Burton Brown moved up the pack.

Gress started to lose positions, as Nitzke climbed into the third spot. Brandl and Roach were head to head. Brandl was able to take the lead on the 29th lap, but Roach took it back by lap 30. With five short laps to go in the 40-lap event, Brandl started experiencing car trouble and started to drop back.

At first it looked like he was going to lose his engine. Nitzke and Brown took advantage of Brandl's misfortune and move around him. As the checkered flag fell Roach took the win, with Nitzke in second, and Brown in third.

Cary Lyons ended up with fast time once again in the Super Stocks. Lyons opted to try for the Mobil Link Challenge, which was up to $550.

Tim Plowman started out with the lead. Steve Borski Randy Stolie and Jim Cormack were right behind him. Alan Sankey had some definite power and moved up to the third position by the fourth lap. Sankey made his way around Plowman by the eighth lap for the lead.

Plowman dropped back giving the second spot to Storlie. Keith Bohmsach made it thru the pack and was in the top positions by the eleventh lap. Bohmsach dropped out of contention last week with a broken racer.

Storlie started working hard on Sankey trying to take the lead away. Mike Doughty started moving up the ranks, looking for another win. By lap 21, Lyons and Shawn Stelzer connected sending both cars to the rear. Sankey kept his lead at the restart. Jason Kirsling also moved up from the back of the pack.

With just four short laps to go, tragedy struck for Sankey. On the 26th lap he started smoking and smoking bad. By lap 27, Sankey blew his motor taking him out of contention.

Cormack and Andy Simonis collided with everyone braking and moving out of Sankey's way. Cormack and Simonis both took their cars to the pits. This gave the lead to Storlie with Kirsling hot on his heals. It looked like Kirsling had second place locked in, but Bohmsach was able to pass him on the checkered flag. Storlie took first, with Bohmsach in second, and Kirsling in third.

John Matthews broke the track record in the Pure Stocks early this year, and then broke his own track record. The new track record sits at a 14.633. Shawn McGregor from the Navy, and Eighth Street Auto both started up a Pure Stock challenge with $50 dollars going to the pot for the first week and $25 thereafter. Matthews accepted the challenge. Matthews already took two clean sleeps this year.

Matthews and Ryan Rossier ended up a no show for the pure stock feature, due to car problems and an early heat accident for Rossier. The fifteen lap pure stock event was cut short to only seven laps, due to the extended amount of yellows.

It took three caution flags before the cars even took their first green flag. Then there were two more yellows after that, with a mess on the track. Hank Frasch ended up winning the race with Dale Risch in second and Kevin Hill in third.

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