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Drost leads wire to wire in Sands Super Late Victory!
By Amy Kolo

July 6, 2001; Plover, WI -  A fantastic crowd came out to Golden Sands to watch the racing action. Sunday, July 8th will be the first event for the Wisconsin Challenge Series. Some new late model racers came out to race Friday night to get ready for Sunday's event.

Photo Highlights

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Doug Drost (#32) won his second Super Late Model main event of the 2001 season at Golden Sands Speedway.
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Last week's fast qualifier in the Super Late Models, Rene Scheinoha (#5) had an unfortunate incident in her heat race which ended her evening.
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Chris Weinkauf (#75) turned in a fast qualifying performance in the Super Late Models. It was his first appearance at the Golden Sands Speedway this year.
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Larry Schultz (#28) was the man to beat this evening in Super Stock action.  It was his second feature win of 2001 at Golden Sands.
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Cary Lyons (#82) has been the driver to watch in Super Stock qualifying.  Here he celebrates another fast lap effort.
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Johnny Bell (#99) brought his Pinto to the winner's circle after scoring another 4 Cylinder feature win.r
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Doug Adams (#15) set a new track qualifying record this evening in the 4 Cylinder division..
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In 2-Man Cruiser action, the team of Kampert and Kampert came away with a win in one of three events held.

Chris Weinkauf took fast time with his first appearance this season. Chris also opted to take the Hot n' Now Ultimate Challenge which was up to $1200.

Kevin Peterson and Rene Scheinoha did not make the feature due to car problems and a heat race incident.

Doug Drost started out with the lead in the 40-lap feature event. Fast runner Judd Brandl was right behind him looking at taking the lead away. Terry Schoppenhorst was also right up front along with Todd Stapleman. Mark Eswein and Burton Brown started moving up the pack to run with the leaders. Brown lost power and started falling back into the middle of the pack.

This gave Benjamin Brinkman the chance to move up. Eswein and Brinkman made their way around Stapleman, and started working on Schoppenhorst. Eswein made his way around Schoppenhorst by the 24th lap with Brinkman right behind him. Brown got control of this racer, and started to win back some of the positions that he had lost. By lap 34 a caution came out for Monte Gress spinning out of turn four.

Drost kept the lead with Brandl right behind him. Eswein and Brinkman were close behind. By lap 37, Brandl shot into the infield, trying to get around Drost for the lead. Drost motored fast for the next three laps as Eswein moved in. Drost took the win with Eswein in second and Brinkman in third.

A very fast Cary Lyons, took fast time once again. Lyons has taken fast time quite a few times this season. He hasn't been able to win the Mobil Link Challenge pot, but opted to try again tonight. The pot was up to $600.

Jeremy Symkowiak started out with the lead, but lost it by the third lap to Larry Schultz. A very fast Alan Sankey, snuck up into the second spot. Tim Plowman and Shawn Stelzer also motored up to the front. Stelzer dropped back as Jason Kirsling made his way around him. Randy Storlie was maneuvering his way thru the pack to join the leaders. A caution came out on lap 18, as Lyons got together with Matt Wisz.

Schultz kept the lead at the restart with, Plowman taking the second spot away from Sankey. Sankey was racing hard to get around Plowman. Sankey really wanted the win, since he almost had it last week until his motor blew. Kirsling started dropping back, as Storlie moved up. Jim Cormack and Keith Bohmsach were also coming up fast. With just a few short laps to go, it was an intense race to the finish. Schultz took the win, with Plowman in second and Sankey in third.

The four cylinders were on deck tonight. Eighth Street Auto and the Navy put together a challenge pot that either the pure stocks or four cylinders can claim. Doug Adams took fast time and opted to take the challenge, which was up to $75.

Jennifer Nitzsche started out in front, and took off. But Bob Gereau took the first spot from hire by the third lap. Nitzsche started to fall back as all the fast runners started to make their way thru the slower cars to the front. Adams was already behind Gereau by the fifth lap, and Johhny Bell was right on Adams heels. Bell had made his way around Adams and started working on Gereau.

By the 8th lap Bell made it to the front. Adams and Gereau started battling it out and got into each other bringing out the caution. This gave way to Brian Schmutzer moving in to the second spot. Nitzsche was able to regain the third spot, but Keith Wirtz and Roger Stanczyk zoomed past her. Bell took the win with Schmutzer in second and Wirtz in third.

The cruisers took the stage again for three exciting heats. The first race had Kampert and Kampert as the victors. The second heat Applebee and Kalata taking the checkered. The third heat, Bohm and French ended up taking the checkered.

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