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Back edges Brandl for Super Late victory at Sands!
By Amy Kolo

July 13, 2001; Plover, WI -  A hot day and a gorgeous night brought a large crowd to the Power Playground for Midstate Truck night. Midstate Truck hosted a huge VIP Party for their customers and employees.

Photo Highlights

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Gary Back (#26) came out on top of a thrilling duel with Judd Brandl to score this evening's Super Late Model feature victory
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Allen Check (#20) took home fast qualifying honors this evening inn the Super Late Models.
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Jason Kirsling (#99) was too fast to catch in Super Stock action, taking the feature event..
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The cars of Shawn Stelzer (#40) and Steve Borski (#5) show the damage from a five car accident during the feature contest. None of the drivers were injured.
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John Matthews (#98) scored another clean sweep in Pure Stock action this evening at Golden Sands.

Allen Check screamed out fast time for the first time this season, and opted to take the Hot n' Now Ultimate Challenge, which was up to $1300.

Jeff Weinfurter didn't make the feature due to some car troubles. Judd Brandl took the lead right at the beginning, with Brandon Selle trying to make a move on the outside. Selle started to fall back, as Gary Back came to race with Brandl. Both drivers raced extremely hard. Back got around Brandl by the ninth lap. Frank Nitzke started to be a hard contender as he closed in on the leaders.

The outside groove was fast, as guys started to pass each other. Burton Brown, Greg Weinfurter, Mark Eswein, and Allen Check all started to move up. The two leaders started crossing the line almost nose to nose. Back stayed ahead most of the time, as Brandl moved ahead on some of the laps. Finally Back got the power to take a car lengths lead, as Brandl fought hard to catch him. Eswein moved his way around Nitzke. Check got caught mid pack behind some of the slower cars. Back took the checkered with Brandl in second and Eswein in third.

Keith Bohmsach took fast time in the Super Stock division. He also opted to take the Mobile Link Challenge, which was up to $650.

Brian Stroik and Dave Nietzke took the early lead, but was quickly surpassed by Jason Kirsling by the fifth lap. Nietzke and Stroik fell back as some of the fast runners moved ahead. Andy Simonis edged up into the second spot, with Shawn Stelzer right behind him. Jim Cormack and Randy Storlie followed suite. Fast timer, Keith Bohmsach had made it half way thru the pack by lap ten. Cormack and Storlie made their way around Stelzer, as a caution came out on lap 15 for a five-car pile up. Stelzer's racer was wrecked. Tim Plowman, Alan Sankey, Steve Borski, and Jeremy Szymkowiak all headed into the pits with damage.

Kirsling kept his lead at the restart, with Cormack and Bohmsach hot on his heels. Storlie was closing in on Bohmsach. Bohmsach wanted the win and to take the Challenge pot home. Mike Doughty and Scott Hamel were also moving up fast looking at the top spots. A caution came out on the checkered as the leader took the green. Cormack and Bohmsach spun with Storlie running into Bohmsach, as he had no were to go. Cormack and Bohmsach were scored to the back for bringing out the caution. Storlie got his spot back as an innocent counterpart. Kirsling took the win with Simonis in third.

The Pure Stocks had John Matthews again take fast time. Matthews also opted to take the Navy/8th Street Auto Challenge, which was up to $100.

John Matthews had already accomplished fast time, won his dash and his heat, and was looking for a clean sweep by winning the feature. Scott Christensen took the early lead, with Dave Swanson in the second spot. Hank Frasch proved to be a tough contender for Swanson as both of the exchanged positions lap after lap. By the tenth lap Matthews moved up into fifth position. By the 12th lap he was in the second spot looking at taking the clean sweep and the challenge home.

With just three laps to go Matthews made his way around Christensen and was looking for the win. Christensen drove hard to take it away from Matthews, but Matthews was just to fast. Matthews took the checkered, the clean sweep and the Challenge pot home. Christensen finished second with Frasch in third.

The spectator racers put on a thrilling show, with 20 contestants! Jerry Monroe's hot rod even threw out flames from the tail pipes sending the crowd into screams and cheers.

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