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Back dominates Super Lates!
By Amy Kolo

July 27, 2001; Plover, WI -  Tons of people showed up for the bus races. Buses were three wide in the turns! Looked like they were trying to tip each other over. The crowd cheered every time they plowed into each other.

Photo Highlights

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Gary Back (#26) made his second trip to victory lane this season after capturing the Super Late Model feature event.
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Early in the Super Late Model main event, Gary Back (#26) used the low line to slip past Joe Krzykowski (#77).
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Current track record holder Jeremy Lepak (#40) nailed won his first fast qualifying effort of the season this evening.
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Randy Storlie (#53) had and impressive run in the Super Stocks grabbing the feature win.
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Cary Lyons (#82) did it again in qualifying.  His seventh fast time effort of the year was just shy of the track record.
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A clean sweep!  Johnny Bell (#99) was undefeated in 4 cylinder action this evening.
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The Bus Races saw some amazing three and four wide passing attempts on the high-banked third mile oval.
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The fans got involved in Schierl Tire Rollin' Rubber Race. Winner received four new tires.

Jeremy Lepak spun fast time with an 11.804! You had to be in the elevens to even get into the dash! The bubble for the feature was a 12.082seconds! Lepak opted to take the Hot n' Now Ultimate Challenge which was up to $1600.

Seventeen cars started the feature with a huge caution coming out on the second lap. Eugene Gregorich got loose coming out of turn two, causing Mark Eswein, Joe Krzykowski, and Monte Gress to get together. Brandon Selle, Kirby Kurth, Jeremy Lepak, also ended up going into the pits for car problems but each returned to run more laps.

At the restart Doug Drost took the lead with Neil Knoblock in second. Todd Stapleman started running hard to get around Drost. Knoblock got a little loose and fell back three positions, as Gary Back saw the chance to move ahead and steal the second spot.

Burton Brown followed suit and fell into the third spot. Drost kept ahead of Back as both guys race hard. Frank Nitzke started to gain positions as, Back got ahead Drost for the lead.

Back had immense power as he started to pull away from the rest of the pack. Drost tried hard to catch him. But Back started to pull even further ahead. Back ended up being a whole half a lap ahead of the rest of the cars. Lapped traffic came into play with just two laps to go, allowing Back to ensure his lead even more. Back took checkered with Drost in second, and Burton Brown in third.

Cary Lyons spun fast time but opted not to take the Mobil Link Challenge, which was up to $750. Lyons wanted to try to win the feature without coming from the back of the pack.

Larry Schultz took the early lead in the Super Stock Feature with Randy Storlie right behind him. Shawn Stelzer and Cary Lyons fought to get up to the top of the pack.

Alan Sankey and Keith Bohmsach started to move up the pack, looking for top positions. It looked like Schultz was going to take this race, but Storlie passed him for the lead with just five short laps to go.

Bohmsach started moving ahead, as lapped traffic started to come into play with just three laps to go. Bohmsach tried hard to get around the second spot, but wasn't able to because of the lapped traffic. Storlie took the checkered with Schultz in second, and Bohmsach in third.

Johnny Bell took fast time once again, and opted to take the Navy/8th Street Auto, which was only up to $25, since the Pure Stocks won it last week.

Ron Duncan took the early lead in the 4-cylinder feature with Bob Gereau in second. By the fifth lap, Duncan fell back four spots, as Gereau took the lead. Doug Adams fell into second with a very fast Johnny Bell in third. Keith Wirtz started moving up working on the leaders.

By the tenth lap Bell took the top spot from Gereau. Gereau fought hard trying to get it back. Lapped traffic came into play with just three laps to go (similar to the Super and Late features). Bell held on and took the win, with Gereau in second, and Adams in third.

Next weekend, August 3rd and 5th, is a double show with the 6th Annual Carquest Night on Friday with a full show plus Cruisers.

Sunday will feature the 2nd Wisconsin Challenge Series race with Sport Trucks and Cruisers. As result of the high temperatures endured by the fans and drivers during the inaugural event, the starting times for the next show have been pushed back three hours.  Pit gates will open at 1:00 p.m., with qualifying at 3:30 p.m.  The actual racing will begin at 5:00 p.m., as afternoon temperatures begin to cool.  It's expected the feature race will start about an hour before sunset, with racing concluding around dusk.

The program will be highlighted by a 88 Lap feature contest for the Late Models.  The 22 car field will include the fatsest 16 cars qualified by time, and the top three finishers from each of the two 30 lap Qualifying races.

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