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Lepak survives Late Model action for 4th win of 2001!
Cormack collects checkereds in Super Stocks!
By Amy Kolo

August 3, 2001; Plover, WI -  Hard core race fans tolerated the hot weather to come and watch the action at the Power Playground. Super Lates, Super Stocks, 4-Cylinders and Cruisers took the stage.

Gary Back took fast time and opted to take the Hot n' Now Ultimate Challenge which was up to $1600.

Photo Highlights

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Jeremy Lepak (#40) shakes hand with a representative of CarQuest after capturing his fourth Super Late Model victory of the 2001 season at Golden Sands.
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It was an unexpected end to the evening as Kirby Kurth (#85) and Doug Drost (#32) got collected in an incident on the backstretch during the Super Late Model feature race.
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Jim Cormack (#7) made up for a number of close calls, by earning the Super Stock feature victory this evening.
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In the closing laps of the Super Stock feature, Jim Cormack (#7) had to fend off the challenges of defending division champion Keith Bohmsach (#24) for the win.
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Johnny Bell (#99) has been getting plenty of time in the winner's circle.  Here he enjoys a visit after the 4 Cylinder feature race.
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Doug Adams (#15) did all he could to maintain the lead, but Johnny Bell (#99) would slip by to claim the 4 cylinder feature victory.
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The team of Kampert and Kampert (#01) powered to victory in the high points race for the 2-Man Cruisers.
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A first visit to the winners circle awaited the team of Bohm and French (#34) after they captured a 2-Man Cruiser event.

The Late Model feature had many cautions. The first two laps ended up in cautions. The first lap had Eugene Gregorich going three wide, with Leroy Pettis and Gary Back spinning. At the restart, the first and second spots, Greg Weinfurter and Kirby Kurth collided bringing out the caution. Jeremy Lepak took the lead at the restart, but another caution came out again with Back and Dwayne Vetrone getting into each other.

Lepak took the lead once again on the restart with Monte Gress in second and Kevin Peterson in third. Jeff Weinfurter and Brian Roach started moving up to work on the leaders. It stayed green for about seven more laps as another caution came out for Roach and Allen Check. Lepak lead the restart once again, with Peterson hot on his heels.

They only ran for four more laps as another caution came out for Back, Doug Drost, and Kurth. Lepak took the lead again at the restart and motored ahead. Peterson put on the gas trying to catch him. Gress dropped back as Burton Brown slid into the third spot. Nine more laps ran green, until a caution came out as Brown and Peterson tangled. The checkered was then dropped ending the race. Lepak took the checkered with Jeff Weinfurter taking second and Gress finishing third.

Alan Sankey spun fast time in the Super Stocks and opted to take the Mobile Link Challenge, which was up to $800.

Mike Brooks took the early lead with Scott Hamel in second. Hamel and Jeremy Szymkowiak brought out the caution on the next lap. Randy Storlie also went into the pits with car problems. Brooks held onto the lead at the restart with Mike Doughty in second. Jim Cormack managed to pass Doughty and Brooks for the lead within the next two laps. Brooks and Doughty started loosing positions, as Andy Simonis and Keith Bohmsach pulled ahead. Shawn Stelzer moved up the pack, but Doughty was able to pass him to gain a position.

Cormack, Bohmsach, and Simonis fought hard for position. The middle of the pack also fought hard for positions as Doughty, Sankey and Schultz battled it out. Sankey started to put the pedal to the metal looking to take the challenge money home. Cormack held onto his lead and took the checkered with Bohmsach in second and Simonis in third.

A new comer to the track, Trever Dzwonkowksi spun the fast time in the 4-Cylinders. He also opted to take the Navy/8th Street Auto Challenge, which was only up to $25. Since John Bell and John Matthews cleaned out the pot over the past few weeks.

The 4-Cylinders put on an impressive show with three and four wide racing. The caution only came out once during their entire feature with Ron Duncan and Steve Cottrell tangling coming out of turn three. Ron Duncan had the early lead in the feature but was surpassed by Doug Adams with in the first few laps. Johnny Bell had already maneuvered his way around the slower cars and ended up in the second spot. He took the lead away from Adams by the 9th lap.

Nick Wierzba, a greatly improved driver, got right behind Adams and looked at the lead. Fast timer, Dzwonkowski had already moved up into the fourth spot, drooling at the thought of stealing the lead away from Bell. Bell held onto his lead with Adams in second. Dzwonkowski took the third spot away from Wierzba on the white flag lap, but Wierzba regained his position as the checkered fell. Bell took first with Adams in second and Wierzba in third.

The Cruisers put on an excellent show with three races. Kampert and Kampert were the victors in the first race. Bohm and French stole the second race, and Vayda and Anderson finished with the lead in the first race.

This Sunday August 5th is the second WCS race honoring Tom Reffner, with the Reffner 88 Race. Sport Trucks and Cruisers will also be on hand.

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