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Kurth takes Late Model win by a hair!
By Amy Kolo

August 10, 2001; Plover, WI -  A large crowd showed for the Kwik Trip/Tobacco Outlet night benefiting the Special Olympics. A ton of prizes were given away, with an auction to bid on some very cool race items with proceeds going to the Special Olympics.

Photo Highlights

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Kirby Kurth (#85) has been on a roll at Golden Sands, he won the two Wisconsin Challenge Series races held on the third-mile high banked oval, and now has a Friday Night Super Late Model feature win to his credit.
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Kirby Kurth (#85) had his hands full in the closing laps as Allen Check (#20) and Jeremy Lepak (#40) tried to find a way to the lead.  Kurth would hold on for the win.
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Allen Check (#20) turned in fast qualifying honors and opted to take the Hot N' Now challenge worth $1,700 if he could win from the back of the pack.   He came close as he would finish in second place in the main event.
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A change of fortune has been the case for Jim Cormack (#7) as he scored his second Super Stock feature victory in a row after bad luck kept him from the winner's circle earlier in the season.
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Using the outside line Jim Cormack (#7) was able to slip by Tim Hintz (#1) in the Super Stock feature contest.
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Jason Kirsling (#99) claimed fast qualifying honors in the Super Stock division.
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John Matthews (#98) survived a wild Pure Stock main event to claim the victory this evening.
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Paul Hojnacki bested 21 other competitors in the Spectator races this evening.

Allen Check took fast time with an 11.861. He opted to take the Hot n' Now Ultimate Challenge which was up to $1700!

It took two cautions to finally get the Late Model feature going. Chad Devine took the lead with Bryan Roach and Burton Brown hot on his heels. Brown made his way around Roach for the second spot as, Kirby Kurth and Check started to make their way to the front. Check was in the fourth position by the tenth lap. Sauter Jr was also making his way up to the front of the pack. Kurth made his way around Devine for the top spot, with Check following in hot pursuit.

Check made his way into the second spot on the very next lap. Cars started vying for position behind Check. Jeremy Lepak zoomed past Devine for the third spot. Doug Drost started to move up as Burton started loosing positions. By the twenty-third lap a caution came out moving Devine back to spots for not paying attention to the move over flag. Kurth kept his lead on the restart with Check in second and Lepak in third.

Check started racing hard for the win, hoping to take the challenge pot home. The next seven laps were pretty intense watching Check trying to gain positions for the lead. By the white flag lap Check, Kurth, and Lepak were almost going three wide, all wanting the lead. Check fell back just a smallest amount as Lepak and Kurth crossed the line almost head to head, but Kurth had Lepak just by the nose. Kurth took the win, with Lepak in second and Check in third.

Jason Kirsling took fast time in the Super Stocks with a 13.320. Kirsling also opted to take the Mobile Link Challenge, which was up to $850.

Tim Hintz took the early lead with Tim Plowman right behind him. Shawn Stelzer and Alan Sankey were fighting for position trying to advance. Larry Schultz started moving up and took the second spot from Plowman as he started loosing positions. Cary Lyons made his way around Plowman and Sankey looking at the third spot. On the thirteenth lap, a caution came out with Lyons, Sankey and Stelzer going to the pits. Andy Simonis ended up in the dirt trying to get out of the way of all the cars spinning.

Hintz kept his lead at the restart, but Jim Cormack was coming up fast. Cormack took the lead away from Hintz within the next four laps. Schultz stayed in the third spot, but Simonis moved up into the fourth spot. Kirsling started moving up fast through the pack hoping to take the win, but there was only a few laps left. Kirsling passed Simonis and Schultz moving into the third position. Cormack took the checkered for the second week in a row. Hintz took the second spot with Kirsling in third.

John Matthews took fast time once again and opted to take the Navy/8th Street Auto Challenge, which was up to $50.

Jeff Gosh took the early lead with second position changing lap after lap. First Dan Ernst, Kevin Hill, the Ken Soyka. Finally Matthews made his way thru the pack and took the second spot. Lapped traffic came into play with a bunch of cars spinning and making their way out of it. This gave the lead to Matthews. Bryan Krog fell into the second spot as other veteran drivers moved into the top positions. As the checkered flag fell, Matthews took the win with Krog in second and Hank Fracsh in third.

The spectator racers put on a good show. Every one was looking for Jerry Monroe's Cadillac which thru flames out the back, but he didn't have it in the show due to mechanical problems. Paul Hojnacki took first in his 79 Camaro. Jeff Schroeder took second in his 67 Camaro and Charlie Rossier took third in his 78 Camaro.

Next week BUS RACES!!! Don't miss the fun. The Terry's Amoco/Goss Auto bus will be parked up by the ticket gate for all the kid's to sign their names on. Thanks to Terry's Amoco and Goss Auto for making the kids be part of the fun.

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