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Defending track champ Eswein takes Super Late Model main at Sands Opener!
By Amy Kolo

April 29, 2001; Plover, WI -  The original season opener on was scheduled for April 22nd, but was shortly cancelled after the first two dashes due to rain.  This Mid-America cars came back this Sunday for some great racing action at the Sands.  The weather was excellent.  Saw some people looking pretty red from the sun. 

Photo Highlights

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Defending Super Late Model champion Mark Eswein (#71) continues to dominate the competition at Golden Sands Speedway.
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Brian Back (#61) paced the early portion of the Super Late Model main event before Mark Eswein slipped by for the lead.
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The 4-Cylinder division made their debut this year with Mike Peterson scoring the victory by avoiding an accident that took out the leaders.
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Randy Storlie (#53) looked to have the Super Stock main event in hand until a late race pass be defending division champ Keith Bohmsach (#24x) who then held on for the win.
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Keith Bohmsach has continued on a roll this year, winning the Super Stock main event at Marshfield on Saturday and then winning the feature here at Golden Sands on Sunday.
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A large crowd was on hand to watch opening day action at Golden Sands Speedway.
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Greg Back (#62) was involved in a last lap accident in the Super Late Model semi-feature which caused a good deal of damage to his car.

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Mid Americas put on a great 50 lap feature show.  Jimmy Becker from Burlington IL took the checkered with James Swan from Lake Geneva in second and Rod Brewe from Kaukauna in third.

The Super Late Models lit up the track in qualifying.  Mark Eswein took fast time, but opted not to take the Hot n’ Now Ultimate Challenge.  Eswein choose to let the pot build up.  With the roll of the dice, Eswein ended up pretty much in the back of the pack anyways.  He should have taken it, but it will be nice to let the pot build.

The Back boys came racing with some nice looking cars.  Brian Back took the lead right away during he feature with Jeremy Lepak right behind him.  Todd Stapleman also started moving up the pack.  Scott Beyer looks to have a pretty fast race car this year as he qualified in for the feature and showed his power at the top of the pack.  The first caution came out on lap thirteen with Stapleman and Burton Brown tangleing sending both cars up the track between one and two.  The soft walls stopped both cars with minimal damage. 

At the green Back kept his lead with Beyer moving up to second.  Eswein had already advanced to the fourth position as he started working his way up.  Eswein seemed to favor the inside and made his move in the next few laps around Beyer.  Jeff Weinfurter definalty had speed as he moved into the third position.  By the 21st lap, Eswein moved into the top position with Weinfurter sneaking his way around Back for the second position.  Eswein and Weinfurter kept their positions, but Brandl was able to beat out Back for the third position.  Eswein took the win, with Weinfurter in second and Back in third.  I have a feeling Eswein will probably take future Challenges no matter what the pot is.  

A slew of Super Stock should up for the show.  Lot’s of new drivers for the 2001 season.  Many Pure Stock drivers moving up to the Super Stocks.  Mike Doughty took fast time and opted to take the Mobil Link (Your Cellulink Agent) Challenge.    

Randy Storlie started the feature off with the lead.  Jason Kirsling followed in second with Alan Sankey behind him.  The first caution came out by lap five with Don Cline and Jeremy Szymkowiak tangleling.   2000’s Champion, Keith Bohmsach started moving up the pack like a hurricane.  Kirsling fell back a few positions as Bohmsach moved into the third postion by lap eight.   Scott Hamel edged out Kirsling for the fourth position. 

Storlie held onto his lead, even with lap traffic developing in lap 14.  By lap 18, Bohmsach made his way around Storlie for the lead.  Storlie started racing hard to regain his lead.  Sankey kept haning on with Hamel and Kirsling in hot pursuit.  With five laps to go it was a mad dash to the finish.  Bohmsach took the victory with Storlie in second and Hamel in third.   Doughty finished seventh. 

A new class of racers, the Four Cylinders, will be racing pretty much every other week alternating with the Pure Stocks.  Steven Cottrell took fast time.  The Four Cylinders had a lot of passing and a lot of lapped cars in the feature.  Nick Wierzba took the first lead with Mike Peterson passing him by the second lap.  Bob Gereau follwed in pursuit taking the second position with Paul Berg in third.  Berg maneuvered ahead of Gereau and Peterson for the first position by lap 8.  Lapped traffic started taking place making it tough to see who was on the lead lap. 

Berg managed to keep his lead, with Gereau in second.  Peterson dropped back to fourth with Cottrell edging out the third position.  From lap 12 to lap 13, Peterson shot his way up and took the lead from Berg, sending Berg back three positions.  Peterson took the checkered with Cottrell in second and Berg in third. 

This Friday, May 4th will be Golden Sands Speedway’s first Friday night race.  Don’t miss the action with a full show plus Pure Stocks and Cruisers!

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