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The "Eve of Devastation" arrives at Golden Sands!
By Amy Kolo

September 14, 2001; Plover, WI -  Everyone's favorite season finale proved to be bigger and better. In the mist of everything that has been going on in America, the night gave some people a little enjoyment. Alan Bassuener held a meaningful prayer to the crowd with a moment of silence. At the seven o'clock hour, those who brought their candles lit them; others used lighters while others held another moment of silence for the victims in New York.

Photo Highlights

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Jim Stratton (#8) earned the best appearing trailer for the program.  Entitled Bin Laden's Last Ride it was a fan favorite.
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The trailers race provided plenty of thrills, spills and above all...action!
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The 2-Man Cruiser consi winners were Walter and Philip Kalman (#79).
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Dan and Dave Glodowski (#00) captured a wild 2-Man Cruiser Semi-feature.
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An amazing 44 cars showed up for 2-Man Cruiser action! Rodney Feltz and Fran Esser (#911) took top honors in the feature contest.
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The Plywood race saw cars go three wide during the event!
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The Plywood race honors went to Brian Stroik and his passenger Scott McNabb.
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Catching some serious air Chuck Ethan launches his car during the "Dupes of Hazzard" jump competition.
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Burton Brown (#07), the 2001 Late Model champion at Golden Sands Speedway took home top honors in one of the Bus Races!
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They may be big but the wide racing surface at Golden Sands Speedway allows for three wide racing even for the huge busses.
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Stop that bus! In the gauntlet race, a swarm of cars try to stop the "Fun Bus" from making it around the track.   The Bus was able to force the cars out of the way and won the gauntlet.
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Deathwish Dan thrilled the crowd by jumping his motorcycle over a helicopter with it's blades rotating.  He also did a 70 foot free-fall into a pile of boxes.  He was able to walk away from these amazing stunts!

The Stunt Entertainment for the night was "Death-Wish Dan Elders". A very crazy individual. He first went around the track a few times popping some wheelies on his motorcycle for the kid's enjoyment. Then the jumped over a running helicopter with his motorcycle. With all his pyrotechnics it looked pretty awesome. Elder's also decided to light himself on fire as he plummeted from over 70 feet into a pile of cardboard boxes! He hit dead center, it took a little bit for him to climb out but he popped right out just like a Jack-In-The-Box toy.

Forty-four Cruisers showed up for their championship night. #76 Jack Szymkowiak and Rick Cisewski took fast time. Fourteen from time went into the feature event with two transferring from the consi and the semi events. A caution flag went out at the half way mark during the feature, so the scorers could get the cars realigned. With cars spinning into the infield lap after lap, lapped cars, and cars that just can't make it, the scoring for the Cruiser races can get pretty hairy.

Fifteen Cruisers started the Consi event. There were only a couple of spins, and the made the whole race with out bring out a caution flag. #79 Walter and Philp Kalman took the win with #7 Tyler Kalata and Don Applebee in second. The semi race had a caution with the very first lap with cars bumping into each other. #00 Dan and Dave Glodowski took the win with #15 Chad Dean and Mike Schultz in second. The feature cars seemed faster than ever! #2 Dave Haney and Bob Elgersma had the lead for about half of the race before spinning with other cars. That allowed #45 Craig Grzdzinski and Jack Sutherland to lead the pack. #911 Rodney Feltz and Fran Esser quickly stole the lead from the #45 and ended up taking the win. #99 Greg Thomae and Troy Engman finished second with the #45 car in third.

The next event was the Plywood/Tire Race. The driver had to hold a piece of plywood on the roof of his car, while a tire sat on the hood of his car. Then they raced each other around the track. If someone lost their plywood or tire, they had to stop and pick it back up before they could continue to race. After the four heats they raced all the winners together. Brian Stroik and his passenger Scott McNabb ended up being the overall victors.

"2nd Over The Line"    Object of this event was to be the second driver to cross the finish line at the checkered, because the second guy would take the victory. Guys slowed down and try to push others cars in front of them over the line first. Of the two heats, cruiser drivers #00 The Glodowski boys took the first win with Chuck Ethan in the West Side Motors car taking the win in the second race.

"Dupes of Hazzard Jump"    Just like it sounds, set up a ramp and see who can jump the farthest. Some cars nose dived pretty hard and pretty much wrecked for the rest of the evening. The most unique car was a brightly painted "beetle" decked out with wings to help fly over the jump. They lost one of the wings right before the jump, but it still was a pretty cool idea. Rodney Feltz jumped the farthest during the first round. Then Golden Sands decided to have a jump off. Rodney's car wouldn't run anymore, but Chuck Ethan gave it a chance and beat out Rodney's record. The win went to both drivers, since Rodney didn't have a chance to defend his title. Chuck said he was going to make his Westside Motors car fly, and that he did! YeeHaa!

During intermission the "Happy Sleeper Recliner Races" were held. Two teams race each other for a chance to win two new recliners. One team member pushes while the other rides, as they race down to a select point, they have to switch positions and race back. It was a tight race as each team pulled ahead of each other. But on the final switch Rick and Stacy Froehlich pulled it off and won two brand new recliners from Happy Sleeper. Congrats to Rick and Stacy and Thanks to Happy Sleeper for it's third year of sponsoring the race.

A grocery cart race was also held on the track. Each contestant had to load three tires into a shopping cart and push it up the banking of the track! First off three tires isn't very light - then try to push it up almost a 13-degree banking! Both contestants's received a Schierl Tire/GoodYear Jacket compliments of Team Schierl Companies.

"Chain Race" Two cars were chained together rear bumper to rear bumper. The first lap the lead car had to pull its chained partner around the track with out breaking the chain. The second lap the lead car the backed into the rear bumper of it's chained partner and had to push him around the track. Cars smashed into each other and broke changes, or just lost control between each other and broke their chains. Out of the two races, Fred Jensen/Dave Draxler, with partners Shawn Lewis and Chuck Ethan claimed the first victories. The second race had Mike Oehmichen/Brandon Feit with partners Travis Dodson/Darin Seubert claimed the victories.   

"Bus Races" The ultimate crowd please. One bus rocked back and forth as everyone tried to roll each other over! The crowd loved it! Pete Lang won the first race with 2001 Season Champion, Late Model Driver Burton Brown winning the second race. Come to think of it that was Burton's first feature win this year!

"The Gauntlet Race" The Golden Sands Speedway Fun Bus served as the Gauntlet in this race. The object was the rest of the field had to stop the Gauntlet from making two laps around the track. The gauntlet's only defense was a bunch of old rotten vegetables that it had on board to whip at the other cars. Thanks to Miller Farms and Altenburgs for providing the old vegetables. All the cars trying to stop the gauntlet looked hilarious. It was like a swarm of bees around a beehive. Needless to say the Fun Bus ended up being the victor.

This year the trailer races were divided up into two different races. One for the smaller compact cars and one race for the larger vehicles. Also you had to have a theme for your trailer and have your trailer decorated. $100 and a trophy were given to the best-decorated trailer. There were some awesome trailers out there with the coolest themes and decorations! Jim Stratton won the best trailer award due to crowd enthusiasm. There were some other nicely done trailers. Golden Sands has got to mention Eddie VanValen's trailer. Eddie is from New York and before everything that happened on Tuesday; Eddie was planning on having the Statue of Liberty as his theme. Then the disaster struck New York and Eddie still kept his trailer in honor for all his friends.

After the vote was done for the best trailer the races commenced. The drivers had to bump into the trailer in front of them before they could pass. What a mess! Campers, boats, papers, hay, stuffed animals, you name it! Tons of junk lay everywhere. The trailer races definitely took the cake.

Golden Sands Speedway would like to thank all the drivers, fans, and sponsors for an excellent 2001 season. The Driver's banquet will be held October 19, 2001. If you do not receive an invitation in the mail, please call the office to request one. Thanks!

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