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Check makes trek back to victory lane at Golden Sands!
By Amy Kolo

May 11, 2001; Plover, WI -  The rain held off, but it was a chilly one at the Power Playground. Congratulations to Amy Klingsmith the Jr. Short Trax Fan of the Week. Congratulations to Joe Sosnowski winner of the River City Motors Kid's Chamber of Commerce gift certificate. And good job to Brian Jerzak who got a chance to grab some bucks out of the money machine in the "Fast Dash for Cash".

Photo Highlights

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Kevin Peterson (#36) a multi-time track champion, scored his first career Super Late Model fast qualifying effort at Golden Sands.
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Allen Check (#20) recently returned to racing after a few years off and tonight he recorded his first Super Late Model feature win since the 1991 season.
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Oops! Aaron Roehl (#8) gets turned around and is narrowly missed by Dave Philipps (#72) and Chad Devine (#54) during the Late Model semi.
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Keith Bohmsach (#24) was back in victory lane just one week after his car was severely damaged in an accident during Super Stock competition.
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Mike Bell (#99) piloted this sharp looking Pinto to fast time honors in the 4 Cylinder division.
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Mike Dixon (#23) topped the FAME 4-Cylinder division feature contest.
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Mixing it up. The 4 Cylinder class races three deep through a turn at Golden Sands.

Kevin Peterson, driving Ben Martinson's car, took fast time with an 11.826. Some time this season the Super Late Model track record is going to be broken. All the driver's times were very close. Three drivers each had a time one-one-thousandths from each other. Peterson opted to take the Hot n' Now Challenge that was up to $400.

Eugene Gregorich started out with the lead in the 30-lap feature, but wasn't able to stay there very long. By the third lap Gregorich and Brandl spun in the turn. This gave Greg Weinfurter and his brother, Jeff the top positions at the restart. By the very next lap, Alan Check passed both the Weinfurter brothers for the lead. Jeff was able to get around Greg, and started to catch Check. Mark Eswein, Jeremy Lepak, Frank Nitzke, and Monte Gress started making their way to the front. By lap 16 a terrible wreck took place, taking out a lot of cars.

Jeff W. went into the pits, Lepak, Greg W., Nitzke, Peterson, Brandl, Steve Gress all spun some in a wreck some spinning to avoid. At the restart, Check kept his lead with Eswein moving up into the second position. Eswein fell back as Burton Brown took away second. Eswein and Brown battled it out for second, each of them leading the falling back lap after lap. As the checkered flag flew, Check took first and Brown beat out Eswein for second.

Cary Lyons took the fast time in the Super Stock division once again, and took the Mobil Link Challenge, which was up to $200.

The Super Stocks ran an excellent caution-less feature. A crowd pleaser! Rookie driver, Jeremy Szymkowiak started out with the lead, but dropped back as veteran racers started making their way to the front of the pack. Randy Storlie took the lead, with Jim Cormack, Shawn Stelzer and Keith Bohmsach hot on his heels. Bohmsach passed all the drivers and took the lead away from Storlie. Stelzer made his way around Cormack, and Cary Lyons was moving up the pack looking to take the challenge money home.

Bohmsach held onto his lead, with everyone trying to catch him. Lapped traffic came into play on the white flag lap, insuring Bohmsach his position. But the lapped traffic, sent Storlie back as he got loose coming down the stretch. Bohmsach took the win, with Stelzer in second, and Cormack in third. Lyons finished fifth.

Johnny Bell took fast time in the 4-Cylinder division. A lot of three and four wide racing took place in the feature, as faster and more experienced racers beat out younger and less experienced ones. Jason Feucht took the early lead, but soon fell back to Mike Dixon and Bob Gereau. Bell was already up to the fourth position from the back of the pack by the fourth lap. Eric Nelson started taking the outside groove to maneuver around the smaller cars. With four laps to go cars were getting lapped left and right. Bell went for the lead, but got caught up lapped traffic and finished in the back of the pack. Dixon took the win, with Gereau in second and Mike Peterson in third.

The spectator races were awesome. Some cars got dangerously close to each other and were to cool and beautiful to wreck! Nick L'Huillier took first in his 1979 Pontiac TA. David Firkus took second with his 1999 Grand AM GT. Dale Christianson took third in his 1986 Z28 Camaro.

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