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Stapleman survives to win wild Late Model event at Golden Sands!
By Amy Kolo

May 25, 2001; Plover, WI -  Golden Sands Speedway was the only track open in the state Friday night.  The rainy weather closed many of the other tracks for the night.  The rain held off up until the last feature of the night.  

Photo Highlights

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Todd Stapleman (#77) earned his first Super Late Model feature victory of the season at Golden Sands Speedway.
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M.G. Gajewski (#22) had the unfortunate experience of being in the wrong place at the wrong time and had his car "skinned" during the Super Late Model feature event.
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Allen Check (#20) does battle with Jeff Weinfurter (#3) during the Super Late Model dash.  Check went on to win the event.
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Keith Bohmsach (#24) brought his Super Stock to victory lane after winning the feature contest.
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Mike Doughty (#52) earned fast qualifying honors in the Super Stock division.
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Johnny Bell (#99) had a great night in the 4 Cylinder division, winning the feature race after setting quick time earlier in the evening.

Talk about luck. Congratulations to Ashley Schlapper the Short Trax Jr. Fan Club Member of the Week. Congratulations to Wesley Stelzer winner of the River City Motors Gift Certificate, and congrats to Kelly Beadles who got to try her luck at the money machine and ended up walking away with over $50 in cash plus speedway bucks!

Mark Eswein pulled fast time and opted to take the Hot n’ Now Ultimate Challenge which was up to $600. 

Todd Stapleman pulled ahead right away on the start of the Super Late Model feature.  Brandon Selle and Scott Beyer followed in hot pursuit.  Stapleman started to make car lengths between him and the rest of the pack.   Beyer got around Selle, with Burton Brown moving up into contention. 

Most of the fast runners were stuck in the back of the pack.  Burton made his way around Selle as a yellow came out.  Eswein, Steve Gress, and Dwayne Vetrone tangled in the back of the pack.  At the green, Stapleman kept his lead, Brown took second from Beyer as Judd Brandl made his way around Selle.  A caution immediately flew again as Greg Back lost it in the turn. 

At the restart, Stapleman held the lead again, Burton stayed in second, Brandl in third, but Jeremy Lepak and Allen Check were able to maneuver around the slower cars to work on the leaders.  By lap 24, another caution came out with Selle spinning out by himself.  The next lap ended in a caution also. 

As the cars realigned, the very next lap ended in a caution with a huge mess!  Jeff Weinfurter, who had made his way up to the top spun with Allen Check, sending cars break checking.  Eswein flew over the top of MG Gajewski.  MG and Eswein were both fine.  So were Weinfurter in Check.  The race was then called.  Stapleman finished first, Brown in second, and Brandl in third. 

Mike Doughty took fast time in the Super Stocks and opted to take the Mobile Link Challenge, which was up to $300. 

Brian Stroik started out in the lead with Larry Schultz right behind him.  Schultz was quickly over taken by Jeremy Szymkowiak.  Fast runner, Keith Bohmsach maneuvered past all of them and took second.  By lap 10, Cary Lyons, Jason Szymkowiak, and Shawn Stelzer all tangled, send all three cars to the back of the pack.  Stroik maintained the lead, but only for two short laps, as Bohmsach slid around him for the top spot. 

Allen Sankey and Randy Storlie moved up from the back of the pack to work on the leaders.  Sankey made his way around Stroik for the second spot.  Symkowiak started to gain positions again.  On the white flag lap with just one to go, everyone started racing hard.   Symkowiak and Storlie ended up touching and bringing out a caution on the white flag lap signaling the end of the race.  Bohmsach took first, with Sankey in second and Stroik in third. 

Johnny Bell took the fast time in the Four Cylinder division.  Steve Hauser took the lead position but was quickly overtaken by Mike Dixon.  Bell ended up in the second position already by the fifth lap.  Four and three wide racing was taking place as the all vied for positions. 

Bell soon took the lead away from Dixon.    John Froelich moved up to the third position, with Eric Nelson in his truck looking to steal it away.  Nelson dropped back as Bob Gereau moved up.  Lapped traffic became a factor on the white flag lap, but Bell held on and took the win.  Dixon finished second with Froelich in third.

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