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Drost scores in Super Late win,
Matthews sweeps Pure Stock action!
By Amy Kolo

June 3, 2001; Plover, WI -  Friday night was cancelled due to rain and the races were held on Sunday afternoon. The weather was a bit chilly, but the racers put on an excellent show.

Photo Highlights

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Doug Drost (#32) won his first Super Late Model feature victory of the year at Golden Sands Speedway.
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Burton Brown (#07) claimed turned in the fastest qualifying lap for the Super Late Models.
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Randy Storlie (#53) was hooked up this afternoon running away with the Super Stock main event victory.
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Shawn Stelzer (#40) claimed fast qualifying honors in the Super Stock division.
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John Matthews (#98) turned in a rare fete as he scored a clean sweep in the Pure Stocks.
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Pure Stock feature action saw the driver going three wide... something had to give...
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Dan Gollen (#3) came to rest on his door and Todd Moskonas (#8-26) joined him in the sands trap after a tangle in the Pure Stock main.
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Jack Szymkowiak and Rick Cisewski (#76) have become regular winners in Cruiser action.  The topped the event which had the highest point earners so far this season.

Burton Brown screamed out fast time and opted to take the Hot n' Now Ultimate Challenge which was up to $700.

The Late Model feature started out with Jeremy Lepak in the lead with Monte Gress hot on his heels. Jeff Weinfurter was in the third position looking to pass on the out side for the lead. Doug Drost made his way around Jeff W. as Brian Roach and Greg Weinfurter moved up the pack. By the tenth lap, Gress nudged Lepak and got both cars loose, giving Drost the opportunity to pass on the outside for the lead. Gress and Lepak both maintained control of their cars.

Lepak and Gress started racing neck and neck, trying to steal the top position away from Drost. A caution came out on lap 17, sending Greg W. and Mark Eswein to the rear. At the restart Drost maintained his lead, while Gress and Lepak fought for position. Drost held on strong.

Jeff W. finally got around Gress and started to work on Lepak for the second spot. With just a few short laps left, Drost took the checkered, Lepak held onto second, and Jeff W. took the third spot. Brown finished in eighth.

Shawn Stelzer took fast time in the Super Stocks opting to take the Mobile Link Challenge, which was up to $350.

Scott Hamel took the early lead in the Super Stock feature, but was quickly surpassed by fast runner Jason Kirsling. By the very next lap Hamel ended up spinning and dropping to the back of the pack. This gave Randy Storlie, Mike Brooks, and Cary Lyons a chance to move to the front of the pack.

Storlie made his way around Kirsling by the eighth lap. Keith Bohmsach and Stelzer started moving up from the back of the pack to work on the leaders. Kirsling started to loose positions giving Brooks the second spot. Bohmsach moved into the third position, as Kirsling decided to pull off the track with mechanical problems.

Alan Sankey and Tim Hintz then made their way to some of the top positions. Stelzer was fighting hard to get to the front for the Challenge money. With just five short laps to go, Storlie held his lead for the win with Brooks in second. Sankey passed Bohmsach on the white flag lap for the third position. Stelzer finished seventh.

John Matthews, the new track record holder, pulled fast time once again in the Pure Stock division. Matthews then went on to win the dash, his heat, and the feature giving him a clean sweep for the night. Todd Moskonas started out in the lead in the beginning of the feature but spun with Dan Gollen on the second lap. Moskonas hit the wall hard with Gollen flipping over into the wall. Both drivers were fine.

Mark Flink took the lead at the restart but was quickly overtaken by Ryan Rossier. By the eighth lap, Matthews pulled into the lead, as lapped traffic came into play. Rossier held on to his second position, trying to catch Matthews. Matthews took the checkered with Rossier in the second position and Ken Soyka taking third.

Thirty-three Cruisers showed up to race. They were divided up by points and raced in three separate races. The first race was won by Larry Brage and Don Nigh. The second race had Josh Kampert and Kris Blenker as the victors. The third race had Jack Szymkowiak and Rick Cisewski taking the win.

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