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Brandl and Weinfurter awarded tie in dead heat Super Late Model finish!
By Amy Kolo

June 8, 2001; Plover, WI -  Warm weather and the thrill of the bus races brought out the best crowd for yet for the 2001 season.   Congratulations to Brittney Kemp the Short Trax Jr. Fan Member of the Week.  Michelle Duncan and Gig Hanneman both had chances at Golden Sands Speedway’s Money Machine and walked away with a little extra cash.

Photo Highlights

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It got closer at the finish! Jeff Weinfuter (#3) and Judd Brandl (#27) fought for the lead right down to the wire.  At the finish the race was too close to call as Weinfurter and Brandl were both awarded the victory.
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Judd Brandl (#27) rolled to victory lane as a co-winner in the 40 lap Late Model headliner.  Brandl and Jeff Weinfurter were both awarded the win when they crossed the line in a dead heat after 40 laps of racing!
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Fast visitor! Bryan Roach (#99) who travels from Minnesota to race has been getting quicker each week.  This week he set fast time honors in the Super Late Model division.
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Larry Schultz (#28) drove a flawless race and scored his first Super Stock feature win of the year at Golden Sands.
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The battle for the lead of the Super Stock main was hotly contested late in the race.  Here Larry Schultz (#28) fends off Jim Cormack (#7) and Tim Plowman (#80).
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Defending division champion Keith Bohmsach (#24x) turned in fast time honors in the Super Stocks.
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Bob Gereau (#7) earned his first 4 Cylinder main event checkered of the year.
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Over easy!! One of the drivers in the Bus Races managed to tip his bus on the side.  He was unhurt in the incident!

Bryan Roach pulled fast time in the Super Late Models, but opted not to take the Hot n’ Now Ultimate Challenge, stating the he didn’t know the track well enough yet.  Roach is a visiting driver form Minnesota who has only been racing at Golden Sands since the beginning of this racing season. The Challenge was up to $800. 

The Super Late Model feature started out with ten extra laps added on, making the total laps jump from thirty to forty.   Jeff Weinfurter took the early lead and motored ahead of the pack.  Eugene Gregorich and Greg Weinfurter started to battle it out between second and third place. 

Judd Brandl, Mark Eswein and Burton Brown all started moving up working on the leaders.  Greg W. got loose coming out of three and fell back positions and Brandl, Eswein, and Brown moved up.  Brandl took the second spot away from Gregorich by lap thirteen.  Gregorich held on for a few more laps, but started to fall to the middle of the pack.   Roach was on his way up from the back of the pack.  Jeff W. and Brandl were neck and neck. 

Eswein was trying his best to get around both of them and take the lead.  The race was on and hot for the next ten laps.  Jeff W. kept his car a head of Brandl, by just a hair, but Brandl kept closing in.  As the white flag fell, and the cars rounded turn four, the entire crowd held their breath to see who won.  Jeff W. and Judd Brandl both crossed in a dead heat.  After reviewing the situation the victory was awarded to both drivers as there was no clear cut winner in the race.  Both drivers recieved first place money and points.  Eswein finished in third, Brown in fourth, and Roach in fifth. 

Keith Bohmsach screamed out fast time once again and opted to take the Mobile Link Challenge, which was up to $400. 

The Super Stocks had five extra laps tacked on to their feature race.  The Super stocks weren’t as close of a race as the Late Models, but the put on one heck of a show.   The second lap of the feature brought out a yellow, as Mike Brook’s racer experienced some difficulties.  Cormack had the lead to begin with, but was surpassed by Larry Schultz at the caution flag.  Schultz maintained his lead on the restart, as Cormack slipped back in the pack. 

Tim Plowman and Shawn Stelzer moved on up to work on Schultz’s lead.  Alan Sankey, Matt Wisz, Randy Storlie, and Bohmsach started moving up the pack each vying for position.  Cormack regained control of his racer, and started to reclaim some of the positions that he lost.  Cormack passed Storlie and Sankey and had his eyes on Plowman.   By lap 24 the second caution came out with Storlie and Sankey getting into each other.  Schultz regained his lead with Stelzer in second. 

Cormack moved up to the third position, the fell back and ended up spinning with Lyons on lap 27.  Schultz once again regained his lead with Stelzer right behind him, but Wisz was able to steal the third spot from Plowman.  Bohmsach was moving right along, working on the leaders looking to take the challenge pot home.  As the checkered flag fell, positions changed dramatically.  Schultz kept the lead and took the win, Stelzer finished second, with Plowman in third.   Bohmsach finished sixth. 

Johnny Bell took fast time once again in the 4-Cylinder class.  Eighteen cars started out in the feature.  Jason Feucht started out in the lead for the first couple of laps, but was quickly taken over by Keith Wirtz.   Bob Gereau and Johnny Bell started moving up from the back of the pack. 

Lapped cars started coming into play but Wirtz, Gereau, and Bell maintained their positions.  With five laps to go, and a mess of lapped traffic, Gereau was able to get around Wirtz for the lead.  Wirtz got caught behind lapped traffic as Bell quickly passed him.  Gereau took the checkered with Bell in second and Wirtz in third. 

The ever-popular bus races rocked!   There were enough buses to run two heats!   Rob Manke took the win in the first heat with Pete Lange winning the second.  One bus tipped over as they went three wide and started banging into each other.  The crowd went wild.  The next bus race is scheduled for July 27th.

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