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Lepak back in victory lane at
Golden Sands Speedway!
By Amy Kolo

June 15, 2001; Plover, WI -  A little rain in the morning, otherwise it was a nice night out at Golden Sands Speedway.

Photo Highlights

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Jeremy Lepak (#40) became the first Super Late Model driver to score more than a single feature victory this season at Golden Sands.
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Jeremy Lepak (#40) slipped under Frank Nitzke (#18) for the lead on lap 17 of the 40 lap feature contest. Lepak would go on to score the win.
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Current Super Stock point leader Keith Bohmsach (#24x) made his way to the winner's circle after taking the feature event this evening.
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Tim Plowman (#80) had a great run this evening finishing in the third spot behind eventual winner Keith Bohmsach (#24x).
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John Matthews (#98) earned his second straight clean sweep of the Pure Stock division.
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Doug Drost (#32) scored fast time honors this evening and later came from the tail of the field to finish 7th after taking the Hot N' Now Ultimate Challenge.
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Shawn Stelzer (#40) was dialed in earning his third fast qualifying effort of the season in the Super Stock division.
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Jerry Trzbiatowski and Brian Suchowski (#55) took top honors in the Cruiser heat for the the top point earners this season.

The last storm brought down spectator fences, smashed bleachers, and took down some signs and electrical wires.   It was a hectic week for cleaning, but the crew did it and had everything looking great for Friday night. 

Congratulations to Dana Craft, winner of the River City Motors Chamber Gift Certificate.  Congratulations to Erin Spohn who got to try her luck in the Golden Sands money machine. 

Doug Drost took fast time in the Super Late Models, and opted to try to take the Hot n’ Now Ultimate Challenge, which was up to $900. 

Frank Nitzke too the early lead with Todd Stapleman hot on his heals.  Brian Back got around Stapleman right away, as Stapleman started slipping back into the pack.  Jeremy Lepak started moving up with Mark Eswein and Burton Brown.   The faster cars started pulling ahead, as Drost got stuck in the back. 

Nitzke fended off Back, but Lepak had made his way around Back by lap sixteen.  On the very next lap, Lepak stole the first position away from Nitzke.  Then it was Eswein’s turn to steal the second position away from Nitzke.  Lapped traffic came into play, but Lepak kept holding Eswein off.  Brown looked at ways to get around both of them. 

It was a battle to the finish.  Lepak stayed in the lead.  Brandl experienced some car problems and pulled into the pits by the 35th lap.   Brandon Selle also pulled in with motor problems.  Lepak held on and took the win with Eswein very close behind.  Brown stayed in third.  Drost was able to get up to the seventh position. 

Shawn Stelzer pulled fast time in the Super Stocks and opted to take the Mobil Link Challenge, which was up to $450. 

Randy Storlie started out in the lead with a very fast Tim Plowman right behind him.  Bohmsach over took Storlie for the second position, as Alan Sankey and Tim Hintz moved up.  Bohmsach got around Plowman by lap eleven.  Plowman fell back a couple of spots as Sankey zoomed past him. 

Lapped traffic came into play, but the leaders held their positions.  Jason Kirsling moved up the pack trying to get into the top spots.  Stelzer was caught in the back fighting with slower traffic.  Bohmsach maintained the lead and took the checkered flag.  Sankey finished second with Plowman in third. 

John Matthews took fast time in the Pure Stock division, trying to beat his own fast time.  A new racer, Kevin Hill took the lead early in the feature.  Lapped traffic came into play right away as the more experienced racers found their way to the top positions. 

Matt Small passed Hill for the lead as hill started to lose positions.  Ryan Rossier, Duane Robinson, and John Matthews started moving up working on the top positions.  With three short laps to go, Small and Matthews started fighting for the lead.  On the white flag lap Small kept the lead, but Matthews passed him on the checkered and took the win.  Small finished second with Rossier in third. 

Cruisers took the track once again with three different heats.  Jerry Trzebiatowski and Brain Suchowski took the first heat.  Jason Blenker and Peter Blenker took the second heat.  Greg Thomae and Troy Engman took the third heat. 

Don’t miss the exciting action Friday June 22nd, for the 7th Annual Copp’s Food Stores Mid-Season Championship.   Featuring a Late Model 50 lap feature with $1000 to win.  Super Stocks have a 40-lap feature with $250 to win and the 4 Cylinders 20 lap feature with $100 to win. 

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