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Eve of Devastation Lives Up to Expectations!
By Amy Kolo

September 13, 2002; Plover, WI - The Annual Eve of Devastation was another huge event.  Thousands of families showed up to watch Cruisers, buses, trailer races, Paul Stender’s Jet Burner machines and lots of other novelty race events.   Track Promoter, Craig Bassuener presented Dave Harvath from D&D Auto, Stevens Point a check and the trophy for the Iron Man Event that ran throughout the season.   Dave and his crew came for every event and put on a great show.

Photo Highlights

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The overall winner of season long Iron Man Competition was Dave Harvath (second from right), who received the Iron Man Trophy (left) from track promoter Craig Bassuener (right) 42101a.jpg (19971 bytes)
The season champions of the 2-Man Cruiser title were the team of Klug and Cory (#72)42101a.jpg (19971 bytes)
The big winners of the 2-Man Cruiser feature were Kampert and Blenker.42101a.jpg (19971 bytes)
Moving up from the Cruiser Consi were the team of Dodson and Hall.
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Earning their way to the big Cruiser main event were Nelson and Engman who won the semi-feature.
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Brian Suchowski (#27) had the fastest mower this evening at Golden Sands Speedway.
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A big roll! 2002 Super Stock Champion Jason Kirsling rolling his bus over.
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Contact! Keith Wosick about to go over in the Golden Sands Fun Bus after some assistance.
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Catching Air! The first ever 72 Passenger Bus jump by Shawn Lewis.
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The Trial Race Winner, Eddie VanValen and his van from the trailer race
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If you don't pay your rent you can expect a visit from the rent police!42101a.jpg (19971 bytes)
The rent police:  (not in any particular order)
Rodney Feltz, Randy Kawleski, Willy Higgins, Eric Yetter, Wesley Magle, Brooks Marti and the renter Jen. The rent police crashing thru Jen's house.

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When you've got to go fast!! Try a jet powered porta potty!
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Seeing is believing, the blindfold race winners.

Paul Stender brought out some pretty cool jet burner machines; he had a jet burner bus that flew around the track shooting flames.  A jet burner snowmobile that burnt a car to the ground and the best – a jet burner porta potty!   It shot flames out the back and had flames coming out of the top ventilation unit.

The Cruisers racers timed in and ran the first three events.  During the first event a car went into the dirt off of turn four and sent a huge dust cloud covering the fans sitting on the hill.  Car # 55 Dodson and Hall won the first event and transferred to the second event. 

They looked like they were going to win the second event, but got spun out by another car and ended up a lap down, giving the win to car #96 Murphy and Rebman.   Murphy and Rebman transferred up to the feature event. 

The feature event held some very fast cruisers and advanced racers.  As they spun in and out of the corners quite a few different cars fought for the lead.    In the end car #01 Kampert and  Blenker came out the victors.  #99 Nielson and Engman took second and #72 Klug and Cory took third.  A big congratulation goes out to Klug and Cory for winning the honor of the 2002 Cruiser Season Champions!  

Blind Fold Race – This event featured Craig Bassuener announcing from inside of a racecar with a blind folded driver!   Craig told the driver which way to turn.  The drivers had, for some reason, a hard time determining their left from their right.   Craig told the drivers that they were about to hit something, when they were nowhere near any objects, and slammed on the brakes in the middle of the track.  Each driver was timed to see how long it took them to follow Craig’s directions.  The final driver had the best time, and as Craig told him to pull down into Victory Lane, the driver got excited pulled in to fast and ended up taking Craig over the ramp for the jumps!  Craig disqualified him after going over the ramp and the win went to Chad Orlowski. 

Lawn Mower Races – The racing group, Brothers of the Blade” showed up to put on the lawn mower event.   One of the winners of was Brian Suchowski. 

Forward/Backward Race – The drivers had to go two laps forward, slam their car into reverse at the start finish line, and go two laps backwards.  Cars slammed into each other at the start finish line.  Some of the cars racing in reverse swerved out of control.  The first heat was won by Justin Zblewski and the second heat by the ever so crazy Rodney  Feltz. 

During intermission the Happy Sleeper Recliner race was held.  Congratulations to Bonnie Dickman of Nekoosa and Matt Repsa of Port Edwards, the winners of the recliner race.  Each winner receives one new recliner courtesy of Happy Sleeper located in Wisconsin Rapids on Hwy 13 South.   They offer great furniture at quality prices.   Amy from Golden Sands has furnished her whole house from Happy Sleeper! 

Forward/Reverse Push – During this event the cars teamed up in pairs and had to push their partner around the track (front car in neutral – back car in drive).  Once they got to the start finish line the front car went in reverse and the back car in neutral to push each other around the opposite way on the track.  They then had to go one more lap forward.  It was great!  Some of the drivers lost their partners and had to chase them down to keep pushing them.   Two teams lost their partners and just started pushing other teams lost partners.  Tim Rosenthal and Fred Pruss won the first event with Brad Dupee and Tim Dupee winning the second event. 

Jump For Distance – A crowd favorite.  The cars jump over a ramp and the farthest jump wins.   Some of the were pretty big tanks and didn’t go to far, as the more compact cars seemed to fly farther.  But this was not always the case, some of the bigger cars made some very impressive jumps.  The winner was in a big four-door car and ended up jumping 83 feet!  Congratulations to the driver Joe Webber!  For the first time ever, that we know of, Shawn Lewis jumped a 72 passenger bus!  Watch Fox Sports You Gotta See This!  We plan on sending in the tape. 

Roll Over Contest – Quite a few cars tried the roll over but were not able to make their cars roll.  But of course, Rodney Feltz made his actually spiral in the air and land on its side.  Rodney definitely won the event. 

Bus Races - The ever-popular event.  The buses seemed extremely fast.  The first heat had one tip over, but other than that not much action.  Charlie Rossier in the D&D Auto bus won the first race.  The second race had more veteran drivers in it and they beat on each other.  Golden Sands Late Model Tech, Snoozer rammed into the 2002 Super Stock Champion, Jason Kirsling and sent him on his roof!  Long time race fan, Keith Wosick was in the little Golden Sands Fun Bus and also was tipped over.  Keith said, “As soon as they started pushing me I knew I was going over.”  Late Model driver Burton Brown won the second race. 

Trailer Racing – The last and one of the best shows of the evening.  It was total mayhem!  Rodney Feltz actually drove on top of someone’s trailer and was being pulled around the track!    There was junk flying everywhere!   Boats crashed, motorcycles blown to smithereens, trailers completely demolished.  The last three trailers left were credited with the win, Eddie VanValen, Ron Garbowski, and Brian Stroik Jr.

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