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Bohmsach Best in Conqueror's Cup Super Stock Chase!
By Jeffrey Sachse

May 19, 2002; Plover, WI - It took four tries before the Super Stocks were finally able to join a program with the Wisconsin Challenge Series at Golden Sands Speedway.  Originally scheduled as an Invitational last September, the Conqueror's Cup 35 was intended as a gathering of the best area Super Stock drivers.  The event was rescheduled as a support event for the Ice Breaker 75 this year, the intended season opening event of the Wisconsin Challenge Series.  Both attempts to run the race were thwarted by snow.

Photo Highlights

Finally, on May 19th, amid cool conditions the event was contested.  Keith Bohmsach, two-time and defending Golden Sands Speedway champion bested a solid field sprinkled with drivers from other area tracks to capture the long awaited event.

The victory in the non-stop contest was won in a convincing manner and netted Bohmsach a healthy check for $400.

Josh Oleson, who started outside the front row next to Matt Raykowski took the initial lead.  Oleson a regular at Dells Motor Speedway had also competed at Golden Sands on a fairly regular basis last year.  Oleson was able to move out to a solid lead while the battle for second was hotly contested. 

Larry Schultz who races at both Golden Sands and Marshfield Speedway's worked traffic well early and used the outside line to motor past Raykowski for second on lap five.  Raykowski fell back in the field as Schultz continued his charge towards the front.

Bohmsach who had started deep in the field had already worked into fifth by lap 10 and was leading the faster qualifying cars towards the front.  Out front Oleson had his hands full with Schultz who had closed up on his rear bumper.   Schultz was able to get under Oleson for the top spot on lap 11 and proceeded to pull away from the field.

Bohmsach meanwhile had continued his charge moving into the third spot on lap 12, but he now had a fair distance to go to catch the lead duo.  Lapped cars began to slow the leaders allowing him to close in on second running Oleson.  He used the outside line to sweep into second as 15 laps of the event were in the books.   Merle Weinfurter who had been following Bohmsach through the pack drive in his tire tracks to advance to third on the next circuit.

Schultz's lead steadily evaporated and Bohmsach was in position to challenge for the lead on lap 18.  After a brief battle Bohmsach was in the lead.   Weinfurter, still giving chase, took advantage of Schultz when he was in the high groove to claim second on lap 20.

With no cautions to slow his pace Bohmsach increased his lead each lap winning the event by a full quarter-lap after the race reached it's 35 lap finish.   Weinfurter held second for much of the balance of the contest but on the final lap he became engaged in a duel with Tim Hintz for the runner-up spot.  Hintz who had quietly moved through the field got under Weinfurter in turn two and the pair ran wheel to wheel toward the checkered.  Hintz would nose out Weinfurter for the spot by less than three feet.  Weinfurter would lay claim to third, with Schultz fourth and fast qualifier Shawn Stelzer rounding out the top five.

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Super Stocks
35 Lap Conqueror's Cup Feature:
1.) Keith Bohmach; 2.) Tim Hintz; 3. Merle Weinfurter; 4.) Larry Schultz; 5.) Shawn Stelzer; 6.) Scott Hamel; 7.) Jason Kirsling; 8.) Jeremy Szymkowiak; 9.) Chris Brooks; 10.) Jim Cormack
20 Lap Qualifier: 1.) Jeff Wohlrabe; 2.) Brad Baldry; 3.) Denny Schott; 4.) Brian Schmutzer
Fast Qualifier: Stelzer, 13.426 Seconds