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EVE of Destruction - Schedule / Events!

Sprecial; Plover, WI -

EVE OF DEVASTATION EVENTS - September 12th, 2003

Cruiser Time Trials    6:00 pm – 6:30 pm

Spectator Races (20 cars max 6:30 start race events)

Cruiser Consi (12 laps)

Cruiser Semi Race (15 laps)

Cruiser Feature (20 laps)

Forwards/Backwards Race Heat 1 (6 – 8 cars)

2nd Over the Line Race (10 Cars – 3laps)

Forwards/Backwards Race Heat 2 (6 – 8 cars)

Eggcellent Race (4 cars)

Trailer House Demo

Forewards/Backwards Heat 3 (6 – 8 cars)

INTERMISSION – Birthday Race (4 fans)

Forewards/Backwards Championship

Dupes of Hazzard Jump (20 cars max)

Roll Over Contest (10 cars)

Bus Races

Trailer Races    (15 cars per heat. 2 Heats if necessary)

Draco the Dragon will appear before and after Intermission


1.    All cars must have seat belts.

2.    All cars must have a front windshield.

3.    Cars must be safe for the road or better.

4.    All trailers must be hitched to car by trailer hitch with one safety chain per trailer.

5.    All participants must buy a $20.00 pit pass to be entered in any      race, and sign the race waiver.

6.    Drivers must attend drivers meeting at 6:00 p.m., on the night of the show.

7.    This is a night of fun; so if you are worried about rules, do not enter.

Trailer Race Rules

1.    Must supply own car and trailer.

2.    No flatbed trailers.

3.    All garbage must be out of boats and trailers.

4.    Trailer must have a theme (no tree themes please).

5.    Fiberglass boats should be saw cut to help break apart.

6.    Heavy wire net or fence needs to be over windshield and drivers window.

7.    Gloves must be worn.

8.    Gas tank must be removed.

9.    No reinforcing allowed.

10.    Safety chains must be removable.

11.    No motors on boats.

12.    No mini vans as tow vehicles.

13.    All cars and trailers will be inspected and approved before show.

Fun and safety make a great show.