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Eve of Devastation Closes Out 2003 Sands Season!
By Amy Kolo

September 19, 2003; Plover, WI - The first Eve of Devastation rained out.  Hardly any rain all summer, then on the night of mayhem and fun we get downpours.  But the crowd waited for the raindate, which ended up being a very, very chilly night.

Photo Highlights
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No "Eve of Devastation" would be complete without at least on bus rolling over during the bus races.
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Gary Wosick was victorious in the Bus Races this evening.
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The team of Guralski and Reuther set fast time among the 43 Cruisers that times in this evening.
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It was a 2-Man Cruiser that captured the wild Trailer Race this evening as Kuhn & Kuhn were the last team running with their trailer attached.
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The team of Neilsen and Engman (#99) came away with the feature checkered after 20 laps of action in the Cruiser championship race.
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Brandon Erickson caught some serious hang time during the Dupes of Hazzard Jump taking top honors with his "Flower Power" Mini-Van!
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The team of Clark and Boyer (#5) captured the Cruiser Semi-Feature contest.
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Sometimes the 2-Man Cruisers went a bit off-course as seen here by one team which almost took out the billboards on the backstretch.
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The man to beat in Spectator action, Paul Hojnacki captured the contest again this evening.
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There were plenty of winners in the Backwards/ Forwards races this evening.
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The Roll-over contest ended in a tire between Ron Willie and Brian Mowak.

Cruiser time trials started off the night.  Forty-three cruisers showed up to race for the championships.  #007 Gurlaski & Ruether timed in the fastest for the night.

Two transferred from the consi into the semi, and two from the semi into the feature.  #2F Greening & Haney took the consi with with #5 Clark & Boyer winning the semi.

The most experienced drivers came out for the feature championships.  #99 Nielsen & Engman took the checkered with #01 Kampert & Kampert in second, and #29 Wisinski & Szymkowiak in third.  #29 Winsinski & Szymkowiak took the championship for the 2003 season.

Spectator races had some “edge of your seat” excitement as Mike Sortino almost took his 1974 Z28 Camaro into the front stretch wall.  He was able to hit the brakes and bury in the sand before touching the wall.  Mike continued to race and ended up taking the third place trophy home.   Paul Hojnacki finished first, with Skeeter Bulyour in second.

Forwards/Backwards races – Main objective is you go two laps forward, cross the finish line, slam your car in reverse, and go two laps backwards.  The first heat had Brian Rosenthal in first, Tim Rosenthal in second, and Kyle Kubisiak in third.  The second heat had Ryan Melcher in first, Dave Sulivan in second, and Dustin Goetsch in third.  The third heat had Kurt Guralski in first, Jason Pingel in second, and Eddy Lapoint in third.  

The top three in each race transferred to the forward/backwards championships.  The #7 car driving by Pingel & Williams started the race off doing their backwards laps first!  Maybe they thought it would help them on the finally laps going forward, but the weaving in out of the traffic kept them out of first place, plus they were in a cruiser car!  Tim Rosenthal finished in first, with Eddy Lapoint in second, and Jason Pingel & John Williams.

Eggcellent Race – drivers had to hold an egg on their spoons as the drove around the race track.  First one to finish with their egg still in tack won.  Congratulations to Jim Wachowiak winner of the eggcellent race.

During intermission, the fans got involved for a little foot racing.  Dubbed the Birthday race, fans had to start at one end with a match, race to the other light a candle on a cupcake and race back with the lit cupcake.  Mark Keutjes won the race and got a cool $50! 

Dupes of Hazzard Jump – Dozens of cars lined up to see how far they could jump.  Some of the cars were pretty beat up from previous races.  One car was so slow coming up to the ramp that, track promoter; Craig Bassuener started racing him on foot to the jump.  If Craig would have kept going, he probably would have beat the car!  Everyone’s favorite the Flower Power Van, driven by Brandon Erickson, ended up flying the furthest. 

Only two cars actually rolled over during the roll over contest.  Once contestant missed the entire ramp and hit it with his back bumper!  Congratulations to Ron Wille and Brian Mowak for actually rolling their cars over. 

The bus races had a lot of green drivers in them.  Most of the regulars could not make it and guys that never raced jumped in the buses.  The pegged Pete Gilson’s bus right away and tipped him over.  Gary Wosick in the Ops bus won the race. 

The trailer races were a huge hit once again.  The last crash was pretty scary, but both drivers were fine.  The top three in the trailer races, that could actually keep running were, #86 cruiser car Kuhn & Kuhn in first, Phil Helmrick in second, and Karl Kiggins in third.

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