Golden Sands Speedway Race Report

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Chris Weinkauf Takes The Main at GSS Once Again! 
With Randy Storlie Finishing First In The Super Stocks!

By Amy Kolo

August 27, 2004; Plover, WI - Kids and parents packed into the power playground to watch the school buses race again before the school year started.  They will race one more time for the year during the Eve of Devastation on September 10th.  One bus came all the way from the Kaukauna area to race with the ever famous Golden Sands buses.  Once bus made a 360 while one tipped over coming out of turn three

Photo Highlights
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Chris Weinkauf followed up a win by his brother Jason the week before.  This season the Weinkauf brothers have made several trips to victory lane after Super Late Model feature contests.
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Mark Eswein (#71) works past Greg Back (#62) late in the Super Late Model main event.  A strong performance this evening all but locked up the 2004 Super Late Model title for Eswein.
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It would be the final lead of the Super Late Model feature race, as Chris Weinkauf (#75) sliced to the inside of Greg Back (#62) for the top position during the middle portions of the  Super Late Model headliner.42101a.jpg (19971 bytes)
Joe Krzykowski (#77) worked past polesitter Mark Van (#66) to set the pace early in the Super Late Model main event.
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Mark Mackesy (#12) earned his first fast qualifying effort in nine years of trying in Super Late Model action at Golden Sands Speedway.
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Though Randy Storlie (#53) had only run in the later part of the season, he's proven to be a contender every week.  This week he captured his first feature win since the 2002 season.
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Rookie Collin Wilcott (#16) put plenty of pressure on Randy Storlie (#53) during the closing laps of the Super Stock feature.
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The point battle between Tim Plowman (#80), Tim Hintz (#1) and Shawn Stelzer (not shown) remains up for grabs in the Super Stock division.
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A fast qualifying effort by current point leader Tim Plowman (#80) helped his hoped of a 2004 Super Stock title.
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Tony Leis (#07) made his debut in the Pure Stock division one to remember capturing the main event.
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Fast qualifier Scott Strigel (#46) wound up on the safety barrels after getting off course during the Pure Stock feature race.
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Heavy metal thunder!!  The Buses races were again a sight to behold, as the mammoth machines raced in close quarters before a packed house.

Mark Mackesy turned fast time with a 12.303.  With the hot day and evening the track times were fast.   

Mark Van took the lead right away during the late model feature with Joe Krzykowski and Brian Back right behind him.  Allen Check was moving in fast, when a yellow came out on lap 11 as the fast timer Mackesy sprung a leak.  Krzykowski kept his lead with the green, but Check made his way around Back as he started losing positions.  Chris Weinkauf made his move as Back fell back and maneuvered his way into the third position.  The top three ran hard, as Mark Eswein, Jason Weinkauf , Jeff Weinfurter, and Frank Nitzke got caught in the middle of the pack.  Krzykowski and Check raced hard trying to beat each other out.  As they made their way into turn two on lap 27 the collided, gving the new lead to Chris Weinkauf .  Back slid into second but Weinfurter was able to over take him in the very next lap.   With just ten short laps to go, Weinkauf was able to keep the lead and take the checkered with Weinfurter in second and Nitzke in third. 

Tim Plowman took the fast time in the super stocks with a 13.547. 

Randy Storlie took the lead at the start of the super stock feature.  Scott Hamel followed in pursuit, but Colin Wilcot and Wes Coon shut the door and stole positions away from him.  Hamel was able to get back around Coon by lap ten.  Wally Kalman and Hamel fought over the third postion for the next five laps, as Hamel proved the victor.   Coon fell back a few positions as Matt Pyburn moved ahead.  Pyburn moved back after a few laps giving way to Dave Neitzke and Sam Anderson.  Storlie maintained his lead taking the checkered with Wilcott in second, and Hamel in third. 

Vetern race Eric Nelson spun fast time in the pure stocks with a 15.200. 

The pure stock feature was action, action, action!  Drivers were trying to pass three and four wide at times!  Scott Strigel ended up hitting the barrels hard on the front stretch damaging his car.  Tony Leis took the early lead and was able to fend off all the others and make it around lapped  cars for the checkered.    It looked like Dean Ashbacher was going to take the second position, but Eric Nelson made his way around Dean and stole it away.  Nelson finished second with Ashbacher in third. 

Next week is the season championship featuring Super Late Models, Super Stocks, Pure Stocks and 4 Cylinders.  Gates open at 4:30 pm, time trials at 6:30 pm, and racing starts at 7:45 pm.  September 10th is the Eve of Devastation, with Cruiser Championships, bus races, roll over contest,  Dupes of Hazzard Jump, forward/backwards race, paint ball massacre, Draco the Dragon on much, much more!

Golden Sands Speedway "Central Wisconsin's Power Playground" is located between Wisconsin Rapids and Plover, Wisconsin on Highway 54.  For additional information please call (715) 423-4660 or consult the track website at

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