Golden Sands Speedway Race Report

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Destruction Concludes Season at Golden Sands!
By Amy Kolo

September 10, 2004; Plover, WI - Around 5,000 people packed into Golden Sands Speedway for the last event of the 2004 season.  Bus races, trailer races, Draco the Dragon, and stunt shows by Team Wild Bunch, were on the agenda for the evening. 

Photo Highlights
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Draco the Dragon was a bit hungry and decided to eat a car or two during the program.
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Tom Schara captured top honors in the evening's Bus Racing action.
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Brent Sullivan winner of the roll-over contest.42101a.jpg (19971 bytes)
During the jump contest as one of the contestants hits the ground, his back window
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Winner of the Paint Ball Massacre – Justin Zblewski.
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#17 Szymkowiak and Pionek 1st place in the Cruiser feature.
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#22 Wrege and Schmidt 2nd place in the Cruiser feature.
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Paul Hojnacki winner of the spectator races.
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Forwards/backwards championship winner.
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Roll over contest looses his tire rim and sends sparks flying as he comes off the ramp
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Willy Higgins jumping over seven buses.
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Plywood race contestants struggle to hold onto their plywood..
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Motorcycle Trials rider –Brad Villand -jumps from bus to bus.

The first events featured the ever-popular Spectator Races!  This is were fans and drivers bring there own street rods and race against each other one on one.  Paul Hojnacki took first, with Jay Schmidt in second, and Shawn Armstrong in third. 

The Cruiser Championships were held this Friday.  A super large field of cars showed up for the event creating a Consi, Semi, and Feature event.  #69 Clark and Bates won the consi event, with #22 Wierzba and Wierzba winning the semi.  #17 Szymkowiak and Pionek won the feature with #22 Wrege and Schmidt coming second, and #6 Turzinski and Turzinski taking third. 

The plywood races were a complete hoot!   The object was to hold onto a 4’x 8’ sheet of plywood on the roof of your car as you raced around the track.  If you dropped your plywood you would have to stop to pick it up and keep going.  Congratulations to the winner – Jason Grenenberg. 

Forwards/Backwards race – two laps forward and two laps backwards.  Cars were going forwards, backwards, and sideways, smashing into each other left and right.  There were so many cars starting to pile up that they started to get stuck together.  Congratulations to the top cars that weaved their way either forward or backward through the mess.  The overall winner was Dale Robinson. 

Dupes of Hazzard jump went to Cory Patterson jumping a total of 92 feet! 

Roll over contest winner went to Brent “Scrubby” Sullivan, with two complete rolls! 

The Paint Ball Massacre survivor was Justin Zblewski.  Cars went forwards and backwards on the front stretch as the local paint ball teams pelted them with paint balls.  The target on Justin’s car was about the only thing that did not get hit. 

The bus races were phenomenal.  As soon as Marc Baldwin came out on the track in his bus, Keith Wosick waited in the weeds and went after him tipping him over in turn two.  Keith got tipped over also in turn four.  Over all winner of the action packed race was Tom Schara. 

The trailer races had many different themes.  One guy was riding a jet ski, one had a dummy in a lawn chair sipping a beer with is lawn mower sitting next to him, and of course there were a couple of boats.  To bad there were no pop-up campers this year.  The last car with a trailer on was Phil Hemrick. 

 Draco the Dragon was made the show tearing apart cars, eating trailer houses and blowing tons of fire.  The kids loved it. 

Brad Villand, a motorcycle trials rider, did some amazing jumps on cars, and between buses.  He displayed some awesome talent. 

The big stunt for the night, was Team Wild Bunch.  The crazy daredevil, Willy Higgins, jumped over seven buses onto a trailer house as his two buddies drove through the bottom of the trailer house.  Thanks to all Team Wild Bunch for putting on another excellent stunt.  Team Wild Bunch – Wild Willy Higgins, Tom Higgins, Brooks Marti, and Eric Yetter.