Golden Sands Speedway Race Report

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Union Night Fireworks Spectacular to Krzykowski and Zuelke!
By Amy Kolo

July 1, 2005; Plover, WI -  Tons of happy race fans attended the Independence Race to see the spectacular fireworks show after the races and the sparks fly on the track during the races.

Photo Highlights
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Joe Krzykowski (#77) scored his first Super Late Model feature victory of the 2005 season here at Golden Sands Speedway.
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Super Late Model rookie Tim Hintz (#1) lead much of the main event before being caught by Joe Krzykowski (#77) and Keith Bohmsach (#24).42101a.jpg (19971 bytes)
Frank Nitzke took his green machine to victory lane after topping the Super Late Model semi-feature race.
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Allen Check (#20) carries the American Flag after turning in the fastest qualifying lap in Super Late Model action.
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Tim Zuehlke (#70) was victorious in the Super Stock feature race.42101a.jpg (19971 bytes)
Tim Zuehlke (#70) applies the pressure to Chris Brooks (#75) during the Super Stock feature race.
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Last week's feature winner Randy Storlie (#53) and Brad Scholze (#87) had an unfortunate meeting during the Super Stock main event.
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Wally Kallman (#77) collected his first career Super Stock fast qualifying effort.
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Frank Calabrese is always excited when he reached victory lane. He won the Pure Stock feature this evening.
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Brad Guralski (#16) set fast time honors in the Pure Stock division.

Thank you to the following Local Unions for sponsoring the event.  #268 Laborers, #388 Electricians, #804 Carpenters, #434 Plumbers/Pipefitters, #6 Bricklayers, #139 Operators, and #94 Papermakers.  Thank you very much. 

#20 Allen Check took fast time with a 12.026.  His sponsored partner from Kurkowski Stone,  #71 Mark Eswein took third in time. 

Every division had very smooth racing, with hardly any yellows.  Tim Hintz started on the pole of the feature and ran off with the early lead.  Burton Brown followed right behind him.  Keith  Bohmsach, Monte Gress, and Mark Van followed suit.  Check charged to the front for the eighth starting position. 

Hintz led pretty much the majority of the race, but with 10 to go, Krzykowski got around him.  Then Hintz started losing positions and falling back, allowing Bohmsach and Brown to gain positions.  Check was making his move trying to catch the leaders, but there was just not enough laps left in the race.  Joe Krzykowski took the win, with Bohmsach in second and Brown in third.  Check finished fourth.  He might have had a chance to win, but got boxed in. 

Super Stock driver Wally Kalman screamed out fast time with at 13.272, just a few hundredths off of the track record.    

Sam Anderson started experiencing car problems, and borrowed Don Hess’s car to race. Chris Brooks took the lead with Roger Stanczyk and Tim Zuelke right behind him.  Stanczyk fell back with Galen Manternach and Scott Hamel moving in.  Kalman was already right up the front by the tehnth lap.  The top positions stayed neck and neck, with the middle of the pack      changing positions.  By lap 16 Wes Coon and Brian Weinfurter tangled bringing out the yellow.  Plowman and Brian Schmutzer race ahead trying to get to the front.   

With just five laps to a caution came out and as the next green flag fell Brooks slammed on the gas and his car just lost all power.  Zuehlke lifted Brooks up and moved him out of the way as the rest of the pack started passing him.  Zuehlke took the win, with Manternach in second, Hamel in third.   Kalman moved up to the 6th position. 

Brad Guralski took fast time in the pure stock division with a 15.003.  New driver Mark Keahlier took the lead right away, but was quickly passed by driver Frank Calabrese. 

Frank kept his lead as cars started going three wide trying to get to the front.  Chuck Stebbins moved into the second position looking to over take Calabrese.  With the last four laps, cars started getting lapped left in right with every one behind Calabrese fighting for positions.  Calabrese took the win with Mike Gwidt in second, and Troy Engman in third. 

Next Friday, July 8th is Werner Electric night featuring Super Late Models, Super Stocks, 4 Cylinders and Cruisers.   Plus special money machine prizes at intermission.  Gates open at 4:30, time trials at 6:30, and racing at 7:45.  For more information go to or call the office at (715) 4234660.

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