Golden Sands Speedway Race Report

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Travis Sauter Collects First Super Late Victory at Sands!
Storlie Remains Hot in Super Stocks!

By Jeffrey Sachse

July 31, 2005; Plover, WI - A hearty group of sun soaked fans were on hand to witness Travis Sauter capture his first career Super Late Model victory at Golden Sands Speedway after a thrilling duel with speedway regular Jeff Weinfurter during a special Sunday Afternoon program at Golden Sands Speedway.  The program, a special, 10th Anniversary commemorative event celebrated the 10th year of ownership of the high banked third mile oval by Darrell and Shela Bassuener.

Photo Highlights
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Travis Sauter (#01) scored his first career Super Late Model victory when he took home the main event on a warm Sunday afternoon at Golden Sands Speedway.
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Jeff Weinfurter (#3) and Travis Sauter (#01) went wheel to wheel for the win during the closing stages of the Super Late Model main event.42101a.jpg (19971 bytes)
Monte Gress (#107.5) gets the jump on Mark Van (#66) at the start of the Super Late Model feature race.
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Steve Gress (#4) captured the Super Late Model semi-feature to earn his way into the main event.
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Troy Nelson (#66) turned in the fastest qualifying lap of the day in Super Late Model action.42101a.jpg (19971 bytes)
Randy Storlie (#53) has been a frequent visitor to the winner's circle this season after the Super Stock feature races.
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Randy Storlie (#53) works the high line past Brian Weinfurter (#24) for the lead in the Super Stock feature race.
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Current division point leader Tim Plowman (#80) turned in fast qualifying honors in the Super Stocks..42101a.jpg (19971 bytes)
Dean Zakrezwski (#19) earned his first feature win a couple weeks ago in Pure Stock action, and decided to make another trip to victory lane this week.42101a.jpg (19971 bytes)
Troy Engman (#99) turned in the fastest lap during Pure Stock qualifying.
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Though his machine was slightly battered after an accident at the finish of the race, Dallas Kralovetz (#21) was all smiles after taking the checkered flag in the 4 cylinder contest.

In the Super Stock division, Randy Storlie continued his winning ways turning in a dominating performance on his way to the checkered in the feature race.   The Pure Stock division saw Dean Zakrezwski come away with top honors in the main event after a hard fought battle in the closing laps of the race.  The final checkered of the day fell with a bang as 14 year old Dallas Kralovetz captured the 4 cylinder feature crossing the finish line first in spite of being sent spinning into the safety barrier just past the finish line by another competitor as the race completed.

The Late Model main event would see some excellent side by side battles throughout the field, and the most notable was the duel for the lead during the closing laps of the contest.

Monte Gress and Mark Van brought the field to the green flag for the 40 lap main event, with Gress getting the upper hand on Van. Gress would set the pace during the opening rounds.  Jason Weinkauf and Jeff Weinfurter would contest the third spot while Travis Sauter would crack the top five for the first time on lap two after starting mid-pack. 

Weinfurter would maneuver past Weinkauf with a slick inside move on lap seven to take the third spot and Sauter followed shortly thereafter to advance to fourth.

The only slowdown of the contest would occur on lap nine when defending champion Mark Eswein suffered a flat tire and spun heading into turn one.

Underway again Gress went back to the lead, but Weinfurter was on the move.  As soon as the green flag flew Weinfurter darted past Van for the second spot and quickly closed on Gress.  At the halfway point of the race Gress found his lead being challenged as Weinfurter continued to rumble toward the front working by on the outside.

Sauter had been following Weinfurter's every move and was soon challenging Gress for the second spot.  After a brief battle Sauter would secure the second spot setting up the stage for a thrilling battle for the lead.

Weinfurter a veteran of many season's on the high banked third mile oval would watch his lead shrink over the young hard-charging Sauter.  With a dozen laps to go in the contest, Weinfurter would opt to take the lower line around the racetrack, while Sauter began to experiment with a higher groove, while Gress, Weinkauf and Allen Check gave chase in the top five spots.

Sauter would succeed in moving alongside Weinfurter in the high line as the pair raced side by side around the raceway.  For several laps the two ran wheel to wheel with neither gaining the advantage.  That began to change with five laps left in the race when Sauter began to sneak ahead. After a tenacious battle Sauter would secure the top spot with just three laps to go as Weinfurter fell in behind the new leader looking to rally.  Gress continued to hold third, with Check working past Weinkauf for the fourth slot.

Sauter was able to keep Weinfurter in his tire tracks for the final trips around the raceway, earning his first career feature win at the facility.   Weinfurter would finish second followed by Gress, Check and Weinkauf.

Brian Weinfurter and Randy Storlie brought the Super Stock feature up to speed in their main event.  Storlie would get the upper hand at the drop of the green flag.  Weinfurter would fall into the second slot followed by Roger Stanczyk and Chris Brooks. The 30 lap contest would go the entire distance without a single slowdown, and as a result some of Storlie's biggest challenges came early as Weinfurter and Stanczyk looked to advance.

Storlie would began to motor away from the pack and found himself with a six car length lead on Weinfurter by lap ten.  Stanczyk would maintain the third spot, while fourth became a battle of the Brook's family as Mike Brooks began to work by Chris Brooks, making the pass to take fourth.  Mike Brooks continued his march forward working past Stanczyk before the halfway point of the contest for third.

With no yellows to slow his pace, Storlie increased his margin in Weinfurter with each passing lap stretching his lead to a dozen car lengths with ten laps to go.   With Storlie's only real challenge being surpassing lapped cars, second place began to be contested between Weinfurter and Mike Brooks who closed on Weinfurter's rear bumper. With five laps to go Brooks would sweep into the second spot, but Storlie remained out front with a straight-away lead.

The final laps clicked off with Storlie reaching the line for the victory.  Brooks would close slightly over the final circuits but would settle for second.  Weinfurter would lay claim to third.  A late charge by current division point leader and the fast qualifier of the day, Tim Plowman would net a fourth place finish.  Stanczyk would complete the top five runners.

The Pure Stock feature contest was another well run event with only a single caution to slow the pace.  Dean Zakrezwski would rumble past Raymond Kramer for the top spot before the halfway point of the race and looked to have his sights set on an easy victory.  However a spin by Casey Wulf would bunch the field with five laps to go.

Zakrezwski would have Marcus Marti, Mike Gwidt and division point leader Brad Guralski on his tail for the restart.  Zakrezwski would be pressure by Marti for the top spot at the drop of the green flag with Marti right on Zakrezwski's rear bumper.  Marti would slip slightly temporarily slowing himself and Gwidt and allowing Guralski to work the high groove to sweep past both drivers. 

Over the final few laps Guralski attempted to close on Zakrezwski, but he was unable to unseat the leader with Zakrezwski earning his second feature win of the season, Guralski would settle for second followed by Gwidt, Marti and Kramer in the top five positions.

The final race of the day saw Dallas Kralovetz take a wild wide as the checkered fell in the 4cylinder feature.  After making a pass for the lead on Curtis Luedtke in the final turn, Luedtke made contact with Kralovetz as the pair raced toward the stripe.  Kralovetz slide acrossed the finish line sideways taking the win, but his momentum carried him into the wall just beyond the flagstand. 

The young driver was unhurt and the fans cheered as the young driver accepted accolades in victory lane.

Next week, Friday Night, August 5th will be CARQUEST Auto Parts Kid's Night. The racing program itself will feature  Super Late Models, Super Stocks and 4 Cylinders, with the 2-Man Cruiser's joining the show.  The Friday Night activities on the high-banked third mile oval will begin with time trails at 6:30 p.m. and the first race taking place at 7:45 p.m.

Golden Sands Speedway "Central Wisconsin's Power Playground" is located between Wisconsin Rapids and Plover, Wisconsin on Highway 54.  For additional information please call (715) 423-4660 or consult the track website at

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