Golden Sands Speedway Race Report

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Eswein Collects Super Late Victory, Storlie Strikes Again in Super Stocks!
By Jeffrey Sachse

August 12, 2005; Plover, WI - The late season title chases are beginning to come into focus.  Not surprisingly defending Super Late Model champion Mark Eswein has again placed himself in a position to collect another track title.  Winning the main event on Kwik Trip Night at the races, went a long way in achieving that goal.  The five-time track champion would benefit from a tangle among the lead drivers early in the race and then sprint to his first victory of the 2005 season.  In the Super Stock division, Randy Storlie earned his fourth feature of the year, tying him with current point leader Tim Plowman for the most victories in the class. The Pure Stock feature contest went to Mike Gwidt, who won his first main event since rolling his car several weeks a ago, and defending 4 cylinder title holder Mike Oehmichen came out on top of a hard fought battle to earn the main event victory in the entry level class.

Photo Highlights
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Defending Super Late Model champion and current point leader Mark Eswein (#71) captured his first feature victory of the 2005 season at Golden Sands Speedway.
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Mark Eswein (#71) kept Troy Nelson (#66 in his rearview mirror over the final laps of the Super Late Model feature to score the victory.42101a.jpg (19971 bytes)
Brandon Selle (#98) challenged Troy Nelson (#66) for second spot in the Super Late Model main event for much of the contest.
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An unplanned gathering between Jeff Weinfurter (#3) and Allen Check (#20) dashed both drivers hopes for victory in the Super Late Model feature.42101a.jpg (19971 bytes)
Casey Chase (#16) captured the Super Late Model semi-feature race.42101a.jpg (19971 bytes)
Rene Scheinoha (#5) scored her first win of the season taking the Super Late Model consolation.
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Allen Check (#20) set fast qualifying honors this evening in Super Late Model action.
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Randy Storlie (#53) scored his fourth feature win of the 2005 season in the Super Stock division.
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Randy Storile (#53) worked by Brian Weinfurter (#24) during the opening laps of the Super Stock feature and would pace the contest to the checkered.42101a.jpg (19971 bytes)
Tim Plowman (#80) the current Super Stock point leader set fast time this evening.
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Casey Koback (#64) earned a trip to victory lane after a hard fought win in the 4 cylinder feature.
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Randy Polansky (#7) gives up the lead to a hard charging Casey Koback (#64) during the closing laps of the 4 cylinder feature, while Mike Oehmichen (#87) gives chase.
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14 year old Dallas Kralovetz (#21) set a new track record this evening in setting the fastest qualifying time time for the 4 cylinders.
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Mike Gwidt (#25) rolled his car just a few short weeks ago, but rebounded with a feature win in the Pure Stock division this evening.
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Brad Guralski (#16) the current Pure Stock point leader turned in the fastest qualifying effort for the division this evening.

With a large turnout of Super Late Models this evening, making the 40 lap main event was an accomplishment in itself.  The front row came to the line with Brady Baldry and Jason Weinkauf setting the pace.  The pair would battle wheel to wheel swapping the lead position back and forth several times.  With each passing lap the advantage would swap back and forth by a matter of a few feet.   All the while Eswein, Troy Nelson and Brandon Selle were fighting tooth and nail for the third position. 

The thrilling battle for the lead came to and end heading into turn three on lap thirteen when Weinkauf cut down a tire and made contact with Baldry, sending Baldry off the racing surface.  Though both drivers would be able to continue after brief pit work, neither would be a factor in winning the race.

The accident would leave Eswein in the top spot followed by Nelson, Selle, Dillion Kralovetz and Chris Weinkauf.  The race resumed and Eswein held command while Selle looked for a way past Nelson. 

Nelson attempted to pass Eswein for the top spot heading as the halfway point was reached by opting for the outside lane but with Eswein fending off that challenge, Nelson found himself running side by side with Selle for the second spot.   As Nelson and Selle ran wheel to wheel Eswein again increased his lead.

The race was slowed for only one more brief caution after Allen Check and Jeff Weinfurter tangled while avoiding some cars maneuvering ahead of them.   Both would resume the race from the tail of the field.

Underway again Eswein was back to the lead chased by Nelson and Selle.  Chris Weinkauf would work into the fourth spot with a dozen laps to go in the contest but was unable to close on the lead trio.

The laps passed quickly and Eswein held a solid two car length lead until the final laps when Nelson again mounted a charge.  Working the high side on the final lap Nelson would manage to work to Eswein's outside, but his challenge came up short by a half car length with Eswein edging him out for the win.  Selle collected third, followed by Weinkauf and Frank Nitzke who cracked the top five in the closing laps.

The Super Stock feature of 30 laps rolled to the green flag with Randy Storlie on the pole and Brian Weinfurter to his outside.  Storlie would set the pace the first lap with Weinfurter edging ahead briefly to lead lap two.  That would be the only time Storlie would miss leading a lap.  Before the third round Storlie surged ahead taking command of the race.  His run to the checkered made easier by the fact not a single caution would slow the contest.

With Storlie checking out on the field much of the attention would focus on the faster qualifiers working their way through the pack.  Tim Plowman who started in the 14th spot slowly but surely began climbing forward, reaching the top ten by lap five.

With each passing lap Storlie's lead increased as the battle for second intensified. Weinfurter, Mike Brooks and Dan Braun each did their best to acquire the position.  Braun however began to falter and started to slow his pace falling back in the field. 

By the halfway point of the contest Storlie's lead had increased to a full straightaway over Weinfurter who was now challenged by Brooks.  Plowman had continued to work by cars in the high line reaching the fourth spot just past the halfway point, the cars ahead of him were quite a distance ahead however.

In the run to the checkered Storlie would take the win by a comfortable margin.  Weinfurter would briefly give up the second spot to Brooks in the closing laps, but with three laps to go Brooks began to slow allowing both Weinfurter and Plowman to sneak past.  Weinfurter would finish the race in second just ahead of a fast closing Plowman.  Brooks would nurse his car home in fourth with Brian Schmutzer completing the top five.

The 4 cylinder feature event would go 20 laps, and the event to proved to be action packed especially in the opening rounds as the faster qualifiers worked every possible groove to seek a way to the front.

Jenny Nitzsche was out front after a brief caution on lap one.   Randy Polansky would take over the top spot on the next orbit around the high-banked third mile oval and set the pace until the halfway point when Casey Koback would take over the lead. 

Following just behind a hard fighting pack of cars including defending champion Mike Oehmichen and 14 year old Dallas Kralovetz who established a new division track record with the evening's fastest qualifying time.

Koback would cling tightly to the low groove in the waning laps while Oehmichen sought a way to the lead on the high side.  With a couple laps to go Oehmichen made a move for the lead but pushed up the track allowing Kralovetz to work into the second position.  With Kralovetz closing Koback stayed low on the raceway to defend the low line.  On the final lap Kralovetz attempted a pass on the high side but his efforts fell short, with Koback taking the win driving skillfully over the final round.  Kralovetz earned second followed by Oehmichen, Kevin Teske and Polansky.

In another exciting race the Pure Stock contested saw the lead tossed back and forth during the opening laps.  Josh Evers, Mark Kralier and Dean Aschbacher reach took their shot at the lead.

Raymond Kramer and Chris Sperberg had their cars get wedged together forcing the only yellow of the race. 

Michael Gwidt who started fourth after the restart quickly surged forward picking off the the cars ahead of him in rapid succession reaching the front by lap five.  Once out front Gwidt attempted to motor away while Eric Nelson, the defending division champion guest driving a fellow competitors car this evening reached the second spot. Troy Engman, current point leader Brad Guralski and Aschbacher followed.

Gwidt's lead was enough to give him a comfortable margin on Nelson as the laps wound down.  Guralski would sneak past Engman with three laps to go and quickly closed on Nelson.  Nelson's good run came to an abrupt end with mechanical problems as he slowed dramatically on the final lap allowing the field to shoot past.

When the checkered flag fell it was Gwidt who would visit victory lane  followed by Guralski, Engman, Dean Zakrezwski and Ashbacher in the top five.

Next week, Friday Night, August 19th will be Fabco Night at the Races. The show will feature racing in the Super Late Models, Super Stocks, and Pure Stocks, plus the wild metal bending 2-Man Cruiser contests.  Not to be outdone, the behemoths of the Speedway, the Busses will take to the track.  Daring drivers wheeling full-size school busses will show the fans what heavy metal is on Central Wisconsin's Power Playgorund... Golden Sands Speedway.

Golden Sands Speedway  is located between Wisconsin Rapids and Plover, Wisconsin on Highway 54.  For additional information please call (715) 423-4660 or consult the track website at

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Super Late Models
40 Lap Feature:
1.) Mark Eswein; 2.) Troy Nelson; 3.) Brandon Selle; 4.) Chris Weinkauf; 5.) Frank Nitzke; 6.) Dillon Kralovetz; 7.) Mark Van; 8.) Joe Krzykowski; 9.) Monte Gress; 10:) Blake Horstman
20 Lap Semi-Feature:  1.) Casey Chase; 2.) Krzykowski; 3.) Burton Brown; 4.) Tim Hintz; 5.) Jason Kirsling
12 Lap Consolation: 1.) Rene Scheinoha; 2.) Pete Kempf; 3.) Wayne Mackesy; 4.) Chad Devine
First 12 Lap Heat: 1.) Kirsling; 2.) Matt Wisz; 3.) Devine
Second 12 Lap Heat: 1.) Kirby Kurth; 2.) Steve Gress; 3.) Gregg Ruffalo
Third 12 Lap Heat: 1.) Pat Williams; 2.) Jason Weinkauf; 3.) Kralovetz
Fast Qualifier: Allen Check, 11.934 Seconds

Super Stocks
30 Lap Feature:
1.) Randy Storlie; 2.) Brian Weinfurter; 3.) Tim Plowman; 4.) Mike Brooks; 5.) Brian Schumutzer; 6.) Collin Wilcott; 7.) Wally Kallman; 8.) Dave Neitzke; 9.) Wes Coon; 10.) Roger Stanczyk
15 Lap Semi-Feature: 1.) Bradley Scholze; 2.) Chris Brooks; 3.) Ken Soyka; 4.) Duane Robinson; 5.) Dennis Crass
First 10 Lap Heat: 1.) C. Broos; 2.) Robinson; 3.) David Pagels
Second 10 Lap Heat: 1.) Storlie; 2.) Scholze; 3.) Dan Braun
Third 10 Lap Heat: 1.) Schmutzer; 2.) Manternatch; 3.) Coon
Fast Qualifier: Plowman, 13.296 Seconds

4 Cylinder Feature
20 Lap Feature:
1.) Casey Koback; 2.) Dallas Kralovetz; 3.) Mike Oehmichen; 4.) Kevin Teske; 5.) Randy Polansky; 6.) Timothy Gorecki; 7.) Shawn Teske; 8.) Dale Robinson
Fast Qualifier: Dallas Kralovetz, 15.034 Seconds - New Track Record

Pure Stocks
15 Lap Feature:
1.) Michael Gwidt; 2.) Brad Guralski; 3.) Troy Engman; 4.) Dean Zakrzewski; 5.) Dean Aschbacher